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    The Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Malachite Necklace

    Excerpt from Gemisphere Therapeutic Gemstones by Michael Katz.



    The Mission of Malachite

    Malachite promotes harmony and improves communication throughout your physical body. As Malachite's energy flows through you in a rhythmic, wave-like motion, it erodes discordant energies and alerts your entire body to its own disharmonies.

    Malachite's waves awaken every cell to what is happening in every other cell, so that your body can rally its healing forces to combat disease and restore harmony. As isolated and diseased areas come back into harmony with the rest of the body, the body begins to function like a fine-tuned instrument.

    Indications for Wearing a Therapeutic Malachite Necklace

    You can wear a Malachite necklace to help resolve any of the following conditions:

    • Physical pain or tightness
    • Congestion or stagnation
    • A chronic injury
    • Any kind of physical illness

    You can also wear a Malachite necklace when you wish to do any of the following:

    • Enlist all of your body’s resources to resolve a physical condition
    • Bring your body to the next level of health by alerting it to any hidden disharmonies
    • Improve communication and cooperation among all parts of your body
    • Develop a body that functions like a fine-tuned instrument

    Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Malachite Necklace
    Malachite promotes harmony and improves communication throughout your physical body. Its soothing energy moves down and up the inside of your body in rhythmic waves, alerting your body to its own disharmonies and healing ever more deeply seated areas of distress. As more of these areas are restored to health, the strength of Malachite’s flow increases.

    Physical disharmony can occur when parts of the body do not know what other parts are doing. If your body has no awareness that some of its parts are not working well together or that disharmony is brewing, it cannot call on its forces to fix the problem. This situation is much more common than might be expected and underlies many of the conditions people experience.

    Malachite lets every cell of the body know what is happening in every other cell. When one part of the body knows what is happening in another part, it becomes easier for the body to call all its resources together to combat a disease. Let's say, for example, that your liver has a cyst tucked away in it and that your mind has no awareness of it. The rest of your body may also have no idea it is there. Malachite can help the physical body discover such a cyst. Once alerted to the existence of the cyst, your body's survival mechanism will naturally call on your immune system, eliminative organs, and whatever other systems are needed to start working on that cyst.

    Malachite's energy moves down and up the inside of the body in a movement that resembles waves. This wave-like motion is key to its effects. Malachite spheres start emitting their waves when the spheres are awakened by your aura. Then the waves move down and up your body in a soothing, rhythmic flow. As they move through you, the Malachite waves gather information about your body and start alerting the body to its disharmonies. The action of the waves also erodes the energetic surfaces and edges of these disharmonious areas, assisting in their resolution.

    Everyone who wears therapeutic Malachite experiences different effects. This is because the side effects of its wave-like motion can be felt in many different ways. In some people, Malachite breaks up stagnant fluids and releases congestion; in some, it increases circulation; and, in others, it opens chakras. Some people say it opens the brow chakra, and they give credit to Malachite for the spiritual experiences that result. Malachite's wave-like motion simply stirs and breaks up anything in the way of establishing and increasing harmony throughout the body.

    When Malachite has awakened the body in its unique way, it is possible that you will come to a deeper knowingness and understanding of your physical condition. You may even realize that you have the potential to heal in areas where you thought health was no longer possible. All of this will result from all parts of your body becoming aware of all other parts.

    In a sense, Malachite enables your body to hear that its disharmonious areas are out of tune with the rest of your body, thus prompting your body to work to bring them back into harmony. Malachite's goal is to have every cell playing a note of a harmonious chord. The subtle music emanating from someone who has worn Malachite spheres for a long time is beautiful. This music is the vibration of harmony expressing itself in subtle sound. When all your cells are in harmony, no note cancels out or dampens the sound of any other note. You ring with subtle, harmonious music.

    Malachite Framed in Metal
    When any form of Malachite is framed or mounted in metal, the metal inhibits the Malachite's emanations. It is through Malachite's wave emanations that it produces its healing benefits. Consequently, if you wear Malachite mounted in metal and want to experience its full healing effects, you will be disappointed. The minor effects that you may experience when Malachite is even partially encased in metal come from the waves reflecting off the open face of the Malachite and into your aura. This is usually an indirect, haphazard kind of wave motion, and it is not necessarily soothing.

    How to Recognize Therapeutic-Quality Malachite
    Therapeutic Malachite displays crisp, straight black or dark-green bands in a light green base. These bands form a bull's-eye on opposite sides of each sphere. Malachite spheres with irregularly shaped or muddy bands are much less effective than those with sharp, distinct bands. Indeed, the greater the contrast between the dark bands and light green base, the greater the Malachite's therapeutic effects.

    Bead Orientation
    Therapeutic Malachite necklaces should be strung with the spheres' drill holes piercing the center of each sphere' bull's-eye. This way of stringing facilitates the down and up wave motion of Malachite. If all the drill holes were positioned so that the bull's-eyes faced in random directions, the down and up wave motion would be erratic. The wave emanations of the Malachite would radiate in the various directions that the bull's-eyes were pointing. This would not only make the necklace non-therapeutic, but would be disruptive to the wearer.

    Gemisphere's Research Program
    Share Your Malachite Experiences with Us

    As part of our ongoing effort to refine and advance the science of gemstone energy medicine, we are gathering information about the experiences of therapeutic gemstone users. If you own a Gemisphere Malachite necklace, we are eager to hear about your experiences with it. We will be compiling and publishing such experiences and other case histories in the near future. Of course, if we choose to publish your experiences, we will strictly protect your anonymity.

    To share your experiences with Malachite or any other Gemisphere gemstones, please call our office at 1-800-727-8877 and ask to speak with one of our Gemstone Advisors.

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