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    Karmic Compatibility and Dating

    By Martin Schulman

    The world of dating is never an easy one. It is both very apprehensively exciting and often intriguing. Yet, strange as it may seem, most first dates do not result in lasting relationships.

    The question of Karma enters into dating behavior at the very beginning. In fact, if you think about it, people always have karmic "baggage" that they have caused long before any dating relationship began.

    As a result, while thinking they are pursuing a relationship possibly either for friendship, sex, love, or maybe even marriage, they are in fact seeking a karmic partner, someone who can help them deal with and evolve their own past life karma that they have brought into this incarnation.

    This brings us to some very startling realizations. First, it means that two individuals meeting for the first time are already programmed according to their own karmic paths, each with their own set of lessons and tests, both past and future that influence their lives.

    There is an old astrological saying that tells us, "When the student is ready, the teacher is there!"

    In other words, if we are ready to learn a particular karmic lesson (because we have completed preliminary lessons that lead up to it), we are very likely to meet someone who has just the right information to become our teacher. In essence our consciousness has brought this about because we became ready for it.

    The lesson to be learned will dictate the karmic compatibility of the relationship.

    Not all things that we have to learn are easy. Very often our greatest strides are made through struggle. Thus, if we assume that whenever somebody comes into our life, we are going to learn something from them, as well as teach them something in return, then we are well on the path to karmic enlightenment, for this makes us open to the clues we will be getting for the deepest answers our subconscious is asking.

    If we meet someone who has a calm soothing planetary conjunction to our own chart, perhaps Venus in good aspect to our Sun, then we are likely to become involved in a calm and soothing relationship because we are karmically ready for this.

    If we meet someone whose Pluto is afflicting any of our planets, then we can expect a relationship with much intensity, strife and struggle. Yet, this too is what we are karmically ready for, because we are about to learn something that we could not understand in any other way.

    Everything in life happens for a reason, and if we can awaken our minds and hearts to be open enough to learn these reasons, then we will find much to our amazement that while we might not find ourselves personally compatible with someone as a result of difficult chart contacts, we might nevertheless be karmically compatible with them, if we but listen to the reason why they are in our life.

    For this reason, it is important to look a little deeper when studying the synastry aspects for compatibility between two individuals, for if people are somehow thrown together regardless of some difficult aspects, there must be a karmic reason for such a relationship to exist that is overriding the personal wishes of either.

    A decent ephemeris will show you the planetary placements of anyone in your life. Yet, this is only the first step. From this, you can list the aspect contacts these placements are making to your own chart. At this point most people have highly emotional reactions, either positive or negative upon realizing each chart contact. The only trouble is that these reactions, although quite personal, are highly subjective, and as a result cannot see the objective truth of why a relationship exists.

    There are many good books on synastry that can explain these chart contacts more impartially than you can. Yet, it is important to look past the direct effect of one planet on another to see the reason why you would be drawn into a specific relationship at all. For if you could find this out, as well as what you are learning from each chart contact, it would certainly enhance your karmic journey in this incarnation.

    Copyright Martin Schulman

    BIO: Martin Schulman is the published author of over 50 astrology Best-Sellers in many languages. He is recognized as the original founder of Karmic Astrology - seeing life as a continuation of soul lessons it began in past lives. His books are used as textbooks in Astrological Schools all over the world.


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    Karmic Astrology: The Moon's
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    By Martin Schulman

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