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    The Presidential Death Cycle 2006/7

    By Kathryn Cassidy

    One of the planetary cycles which is once again weaving its distinct pattern on the Cosmic Loom is that of Jupiter and Saturn. These two planets are currently still in an angular relationship with each other known as the -90- or square aspect. This means they are forming a discordant resonance which has been known to correlate with certain events.

    These two planets take 20 years to cycle from conjunction to conjunction. They are known as the 'Great Chronocrators' as they appear to mark out significant periods in history; times which bring an evolution in social structures and national identity.

    A President of a nation is the embodiment of that nations identity and this is a time when leaders come to power, but also a time when Leaders of Empires or large nations fall. Queen Victoria, Sovereign of the British Empire died on a conjunction. This cycle has also long been known by Astrologers as the 'Presidential Death Cycle' as since 1840, every U.S. President, (bar two and an assassination attempt), who has come to power in the year of a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction has died in office.

    George W. Bush was first elected in 2000. Jupiter was conjunct Saturn by April 2000 and was still within orb when President Bush took office in January 2001. On Sep 10th 2001 Jupiter and Saturn reached a pivotal stage in their cycle. It seems it was the terrorists intent on Sep 11th, not only to cause International (Jupiter) horror, grief and outrage (Saturn) along with huge (JU) destruction to buildings that embodied the nations identity (SA) but, apparently, to also make an attempt on the Presidents 'rule' or even his life.

    The Jupiter/ Saturn cycle prior to the one of 2000, occurred in 1981. This was the year that the President of Ghana was overthrown. President Reagan was elected in the USA . It is also the year he defied an assassination attempt on his life. Pope John Paul II also survived an attempt on his life. President Anwar Sadat of Egypt was not so lucky.

    Looking at this cycle today we don't need a crystal ball to know that George W. Bush is going through a tense period. However, taking a closer look at his chart we see a certain symmetry forming which is pointing towards a time of particular concern for his leadership. Additionally, in light of the empirical evidence for the 'Presidential Death Cycle' we cannot overlook other planetary alignments which are reinforcing a time of great testing.

    Namely that the planets Jupiter and Saturn were in (wide) square relationship at the time of Bush's birth but Jupiter has now moved on, or in astrological parlance 'progressed' to be forming an exact -90- aspect. i.e. Jupiter is now in square to his natal Saturn. This same planet Jupiter is also forming resonance to the planets Mars and Saturn i.e tr JU=MA/SA in his chart. The interpretation of this aspect can mean 'a quick dissolution of the body' and ' the ability to destroy or eliminate something thoroughly'.

    The fact that Saturn is also progressing to George W. Bush's natal ascendant and that Jupiter is the ruler of the 8th house of death, further links him specifically to this 'Presidential Death Cycle'.

    At the time of JFK's assassination in Dallas not only was Jupiter/Saturn resonating in his own chart but Saturn and Neptune, and Jupiter and Uranus, were making angular relationships. Both these additional cycles are, highly coincidentally, at critical junctures in their cycles this fall. Another striking coincidence is that at the time of JFK's assassination, The Vertex, a point often referred to as the third angle of the chart, is at 11 Virgo. The Vertex is generally interpreted as being a point of fate or karma and synchronistically President Bush's progressed Sun has now arrived at this degree 11 Virgo. Meanwhile transiting Uranus, planet of the unexpected opposes this point into early 2007, while conjoining Bush's own pr Vertex at 11 Pisces.

    I don't believe any astrologer should ever try and predict a person's death and indeed, it is almost impossible to do so with any accuracy. I do believe though that astrological trends and cycles can be monitored so that when Planetary cycles reach phases which are known to correlate to periods of threat, illness or difficult events, then one can take extra care or precautions.

    Planetary alignments currently indicate an increased likelihood of the death or assassination of a World Leader. This could be a symbolic or literal death but as these indications coincide with the 'Presidential Death Cycle' and his chart is highly volatile in coming months, George W. Bush comes high on the list. (I have noted elsewhere that some of the cycles currently active correlate to the Royal family and a leader capitulating).

    Just as a weather forecaster might warn of approaching bad weather so that one can 'batten down the hatches' in order to avoid flood or wind damage, so a person astrologically forewarned is forearmed. Republicans be warned!

    Kathryn Cassidy is a professional astrologer. She hosts her blogs at Collaborate With Fate and The Cosmic Cipher and invites you to visit for information on planetary trends and esoteric wisdom.

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