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    Love is the Key to Enthusiasm

    By CD Mohatta

    Look back on your life. Think of years gone by and recollect about days when you used to feel enthusiastic about everything. Where is that spark now? Are you very enthusiastic today? If yes, great. If not, why? Why are you not enthusiastic today?

    What is the reason?

    Enthusiasm is tricky. We feel very motivated and eager to do things that we love. But we avoid everything that gives us trouble. It is simple. We avoid pain. We hate pain and we don't want to do anything that gives us even little pain. But we are very eager to do everything that gives us joy.

    What is the definition of joy? What makes us happy is joy. Is joy the same for all of us? Certainly not. Each of us has his/her own liking and feels happy doing that. A musician will hate solving problems of higher mathematics, and a mathematician will love solving them throughout the day. The first element to joy is our liking.

    What is the second element? The second element is our attitude. Our attitude makes us. Some of us will never give up until they finish the given work, while others will easily leave it half done and go on to do something else.

    Is it not true? All of us have our own character that gets molded by our culture, our upbringing, our values and our genes. None of us is similar. All of us are different. That gives this world the differences.

    There is one element, which is common to a large majority. Love. For few others power and wealth are the keys to their thinking. But by far, if you analyze, love motivates all of us most.

    If you have promised to your beloved about doing something, you will do it even if you don't like doing that. To make the other one happy is the motivator here.

    How do we use this in daily life and remain enthusiastic always? It is difficult but not impossible. Let us look at this from the other side. If we enjoy doing things for someone we love, will we begin loving someone again if we try to enjoy doing anything for that person?

    For example, many married couples find love missing in their life. They wonder about why they used to love each other madly a few years back and why they don't do that now?

    If both the spouses pretend to enjoy doing anything that makes the other happy, will the love return? It will most probably! If you are in love, great. If you are not and single, find someone to love. And if you are married, but the love is lost, try to reclaim it. Love will keep you enthusiastic at every moment. If you want to earn money, very big money, then promise to your beloved that you will make that sum in a certain period. The promise given will make you find ways to work enthusiastically to earn that sum.

    As I said before, enthusiasm is tricky. We have to bring it into everything we do. The simple way is to do everything while thinking that it will make your beloved happy. Even if it is a work related to your profession where your partner is not involved at all, tell her/him about that and promise that you will do something very difficult with enthusiasm. You will do it. That promise will make you do it.

    Love is an emotion that can drive one to do anything. Love does something to the mind that makes one do everything for the beloved. Love also gives the strength and enthusiasm. Love is the key to enthusiasm.

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