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    Crystal and Gemstone Healing

    The Benefits of Wearing Green Tourmaline

    Excerpt from Gemisphere Therapeutic Gemstones by Michael Katz.

    The Mission of Green Tourmaline

    Green Tourmaline balances the masculine and feminine aspects within a man, empowering him to realize his full potential. It carries the masculine ray, which vitalizes the masculine aspect in all living beings. Green Tourmaline strengthens every molecule in a man's body, tones his reproductive system, and reverses any disharmonious tendencies in his body, emotions, and mind. Green Tourmaline broadens a man's awareness as it maximizes the flow of his life force, granting him courage, vigor, and vitality.

    Indications for Wearing a Therapeutic Green Tourmaline Necklace

    For men
    You can wear a Green Tourmaline necklace when you wish to do any of the following:

    • Empower your masculine nature
    • Experience more courage, vigor, and vitality
    • Improve your physical endurance
    • Enhance your athletic performance
    • Increase your sexual energy
    • Strengthen and tone your reproductive system
    • Harmonize and balance your masculine and feminine aspects

    You can also use a Green Tourmaline necklace to help resolve any of the following conditions:

    • Diminished physical strength or prowess
    • Any kind of physical distress or disease
    • A hormonal imbalance
    • An unwanted condition in your reproductive system
    For women
    You can wear a Green Tourmaline necklace when you:

    • Want to enhance athletic performance (to be worn only during workouts and competitive events)
    • Sense that your masculine aspect is weakened, suppressed, or undeveloped
    • Sense that your feminine aspect is overwhelming your healthy expression of masculine energy

    Note: To prevent energetic imbalances, women should wear Green Tourmaline for a maximum of several days a month.

    Green Tourmaline

    Benefits of Wearing Therapeutic Green Tourmaline Necklace

    Green Tourmaline balances and empowers men by harmonizing the masculine and feminine aspects within them. It carries the masculine ray, which vitalizes the masculine aspect in all living beings. Green Tourmaline gives a man the strength, courage, and self-confidence he needs to realize his full potential. It broadens a man’s awareness as it strengthens every molecule in his body.

    Masculine and feminine energies are fundamental components of life, and both must be present for life to exist. Like the color rays, masculine and feminine energies have gemstone carriers: Green Tourmaline carries the male energy, and Pink Tourmaline carries the female energy. These gemstones act as energy sources to keep each gender independent and strong.

    Fundamental to an understanding of Green Tourmaline is that all men and women have and express both male and female energies. No man expresses 100 percent masculine energy; nor does a woman express solely feminine energy. For a man to be healthy and strong, he needs to have and express an appropriate balance of masculine and feminine energies. Any degree of gender imbalance can diminish his strength and energy. Green Tourmaline can help men resolve gender imbalances.

    The way energies flow in a man’s body differs in many respects from the way energies flow in a woman’s. Green Tourmaline resonates with the way energies flow in a male body, and it strengthens and uplifts the male flow. When a man wears Green Tourmaline, it maximizes the life force flowing through him.

    Green Tourmaline also enhances the chakras’ abilities to receive and release energies, thereby making all energies required by the body, including color rays, more available to the body. Green Tourmaline helps strengthen and heal a man's endocrine and reproductive systems. Because the endocrine system regulates so many vital functions, his whole body naturally becomes stronger and more energetic.

    Green Tourmaline promotes balance in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. It does this by strengthening the weakest link in the chain. First, its energy fills a man’s aura and gathers information about all his bodies. Then it identifies and focuses its energy on the weakest area of his physical body. When the physical body has achieved a certain degree of balance, the Tourmaline’s energy moves to the weakest area of his emotional body and works there. Finally, it moves to the weakest part of his mental body. When the mental body has been brought to a certain degree of balance, the Tourmaline’s energy returns its focus to the physical body and starts the cycle again.

    Each time the Green Tourmaline cycles through a man’s body, emotions, and mind, it takes each of them to a higher level of strength and healing. This process continues for as long as the Tourmaline is worn. Even after wearing Green Tourmaline for only a day, a man often feels physically stronger. If he continues to wear it, he will find himself becoming emotionally stronger and then mentally stronger.

    Before the weakest link can be strengthened, it must be recognized. It takes courage to recognize one's weaknesses and to face them. Therefore, when a man first puts on Green Tourmaline, the Tourmaline's initial response is to give a feeling of strength, courage, and self-confidence. This occurs as soon as Green Tourmaline touches a masculine aura.

    Any man, even the healthiest on Earth, can benefit from wearing Green Tourmaline because, as far as health is concerned, there is always another step to take. As a man attains greater health, his attention often turns away from his physical problems to encompass a greater understanding and awareness of himself and of life. This eventually leads to self-mastery. Before one can become a master of spirit, one must first master one's physical body, emotions, memory, mind, and intuition. Green Tourmaline helps a man achieve this mastery.

    Time Guidelines and Amount to Wear

    Because of the intensity of Green Tourmaline's effects, men should wear only one necklace of Green Tourmaline at a time. Some men may even find it uncomfortable to wear one necklace 24 hours a day. Some may want to wear it only during the day and not at night; for some, even this may be too much. If a man wears Green Tourmaline too long, he may experience a headache or some irritability. If this occurs, he should remove the Tourmaline as soon as he feels any discomfort. The next day, he should put the necklace back on for a short period, and then ease into wearing it regularly by gradually increasing the time he wears it each day.

    No matter how many hours a day that a man wears Green Tourmaline, he must wear it every day. Only then will he experience Green Tourmaline’s greatest healing effects. After wearing a necklace of rounded Green Tourmaline daily for a month, the effects will be unmistakable.

    Green Tourmaline and Aventurine

    Although Green Tourmaline and Dark Green Aventurine both initiate physical healing, they are two different tools with two different actions. Some people's conditions require force and power to be healed; others call for a gentler approach; and still others require a combination of the two. Green Tourmaline works with force and power. Compared to the power of Tourmaline, Aventurine's work is quite gentle.

    Too much healing force and power can make some people virtually explode, especially if someone is already a pent-up dynamo of stress and tension. Such an individual would do better to wear Aventurine for several weeks before wearing Green Tourmaline. The Aventurine will help his cells begin the process of opening up and releasing their disharmonies.

    Green Aventurine

    However, if the pent-up person is also very weak, he can wear a short, lightweight necklace of Green Tourmaline, a longer necklace of Quartz, and an even longer necklace of Dark Green Aventurine. In someone who is both very weak and very tight, the forces of the two green gemstones will be balanced by the presence of the Quartz. The Aventurine will make the physical-healing changes while the Green Tourmaline gives the body strength.

    Green Tourmaline and Women

    In general, women should not wear Green Tourmaline, except for short periods. If a woman wore a necklace of Green Tourmaline for an extended period, her masculine nature would eventually overwhelm her feminine nature. One imbalance after another would manifest. Her emotional strength would be crushed, and eventually she would suffer from hormone imbalances. Therefore, it's best for women to wear Green Tourmaline no more than several days a month.

    However, at times it can be beneficial for a woman to bolster her masculine energy for example, if she is experiencing a deficiency of such energy. Symptoms of such a deficiency can include difficulty asserting herself in the world; a sense that she is continually being put down, abused, or manipulated; or a perceived lack of feminine identity. Wearing a therapeutic Green Tourmaline necklace for a short period may help correct these imbalances.

    Another example of a situation in which a woman can benefit from wearing Green Tourmaline is when she is training for or competing in an athletic event. The Green Tourmaline can help improve endurance and strength.

    Pink Tourmaline and Men

    Unlike Green Tourmaline, which is primarily for use by men, Pink Tourmaline can be used freely by both men and women.

    Creating Harmony Between Mates

    Disharmonies often arise in relationships between mates. Whatever the cause, a wonderful therapy for ailing relationships is for the man to wear Green Tourmaline and the woman to wear Pink Tourmaline. If they are not having problems, this therapy will strengthen their relationship.

    How to Recognize Therapeutic-Quality Green Tourmaline

    Green Tourmaline’s natural color varies from olive- to emerald-green, in shades that range from light to medium-dark. Green Tourmaline that is dull, cloudy, or not true in color is non-therapeutic. Therapeutic-quality Green Tourmaline is relatively free of inclusions and is radiant in appearance.

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