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    Perception of Reality

    Kabbalah Lesson 4 - The Power of Thought

    By Michael Laitman, Ph.D

    Kaballah Lessons courtesy of

    • What is the need for a biological body?
    • Nothing can change except the part in us which perceives reality.
    • The speed of thoughts is infinite.
    • The worlds, including this world, are concealments of our senses.
    • Does it sometimes happen to you that you are in euphoria, and do not feel the limitations of the body?

    Question: Why did the Creator create the biological body, why didn't we remain at the level of souls?

    It seems to us that this body, this flesh, exists. It does not exist. It is only your perception that it exists. You have such senses that make you feel like it exists.

    If we look through the eyes of a dog, through its senses, or the senses of some other creature, it does not see us like we do, the way we see ourselves.

    A dog sees us as a sort of cloud of smells. It means that we have no body, and the fact that we perceive it this way is because we are made in such a manner that makes us perceive it so, but it does not really exist.

    Nothing exists besides the upper reality, the thought of creation to bestow upon His created beings, which includes us. Only in this do we really exist.

    The worlds, including this world, are a concealment of our senses. We are, even now, existing in the best and only state there is. Only we have a problem, a dimming of our senses, so that we are not feeling that state but only a lesser state.

    We must clean our senses, wake up, get up and feel the real state. Nothing changes except the perception of reality.

    This means that what actually changes in us is that part that perceives reality. Besides that there is nothing. Therefore, if you are thinking about changing something besides yourself you are in trouble. Nothing will help you, you will never change anything. You can see how much the world only suffers from this, accumulating bitter experiences as if in order to understand that this is not the way.

    We need to correct our senses. You will see a completely different picture when you are at the end of correction, in eternity and wholeness. I have no words to describe it. And this body - there is no body, and this world - there is no world; it is simply an imagination.

    Of course, it is hard to accept this, because you have not arrived at the other side, so you can not understand how this is possible.

    One hundred or two hundred years ago we never thought that such forces existed in nature, or that it was possible to see through a wall, but this is what is now happening.

    With our thoughts and desires, and with our mind, we can achieve anything. The speed of thoughts is infinite. Thoughts expand at an infinite speed. The power of thought can penetrate matter without limitations. We can reach complete control of reality.

    Gradually you will see that these concealments, these worlds, simply disappear. All becomes transparent and there is nothing but light that fills everything. Even those who have had near death experiences tell us that there is nothing. They still see themselves on the operating table, while they are actually already elevating and becoming included in the light.

    The fact that we are not in the upper reality even a little is a problem. That is why I said that until a person's eyes open, it is a problem, but after the person's eyes open he or she already knows what to do. So our problem is to achieve the opening of the eyes.

    You stop sensing your body, how does it happen?

    It happens sometimes that you almost do not feel your body; you are in some kind of euphoria, and nothing hurts; it is possible to feel something like that sometimes. If it is possible for one moment, it is possible always.

    According to the level of correction that you attain, you neutralize your body to the extent that you do not exist. You cross the border between life and death. You simply stop communicating with the body and it stops being an issue for you.

    Question: How can man reach a state where he controls his desires and thoughts, instead of them controlling him?

    Man cannot control anything. He cannot control feelings or thoughts. If he tries to control one thing, it comes at the expense of something else.

    A certain kind of water is healthier than drinking another kind. So I choose this kind over that one. This is called controlling one of my desires and replacing it with another. This is not control.

    Real control is when I reach the spiritual world, the upper world, at a level which is higher than my reality. I look at my reality from there and then I choose what is good; this is control. As much as we discover nature in all of our research, in all types of science, we only discover one thing; that everything acts according to pre-determined, absolute, decisive rules that never change, and that everything behaves according to cause and effect, and is arranged by formulas.

    So what are you going to change? What do you want to penetrate and determine? And with any kind of intelligence I also can not understand it; it is not possible. Tell me, at which level of human beings, namely thoughts, desires, hormones or genes, or through the laws of nuclear physics, or some other level, can we change anything?

    We only study how it exists. To change anything is only possible from the root, where the level of the causes for all the effects in this world is. You can only change things if you can be at that point. Why is everyone running for the government? Because from there you determine what will happen later in the playing field. So that is what we need to achieve.

    For a person in whom the point in the heart has opened, who feels some connection, an urge for a higher state, it is a sign that the person can reach a point where he or she is elected for government, and can change the situation.

    Thought has no velocity. Thought acts through infinite speed, zero time, and endless velocity. Why is this so?

    That is how each and every cell in our body functions. That is how a cell connects to all the other cells. Information passes between cells at an infinite speed. The same applies to all parts of our universe. The information expands at an infinite speed; otherwise there would not have been any laws.

    What are the laws that we discover? We discover the entire system, how it is constructed, and if it is moving. It is moving towards balance. We discover laws in relation to stars, planets and gases indicating that there is no coincidence; everything is related to everything else, and the system knows everything about itself.

    It is not that there was an explosion, and from that explosion everything arrives including information, which arrives at the other end within a certain number of years. It is not the speed of the light that comes from the explosion which is important.

    It is information which expands at an infinite speed, and has the biggest power, at an infinite frequency. This is also the case with our body. The one who reaches the level of thoughts, the level of intentions, is the ruler.

    Besides that there being structures such as the nervous system, there are people who can solve a complex mathematical problem in a second, which even the biggest and most powerful computer can not solve in hours. How does it happen?

    It is not that those people are so fast compared to the computer, but that they solve the problem not at the level of the nervous system, at the speed of ten meters per second, the speed of signals moving in the body, but at the level of thought. Thought and intention means that the speed is infinite. That is the reason for the results.

    When one acquires some knowledge in Kabbalah everything begins to be understood.

    I wish for you that you open your eyes to see the spiritual world, and from there begin to determine everything in this world.

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