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    Real Astrology vs Horoscopes

    By Gilbert Hernandez

    Horoscopes are found just about everywhere. They litter your local newspaper; they waste space in magazines and are even pasted on the shelves of your supermarket. And, surprisingly, many people buy and read these junk horoscopes thinking that they are accurate.

    Due to the fact that these bunk horoscopes are mostly inaccurate, many people think that astrology as a whole is bunk. The fact that they recognize that horoscopes are inaccurate most of the time and these horoscopes are said to be prepared by an experienced astrologist, people see that the horoscopes are fake and think that it is the same for all astrology. This is how astrology has earned the label of "entertainment" in America.

    Although horoscopes are terribly inaccurate, and are largely created for entertainment purposes, they are not a representation of real astrology. When you think about it, there is absolutely no way horoscopes cann possibly be accurate for everyone. That would mean that everyone born within the month of May would have exactly the same personality and exactly the same events happening in their lives, and life would be very boring. Good thing everyone born in the month of May is different; general horoscopes simply are not accurate for most people.

    The position of the planets in relation to the sun signs is the study used to create typical horoscopes. In other words, those trashy, typical horoscopes at the grocery store are a partial study of real astrology. The influence of the planets on a true and absolute sun sign does affect someone with no other astrological influences in their chart. However, this is only a fraction of the study of real astrology. There are many other aspects of astrology besides your sun sign that determine your personality at birth and help astrologists to predict your present and future.

    Predicting the future and describing the personality of people at birth is what real astrology is used for. An astrologer, using real astrology, begins with a very specific birth chart for the person whose future is to be predicted. Only people born in the exact same place at the exact same time will have the same astrological birth chart.

    Real astrology is used to plot the birth chart, using planets and stars well beyond the Sun signs. There are planetary positions, rising ascendants, and the moon to consider as well. This is why real astrology is so accurate.

    When the astrological birth chart is used in conjunction with past, current, and inevitable astrological phenomena, the real astrology expert can accurately predict the present and the future of the individual being studied. While the result is much the same as a typical horoscope reading, the real astrology reading will be more accurate and provide more specific information that pertains directly to the reader.

    When presented with a typical horoscope, most people are very skeptical about astrology. However, if you can convince them to obtain the expert readings of a real astrology expert, you may be able to change their mind. When faced with completely accurate descriptions of the present and future, many people realize that astrology is in fact a real art and science.

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