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    Feng Shui To Attract Supportive People

    By Jami Lin


    Have you ever wished that your husband would surprise you with dinner on the table? Would you be happy if your kids washed the dishes or took the garbage out without you having to beg? Wouldn't it be great if a colleague asked if there was anything they could do to help you meet your office deadline? 

    It is so easy to Attract support from family, friends & co-workers.

    All you need to do is to Activate your Helpful People area which is in the northwest.

    I have found that when I place a set of items (a set or collection which symbolically represents YOUR helpful people), without creating clutter of course,  in the metal element (the element that supports the north west),  Helpful People just show up!

    Cups and empty vessels work well to symbolically enhance your Helpful People. They are waiting to be filled with kind, loving support...

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