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    The Healing Voice

    By Tonya Freeman

    Tonya Freeman photo

    For centuries, the voice has been used as a healing modality. Many are familiar with the books The Hidden Messages in Water and Water Crystal Healing by Dr. Masaru Emoto regarding how crystals are formed by the use of your voice, printed word or music. The before and after pictures tell the tale showing us that we can either see and be a beautiful crystal or one that is not pleasing to the eye or environment at all.

    Those who are familiar with Sanskrit mantras and chants from various cultures know the feeling of relaxation, calm and connectedness, affecting all within its sphere. The most popular chant is Om, the sound of creation. Om or Aum (as it is sometimes spelled) translates as love and love is the ultimate healer.

    Love has a way of expressing itself through the sound of your voice. A warm and deeply respectful greeting can put a smile on the face of the recipient. "Go ahead, make my day!" Greet me with love! We are well aware how much better a voice sounds to our ears when it is filled with love and compassion, opposed to yelling and screaming, which truly grates upon the nerves. One of my favorite quotes from my Mother is, "It's not what you say but how you say it". She, like many others had knowledge of the healing power of sound.

    Upon studying the power of sound, it came to my attention that there are mantras and chants that are used to cool the fire for firewalkers. Others will heat up the body and there are those used to dispel a malevolent spirit. Chanting is also used in the process of healing illnesses and in some cases can be employed to hurt or kill animals and adversaries. For these reasons certain mantras or chants were and are kept secret, only to be passed on to those of noble spirit. We know that the human voice is capable of shattering crystal.

    According to African Traditional Religion coming from Nigeria, when one needs to speak with sweetness, they take a taste of honey, which is attributed to the Orisha Oshun, who is best known as the Goddess of Love and Fertility. Honey anyone?

    When I heard about Oshun and the honey it reminded me of something else my mother used to say: "You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar." Natural flycatcher. Hmmm. Hadn't thought about it that way before now.

    Upon attending a workshop a number of years ago, dealing with our connection to one another, I learned that the colors of our aura change depending on how we speak. Knowing this, it is safe to say that if we speak with love the colors of the heart chakra would become more visible in our aura and so on throughout the chakra system.

    Following are some of the techniques that I use and recommend to my clients.


    There are times when I am doing energy work on a client and I'll hear the voice of MA guiding me to hum. Humming is quite soothing and many women hum when they put their children to sleep or in calming them down after a traumatic experience. Humming is also good to do while preparing a meal. It helps to add a little more love to the pot, thereby making for an even more delicious meal, and it makes the task go more quickly.

    Some hum while cleaning or when performing some other arduous task. It helps to make the job easier on the mind, body and the spirit because when we are in a happier state of being, we can breeze through just about anything.


    When I am led to, a chant will come forth. There are no words - just sounds. These sound vibrations are for lamenting and rejoicing; for calling the Ancestors and Spirit Guides to assist in the process. Some chants are distinctly Native American or African. Just making sounds with your voice that express what you are feeling inside will do wonders for those water crystals that may need some adjusting.


    Create your own song or play your favorite CD and sing along. You can do this while driving or stuck in a traffic jam. An artist that I recommend highly is Karen Drucker. She has some of the best affirmation songs that I've heard. My favorite CD by her is Songs of the Spirit II.

    Take time to find your voice: Chant, sing and hum your way to wholeness!

    About Diva Mama Tonya:

    Dr. Tonya K. Freeman is the organizer and facilitator of Awakening the Diva Within and Ancient Mysteries for Modern Women Workshops. Dr. Tonya is a Diva Advocate, Womb Shaman, Keynote Speaker, Inner Growth Consultant and Ancient Femi9 Wisdom Keeper.

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