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    Feng Shui Break-Ups

    By Kathryn Weber

    How to Spot Feng Shui Harmful to Relationships.

    Relationships, like technology, are becoming more complicated all the time. There are so many factors to consider in relationships today that didn't come into play in years past. Nowadays, the woman may be the breadwinner and it may be the man who stays at home with the kids. What hasn't changed, though, is the importance and the need for close, secure relationships.

    We often use relationships to define us. We seek that all-perfect-soul-mate connection with that one true love. We also work to make close and unbreakable connections with our children, parents, friends, and siblings. It's the connections that sustain us during times of trouble and when there are problems. That's what makes every relationship -- from romantic to familial -- crucial. They are our lifelines in life's stormy waters.

    But what happens when relationships aren't so smooth? Or, when unexplainable change begins to occur in relationships? That's when it is time to look at your environment to see if there is something that could be causing friction in your dealings with those you care about. Fortunately, feng shui has a number of methods for making an environmental diagnosis of problems in relationships.

    Check some of these ideas below to see if your relationships might be suffering -- or if there is feng shui potential for a break-up. It's worth looking into because we never want to see our relationships suffer, or worse, be lost altogether.

    1. Is someone missing in your home?

    In feng shui, the northwest is the sector of the man and the southwest is the sector of the woman. If either sector is missing, it is possible that either the man or the woman is also missing, such as being away at work all the time. One couple had the northwest corner of the home missing and the husband was always traveling or working overtime. One they moved to a new house, the husband was at home nights and their marriage was saved.

    2. Is there a toilet in the man or woman sector?

    Having a toilet in either the northwest or southwest corners of your home can create problems in the relationship. Either there will be fatigue or ill health, or the man or woman will be overworked and under-appreciated. If this is the case in your home, be sure to boost the southwest or northwest corner of the living room to lift the energy of the person in question. Then, make certain that the bathrooms in these sectors have been handled appropriately (i.e., a plant in the southwest corner bathroom, or blue colors in the northwest bathroom). This will keep the negative toilet energy from impacting that person.

    3. Are there problems with the whole family?

    Check the east sector of the house and the east corner of the living room. The east is the sector of family relationships. If, for instance, there is a toilet in the east corner of the house, be sure to place red items in here or paint the room red. Or, you can decorate in white and metal elements. Reds and metal colors exhaust the negative energy of the toilet when it is in the east sector. If there is a fireplace, then this will exhaust the relationships maybe through frequent arguments. If you have one of these, put a picture of water over the fireplace to drown the fire that might be exhausting your family feelings.

    4. If children are unhappy look west.

    The west sector is the sector of the children. If there are water elements in this area, such as a shower or bathroom, it can cause problems and difficulties with the children. Increase earth elements in the home, such as by placing vases or beautiful stones in the west corner of the living room to boost the children. Likewise, you may also wish to add metal elements as well, such as metal vases or sculpture. If there is a kitchen or a fireplace, again, the water is helpful, but so are earth elements, such as globes, maps, vases, or stones.

    5. Your house shape could be the culprit.

    Many houses are irregularly shaped and have missing sectors. This can create problems with household members -- particularly if the man or woman or children's sectors are missing. Try to regularize the house and boost the missing sectors of your house by activating those sectors in the living room. For a missing southwest sector (romance, marital happiness, woman), northwest sector (man, breadwinner), or west sector (children, creativity) add a globe. Globes are great "anchors" for the southwest, northwest, and west sectors.

    6. Check your heart -- or center -- sector.

    The heart sector is a critical piece of the relationship puzzle in feng shui. Without a strong center sector, health, wealth, and relationships can all suffer. Many homes are built with an open center. This creates a "hole in the heart" of the home, and can cause heartbreak and divorce as well as bankruptcy. Double this if the home has a tree or plants growing in the center sector.

    The center sector is an earth sector. Plants -- and especially trees -- destroy earth and may have played a pivotal role in the break-up of Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt. This was also a key element in a home that was designed by one couple. Going with a typical Spanish style home, they had a courtyard in the middle with a large fountain and big trees. This not only created a divorce, it also created bankruptcy. Although beautiful, this house was not worth the heartache it created.

    If the house has a kitchen in the center, it can create severe disagreements and heated arguments. In this case, water colors, such as blue and black should be placed here as well as other water elements, such as an aquarium or urn of water. If a bathroom is in the center, then there should be a plant motif or colors (greens and browns) used here.

    About The Author: Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter feng shui e-zine and is dedicated to helping her readers develop successful, prosperous, and supportive environments with feng shui. To subscribe, logon to and receive this special report Free "16 Feng Shui Secrets for Greater Prosperity."

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