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    Astrological Indicators of Heart Problems

    By Marco Chong

    Marco Chong is the author of "The 58 Secret Keys To Home Feng Shui That You Must Know". He practices Flying Star Feng Shui and specializes in home feng shui. Marco has been practicing feng shui and chinese astrology since 1992.

    This is my very first article in linking Chinese Astrology to health. It has been my intention to research Chinese Astrology to help those who are sick to recover and to help those who are well to prevent sickness.

    In this article, you will discover how heart attacks are related to Chinese Astrology and how you can minimize the risks of getting it if you belong to the high risk group of people. First of all, let me give you an introduction of how astrology is related to sickness.

    In Chinese Astrology, each organ of our body represents one of the five elements, namely: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. The reason people fall sick is because of an imbalance of the elements. Each of us is born with a different combination of elements. It is all shown in our 8 characters. A weak element usually means that the organ which this element represents is susceptible to sickness.

    Let's look at the heart now. The heart represents the Fire element in Chinese Astrology. This means that if you have very strong Fire in your 8 characters, you are very unlikely to suffer from a heart attack. Of course, on the other hand, the high risk group are those with very weak Fire in their 8 characters.

    Those who have very strong Fire in their 8 characters are those born in the Summer Fire months, which spans from 6th May to 6th July of each year. This group of people are very unlikely to suffer from heart attacks. On the other hand, the high risk group falls under 3 categories.

    The first category are those born in the 4 Earth months. As you probably know from the cycle of creation, Fire creates (or strengthens) Earth. In other words, Earth weakens Fire. Too much Earth puts the Fire out. The 4 Earth months are as follows: Ox month, from 6th January to 3rd February. Dragon month, from 5th April to 5th May. Sheep month, from 7th July to 7th August. And lastly, Dog month, from 8th October to 7th November.

    The next category are those born in the 2 Water months of Winter, which spans from 8th November to 5th January. This one is quite easy to understand, as Water destroys Fire. Last but not least are those born in the 2 Metal months of Autumn, which spans from 8th August to 7th October. Metal also weakens Fire, but this last category is the lowest risk group among the 3 categories.

    OK, I know you are getting a little bit nervous now if you belong to any of the 3 categories. Don't worry, coming up next, I will be sharing how you can minimize your risk through your daily activities. I mentioned earlier that the heart represents the Fire element. Since your Fire element is weak, you need to strengthen it.

    The element which strengthens Fire is Wood. You need to increase the effect of Wood in order to strengthen Fire. Increasing Wood in your daily life can mean eating more greens, surrounding yourself with more books or paper, taking morning walks in parks (from 5am to 7am), wearing more green or having more green color around you.

    Traveling towards the East is also helpful in increasing the Wood element. If you stay in the Eastern part of your country or town, that is also considered increasing the effect of the Wood element. Last tip, hang around people who have a lot of Wood in their 8 characters. This means those born between 4th February and 4th April.

    Earlier on, I mentioned about eating more greens. I know that basing on medical science, eating more greens helps to prevent heart attack, because it lowers your cholesterol and prevents your arteries from being blocked. From an astrology point of view, green vegetables represent Wood, which helps to strengthen Fire, which represents the heart.

    Medical science also says that eating too much meat causes heart attacks. This can also be explained in astrology. Meat, especially mutton and beef, represent the Earth element. I mentioned earlier that Earth weakens Fire, therefore too much mutton and beef weakens your heart. Coincidence? Maybe this was how people in the olden days kept themselves healthy, before medical science was advanced.

    I hope you and your loved ones will benefit from this article.

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