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    Work Out According to Your Zodiac Sign

    By Vicky Lynum


    Physical activity is not a problem for the strong and energetic Aries. Intense workouts and competitions are the most appropriate form of physical activity for people born under this zodiac sign. They should try martial arts, boxing, or rock climbing.


    For Taurus, any type of physical activity is beneficial because it enhances their slower metabolism. The Taurus prefers light activities such as walking, playing golf, or gardening.


    The best workouts for Gemini are jogging, riding the bike, ski, or aerobic exercises that help them keep their high levels of nervous energy under control.


    Although the Cancer is not very energetic, intense physical activities can help Cancers lose weight and stay in a good mood at the same time. They also prefer swimming, surfing, diving, and boating.


    The Leo is full of energy and tends to exaggerate with physical activity. They prefer being the leader of team sports, jogging, tennis, dancing, or diving.


    A varied fitness program is perfect for a Virgo. They like fast sports such as tennis or badminton. People who are born under this sign also prefer golf, walking, or riding the bike.


    Physical activity is essential for Libras who usually have a slower metabolism. Libras don't like intense physical exercises and tend toward a sedentary life. However, they may be good at tennis or badminton.


    For Scorpios, water sports like swimming, diving, or boating are perfect. They also enjoy boxing and martial arts, because these sports require a lot of energy and are fit for their aggressive nature.


    The Sagittarius is a good sportsperson and appreciates competition. He or she usually likes to take risks and loves extreme sports like sky diving, rock climbing, or racing.


    Those born under this sign are usually excellent athletes. They love hiking, mountain climbing, tennis, and golf.


    Aquarius exercises best with a group. They are the team player and must have some social interaction while they workout. Team sports such as volleyball, hockey, basketball, or aerobics classes suit them.


    Those born under this sign of the mermaid and Neptune take right away to water sports - snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, water ballet.

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