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    Have You Feng Shui Yet?

    By Rene Ng

    Feng shui literally means Wind and water. These are, first and foremost, natural elements (two of the five elements that comprise all of nature). Wind is the earth's breath, and water is the invigorating lifeblood of everything that exists on our planet. The art of feng shui dates back some 5,000 years in ancient China yet today a growing number of prominent architect and decorators still swear by it.

    Feng shui is often call the art of placement or flow. Both wind and water are important element that drives Feng Shui's practices to fill your life with positive energies. Feng Shui is not superstition . It is a collection of time-tested, practical solutions based on the fundamental properties of elements that are used. To change the negative aspects by introducing the positive of each element to your living environment. Hence improving your life.

    By simply re-arranging or changing the interior of your home or offices. Changing the colors of your walls, relocating the furniture in your bedroom, you will begin to enjoying the positive effects of Feng Shui. By improving the flow of 'hi' or energy.

    The concept of Yin and Yang is linked to Feng Shui. Yin and Yang are deem to be the Ways of heaven and earth. They are the two basic and interactive forces of nature. Only when the two forces are balanced will there be harmony . One cannot exist without the other. They are related just as joy and sorrow, light and darkness. We cannot understand one without experiencing the other. Each force acts on the other force to initiate movement. Nothing in this world is totally yin or yang.

    According to Feng Shui, we need to balance the yin and yang in each room of our home or offices .A room painted with dark colors, is consider cold and has very little sunlight. It is deemed to be too yin or have stagnant 'chi'. This makes a person ill and depressed if he spends prolong time in there. On the other hand, if a room is too bright and warm, it is considered to have too much yang 'chi'. This can also make a person ill as a result of energy loss.

    One fundamental question on the lips of many it whether feng shui can really bring wealth. The answer isn't a straight forward one. Feng Shui can create a harmonious environment that improves a person's overall well being, such as health, the clarity of mind and alertness. In this aspect, you will have the energy and wisdom to deal with a lot of things including making money. Good Feng Shui does not bring you wealth per say but it should improve your drive to seek fame and fortune.

    Is Feng Shui therefore only for the orient? Think Again. Donald Trump, Virgin Airlines, the Bank of England and the United Nations embraced it. Perhaps one should consider implementing it as a way to the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

    Rene Ng is an enthusiast with keen interest in Feng Shui. He has participated in numerous forums and written articles on related issues.

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