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    Karmic Astrology and Your Current Incarnation

    By Martin Schulman

    Martin Schulman is known the world over as the original founder of Karmic Astrology. He has over 50 published books in America and foreign translations throughout the world and was the first astrologer to reach a top 10 Best-Seller list in New York Gazette magazine. He has lectured at Boston University and many astrological conventions across the United States. His articles have appeared many times on the cover of Dell Horoscope Magazine and he has personally appeared on national television.

    It is always amazing to watch people who are proficient at what they do, and the better they are, the more we are in awe. Yet, it also makes us wonder about the source of their accomplishments, especially when some of the world's greatest achievers never even finished school. We see young children capable of complex chess games, teenagers who can excel at sports way beyond what we would expect of them, and even adults whose rise to brilliance in some endeavor seems disproportionately advanced for their life circumstances.

    Could it be that the human memory is not of one life alone? Maybe the soul remembers things on quite a subconscious level that it has gained experiences with in former lifetimes. Then, in this life, all it takes to trigger these memories is some similar catalyst, an event, a word from a loved one, that somehow unlocks access to these hidden memories and makes it possible for the person to continue where their soul left off.

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    This could explain why people find it so easy to learn some things, while others seem beyond comprehension. In fact, sometimes the things they learn easily are the really hard things, so it would make no sense for them to be more proficient at these things, unless they had some unconscious soul memory from a past life serving them with experience.

    Astrology in recent years has become more and more interested in this realm and many studies have actually embodied a new astrology that embraces this kind of thinking. Karmic Astrology looks at the individual's current life, not as an isolated instance, but instead as a continuation of the soul, which has reincarnated this time in order to perfect what it could not finish in past lives.

    In this sense, it becomes possible, through the study of one's horoscope chart to understand what kind of experiences and soul memories they have brought into this life to improve, and by extrapolation, what kind of lessons they have yet to learn. By looking at astrology this way, the future, instead of being guesswork, is seen as a natural outgrowth of the past, as it evolves itself through experiences that keep increasing the individual's awareness about their life and the world they live in.

    In fact, thinking karmically, we cannot help but reach the conclusion that the very sun sign that a person is born under in the current incarnation holds within it the exact lessons they will have to learn in this life. Thus, the challenges we face in life, are really the karmic lessons we have incarnated to learn, and our horoscope as our blueprint for life, holds within it the very energies and proficiencies we need to meet these challenges.

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