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    Feng Shui for Lovers

    By Kartar Diamond

    Much has been written about how the ancient Chinese art of feng shui can improve your love life. In fact, "more love" is second only to "increasing income" as the most popular reason people seek out the services of a feng shui consultant.

    First, let's define what feng shui really is and then outline both the obvious and non-obvious ways in which it works. Literally translated as "wind and water," feng shui is actually a natural earth science and a metaphysical art form. It is a sophisticated set of theories and practices, which involves making home and workspace feel comfortable, productive, and life enhancing. The trickle down affect is that people end up healthier, happier, and more prosperous.

    Even the most skeptical individual will admit to being affected by his environment when circumstances are extreme or noticeably off-balance. As an example, hardly anyone feels comfortable in a house that is dark, damp, and stuffy. This is the common-sense aspect to feng shui. But there is a lot that distinguishes feng shui from good interior design and d├ęcor. It is also about tapping into unseen geomantic and cosmic forces, which we are influenced by, whether we are conscious of it or not: like gravity.

    1. The visual-common sense approach

    In order for a house and its occupants to attract love or expand existing love, the house itself must be well-cared for. Like a member of the family with its own personality, the house should be clean, in good working order, a healthy landscape, and basically have a happy and inviting look. I believe realtors call this "curb appeal."

    The bedroom is the most important room in the house for a number of reasons, mostly because we spend a third of our lives in that room so it is bound to affect us more than other areas. If your bedroom looks like a messy office or a disheveled laundry room, that alone is not going to be conducive to romantic activity. But some New Age spin-off versions of feng shui go a little too far in the visual/subliminal arena, claiming that a single person must display everything in pairs (two night stands, a picture of two love birds, etc) in order to attract love. If a single woman wanted to cover her medicine cabinet with pages from Bride Magazine, that would work in the same way -- as a wishful projection or placebo, but not technically as a feng shui remedy.

    The colors in a room can also affect romantic mood, with pink, lavender and peach being the well-known lovey-dovey colors in Western color psychology. In traditional feng shui theory, the color theme of a room is based partly on what element should be used for that specific room, unique to that house. As an example, one person could need a room with cool blue (water) tones, while someone else's bedroom may actually need to be very "yang" with (fire) red color.

    2. Energetic Enhancements

    Authentic feng shui remedies can be very powerful when working at the level of energy and by changing the magnetic field of a room. Currents of energy come from certain directions, all relative to the center point of a house. As an example, in 2002 the direction of southwest had energies very conducive to stimulating sexual encounters. This means that the southwest portion of every house had that potential. In order to know where any particular direction of your house is, it is necessary to use an actual compass to determine the orientation of the house or what direction it is facing. Then, when the floor plan is divided up, there will be a southwest portion as well as the seven other basic directions. As an example, if a house faces south, then the southwest portion will be at the front of the house on the left-hand side when looking at the house from the street. If a house faces east, then the southwest portion will be in the back left-hand corner of the house when looking at it from the street.

    The "romance" energy in the southwest for 2002 (which changes every year), would have been very powerful if that happened to be your bedroom, an office, or your front door. This is because frequent use of the space will awaken this otherwise dormant energy. In feng shui calculations, this energy is associated with the element wood. Wood can thrive and grow with the addition of water; therefore, placing a water fountain in the southwest part of your house for 2002 would have enhanced the "romance" energy and the prospects of meeting someone.

    2002 and 2014 is also the Year of the Horse in Chinese astrology, which is often practiced in conjunction with feng shui. A Horse Year carries with it a connotation that it will be a "Peach Blossom" year for many people. "Peach Blossom" is a Chinese term that implies romance. In Southern California where I live, it is in the southwest portion of the country, so as a segment of the U.S. population, we could have claimed a hefty percentage of marriage proposals that year.

    3. One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor

    Great care is needed when trying to stimulate romance for different types of people. What may be appropriate for a single person is not necessarily what is done for a married couple. Although there is no "secret feng shui love potion," there are plenty of houses which indicate that whoever lives there is likely to argue. This could be troublesome for a couple or an entire family. Some house types can make the occupants feel lonely, aloof, and nine times out of ten people end up divorcing after living for a few years in that kind of house. My job is to suggest feng shui remedies that will reduce the amount of bickering or feelings of loneliness and as a by-product of that action alone, couples will feel cozier and more content.

    Some house types have personalities that indicate a strong potential for the occupant to have an exciting love life. This could be great for single people trying to meet someone. But it could be very undermining to a couple trying to remain monogamous. People often ask, "What does a house that is good for romance look like?" Well, it actually isn't anything you can see with your eyes.

    Instead, it is based on when a structure is built, combined with its actual compass orientation, creating certain energies that are captured in the house at the time the roof goes on. Those energies will have an enduring affect on potentially any occupants.

    This is why I refer to feng shui as "astrology for architecture."

    On a practical level, I always try to work with a client and what they are capable of doing with their living space. Usually, moving is not an option. But one of the house types that can easily attract romance for its occupant is a post-1984 southwest facing or a northeast facing house from that same time frame. This would also be true for a condo or apartment.

    Feng Shui for Gay Lovers

    I have been able to validate that most of the same feng shui applications for attracting love for a single woman, also work well for a single gay man. In other words, a remedy that brings a man to a woman can also bring a man to a man. For a single straight man, there are a few circumstances that are only applicable to him. What has been amusing to discover, is that some of the same unseen forces that simply attract women to men (in a residence), also exist at some of the business locations I have evaluated including a cosmetic surgeon, a gynecologist and a few recording studios! Surprised?

    On an even more detailed level, feng shui applications can be suited to the occupant based on their birth date. What might be a "lonely" sleeping direction for one person, could be a "hot romance" sleeping direction for another person with a different birth date.

    Like love itself, feng shui deals with the laws of attraction and harnessing energies which transcend the ordinary senses.

    Kartar Diamond has been advising on matters of money, health and love with the art and science of Feng Shui since 1992. For more information about Kartar Diamond and her company, Feng Shui Solutions, visit her site at

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