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    Angel Articles

    Guardian Angels

    By Olga Rezo

    Angels are highly developed spiritual beings that can serve humanity as guides, guardians, assistants, or healers. The best known group of Angels to us is the group of Guardian Angels. Out of all angels, the Guardian Angels have the greatest possibility of helping people in need.

    While, for instance, Archangel Michael possesses the attributes of Faith and Protection of the First Blue Light Ray, the Divine service is the basic quality of the Sixth Gold Light Ray. This Ray is under direct supervision of Archangel Uriel and His Divine Complement Donna Grazia - the Lady full of mercy. Archangel Uriel is the leader of the Guardian Angels. A Guardian Angel can answer the calls and earnest prayers that come from the depths of one's soul in need. "Lord, please help me" is the sentence needed for invocation of one or as many Angels as necessary.

    A Guardian Angel is associated with every human being from the very beginning. In serving a particular human being, the Guardian Angel has entered voluntarily, out of His own free will. In that way a lasting bond had been established and that bond is a result of the Angel's free choice.

    If one serves Light, that service has as a result expansion of consciousness, developing wisdom, and realization. As well as people, the Guardian Angels too undergo constant spiritual development and evolution in order to be able to offer the human soul what is needed. This is no easy task since people often take byways and the Guardian Angel ceaselessly needs to send light rays into one's consciousness to help sustain the soul on the main road.

    The spiritual law does not allow Angels to interfere with you and your life unless you ask them to do so. Therefore, whenever a problem occurs, ask for their help. I suggest the following meditation:

    Try to be calm, relaxed, with tranquil mind and without restless thoughts. After you have completed your usual breathing exercises for accumulation of pranic energy and after relaxing the muscles of your physical body and relaxing all other internal bodies, you can start the meditation by invoking to you Angel and saying clearly and articulately as to what your problem or your plea is. Be aware that Angels can assist you only in the undertakings that comply with the wellbeing of the Universe. You can invoke Angel's help for acquiring some necessary virtue within your aura, so that your world can be improved. The Angels are there even for simple, everyday's things, and equally for more complicated problems. It is up to you to address them, and ask them for help. They can fill your heart with a lot of love, and the result will be beyond your bravest expectations.

    Olga Rezo is a mystic, writer, painter and spiritual teacher. She helps the disciples on their spiritual path with her original spiritual development method "Sunny Ray".

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