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    Four Planets in Scorpio
    August 2014 Astrology Forecast

    from the 'Skyscraping' Newsletter

    By Philip Sedgwick

    How are those four planets in Scorpio going for you?

    Right now we're in the thick of the Sun and Mercury aligned in Leo, bolding declaring where "you've never gone before but intend to do to straightaway," to the chin down, arms folded Saturn in Scorpio. And we're still working off the square of Mars in Scorpio to Jupiter in Leo and reeling from the effects of exaggerated action, ridiculous hyperbole and over extension... so much over extension on both the physical and psychic levels that it's hard to reach the liniment on the top shelf of the medicine cabinet.

    Many astrologers inaccurately indicate that Saturn will stomp out any spark of passion or toss dirt on start-up fires of activity, or while in the deep water sign of Scorpio, flood any firestorm of aspiration. That's likely true of passive goals - you know the ones thought of while watching late night television on the sofa surrounded by organic pretzel crumbs. Or the ones that blast into your brain as you belt out the aria from Aida in the shower.

    Since those brainbusters twirl about with no masterful planning assigned to development, or with no sincere itch to take them on, feelings of impossibility and the overwhelm of the hard work the idea presents are too daunting. Often the ideas wash down the drain before given a third a chance.

    Actually, what is true is that Saturn endorses solid planning, efforts made to secure funding - even if tiered - and the execution of smart, strategic, economically solid, energy efficient (as in your personal energy output) designs. That does not mean the efforts are not hard work, nor guarantee they will not be met by anonymous naysayers online who seem to enjoy pissing on the sparks of your defined agendas. Nor does it mean that there will not be obstacles. However, later this month (August 25th), as Mars moves into partile conjunction with Saturn, firm roots may ground even the loftiest objectives. Tread hits on the road. The Jell-O starts jiggling (meaning things are coalescing) and stuff's getting done. At the end of the day, as those seeking to justify an end of the daily work output repose love to say, you can take out your favorite color marker and fill in more progress on the graph verifying progress in life.

    As August draws to a close, the Moon in Scorpio supercharges the passionate intensity of the busy bees directed by project foreman, Mars, and concept architect, Saturn. The emotional charge will be thick. The desire and passion for a better life overflow the dams of reason and overwhelm the breakwaters of rationale.

    "Wait. When you started this post, dude, you said four planets in Scorpio," e-mails a reader of this post before reading to the end in an effort to honor the impetuousness of Mars. Actually, I did write "four planets in Scorpio." That's because very recently two other "planets" joined Mars and Saturn. We will continue to savor the transiting impact of four Scorpion-based planets until September 13 when Mars traipses into Sagittarius.

    On the last day of July the "proto-planet" Vesta entered Scorpio. While I'm still not clear on how the astronomers mean "proto," I am clear that they mean Vesta meets planetary standards as defined by the International Astronomical Union, as if that union resonates with any true import in the astrological world. Still, those not savvy to our realm, but tuned in with astronomy, add to the growing collective consciousness that there are more planets out there than before.

    Just a few days ago (August 6) Ceres accepted the celestial tweet invitation to the "let's transit Scorpio" flash mob. This is in Scorpio. Unlikely they will post selfies.

    In the past weeks, Vesta and Ceres, while back a sign in Libra, were transited by Mars. Now they look forward to transiting Saturn.

    Really, expecting massive goals to complete within the next three weeks courtesy of Mars coming to Saturn is a bit unrealistic. As I stated above, roots take hold, tread achieves traction and any thing previous in a liquid/fluid state achieves some level of solidity. Truly, the other two planets now transiting Scorpio may need to be called upon to get through the critical inspiration incubation period.

    Vesta is the keeper of the hearth. In ancient times if a virgin did not keep the fire stoked, well... punishment ranged into the realm of cruel and unusual. So, now Vesta works the ignition efforts of Mars, carefully blowing on Martian-sparked embers to ensure the fire does not falter. Such incendiary attention is required to be applied to all real life goals until at least Vesta reaches Saturn on September 13th. Between now and then there is no autopilot. Should you delegate and let Fred do it, you need to keep an eye on Fred, as he is not feeling the inner fire and passion quite the same as you, and there's a rumor that Fred is not vestal... or a virgin, if that matters in the moral hiring clause.

    Ceres polishes off the current wave of Scorpionic planets, holding space with Saturn on October 4th. Ceres is the ultimate advocate. She pushes and protests and grumbles and groans until favorable response is rendered. Sometimes, her efforts, if not matching the high-minded rule protocols, can become counterproductive, causing one to cut off ones nose to spite the face. To keep Ceres in the greener pastures, here are a couple of check points, particularly useful from September 13th through October 4th.

    A note about Ceres before the check list. If one considers the density of Ceres - how tightly packed, internally rich and firm - with her mass - the heavy-weightedness of the nature - and her gravity - the ability to draw and attract - from a mathematical ratio standpoint, Ceres is, without a doubt, the most potent planet in the solar system! Is it any wonder the gods, even Jupiter, gave her so much behavior range and deference?

    So anyway, to keep Ceres tight and well intentioned:

  • Keep all aspirations upon the plane of high-minded. Pursue fair, consciousness-rich objectives.
  • Avoid the urge to seek revenge or reek havoc on those obviously of a lesser stage of evolution.
  • Reality check to ensure no hypocrisy in objective exists (example: if your company dumps carcinogenic byproducts into the water supply, donating to cancer research does not undo that).
  • Maintain even, calm effort, even when enraged by the circumstances of life.
  • Make no promise you do not intend to keep. Issue no threats.
  • Think big picture. We're all on the planet together.

    Okay, this all should do the trick to get us through this four planets in the unnecessarily feared sign of Scorpio. That is, of course, until September 28th when Mercury tiptoes into Scorpio while the Moon finishes off her monthly jaunt through the sign; that's five celestial lights and bodies in Scorpio. Mercury keeps the four planets in Scorpio theme intact until October 6th when Vesta moves into Sag. Soon thereafter, Mercury retrogrades into Libra.

    But wait there's more! On October 24th, Venus follows the Sun and the asteroid (not yet declared a planet, but maybe someday) Pallas and the Sun into Scorpio, embellishing the last few days of Ceres in Scorpio; that's four planets and an asteroid. You can bet that if you let the throttle ease back on your personal plans and grand goals, this will be the time when pretty much everyone you meet will challenge you if you are not reporting advancements and the achievement of new mile markers of supreme success.

    So, you know what to do. Feel the passion of purpose without fear. Trust the inner fires. Take this planetary scrambled year and make something out of it yet!

    Need a consultation to make that happen? Get signed up. Given everyone is going to be throttling up, scheduling may be a bit trickier. Order a Galactic Report. Check out a Twin Stars Relationship Report. Maybe dare to venture into all the cosmic astrological teaching available on the Galactic Trilogy CD.

    More soon.

    Philip Sedgwick is the author of The Sun At The Center: A Primer on Heliocentric Astrology, Astrology of Deep Space, and The Astrology of Transcendence: Leaps and Bounds in Geocosmic Study.

    Book a consultation/Ask Quick Questions by contacting Philip at: 520.888.1920 or Email; Philip's Blogs;

    Philip is also the screen writer for Mirage at Zabul Province which screened in the 23rd Arizona International Film Festival Saturday, April 12, 2014, Tucson, AZ.

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