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    Mandalas and Numerology

    By James Hirlehey


    Since many will know about the importance of repeated numbers, it is essential to understand the new mandala interest of Western society. Understanding the meaning of repeated shapes and numbers when we draw these sacred figures can help us to obtain greater benefits of this meditation method. That's why we have assembled for you a list of the meanings of numbers and stars that make up these mysterious forms.

    A mandala is a circle; the perfect form and therefore represents the symbol of the cosmos and eternity. The word 'mandala' comes from Sanskrit and means: Holy Circle. It is a sacred symbol of healing, totality, union, integration: the absolute. It represents the creation, the world, God, the human being, the number zero, life.

    The Perfect Figure

    We could say that everything in our life has a circular shape. From the universe (the sun, the moon, the planets) to the scheme of all in nature, trees, flowers, atoms, and cells. They all follow a circular pattern.

    Everything around us has a circular shape, which at the same time represent the infinite spiral of life. If we observe our body, we will realize that all our forms are rounded, reminding us that we are systems within systems, we belong to the Absolute, and the Absolute is in us.

    The Power of Mandalas as a Spiritual Healing Method

    Mandalas have been used for spiritual awareness since ancient times. Observing or drawing mandalas can promote psychic and spiritual healing; it also helps us manifest our creative energy and reconnect with our Self.

    A mandala can vary in color and design, but they basically consist of a center connected to the cardinal points. Psychologically, mandalas represent the totality of our being, reflecting the human psyche.

    Each person responds to them instinctively, beyond their age, gender, race, culture. When we draw mandalas, it can be a journey towards our essence, illuminating some areas of our path that until then had remained hidden in the darkness of our unconscious, allowing the wisdom of our psyche to emerge.

    Drawing a mandala opens the door to the most intimate area of the human psyche, representing the condensation of one's universe. Through its design, and contemplation for meditation, the human being makes contact with his spiritual side and becomes part of the harmonious whole, transcending his present limitations and his material ties within the conceptual world.

    Benefits of the Mandala

  • Increase the ability to focus, expanding our memories.
  • Drawing mandalas activate positive energy by promoting deep meditation states that mandalas raise.
  • Painting a mandala in our house walls improves the flow of energy and creates an atmosphere of harmony and balance, helping us to transmute negative energy into positive energy.
  • When using mandalas for health-related problems, it will protect us from harmful energies in our environment.
  • Mandalas can help you balance your chakras. For that is essential to choose the right color for you, depending on the chakra you need to balance.

    Mandalas: A Guiding Star

    A beam of light shining in the darkness. The star is considered a symbol of truth and hope. Its nocturnal nature represents the struggle against dark side forces and the unknown. While for men of science stars may be associated with destruction, they historically have been associated with order and destiny.

    The Star is the seventeenth Trump of the Tarot Major Arcana representing hope and the esoteric union of spirit and body, represented by a naked woman pouring water both in the earth and in the river that symbolizes the collective unconscious. When a particular star is used as a symbol, its meaning depends on the number of points and sometimes its orientation.

    The Pentagram: It is a potent symbol of protection and balance since combines the four elements in union with a fifth: our spirit.

    The Hexagram: The Star of David symbolizes the interaction of heaven and earth, the creator and creation.

    The Seven-pointed Star: Represents all the mystical peculiarities of number seven. From the deadly sins to the seven virtues of Bushido, it also is a symbol of integration combining the seven planets, and chakras.

    The Eight-pointed Star: It is a symbol of regeneration and the proximity of self-realization. It's associated with the infinity concept and the Pantheist spiral, for whom "All in nature is sacred."

    The Nonagram or Nine-pointed Star: It is associated with change, the eternal balance of life, the wheel of fortune: represents stability through change.

    Numerology and Mandalas

    For Pythagoras, numbers make up the universe and direct existence: everything that exists in the world is governed by a number.

    Numerology studies the energetic vibration of each number. It is one of the oldest known sciences, used by the Assyrian, Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations.

    Nonetheless, the beginning of numerology history is unknown. It is said that it is the most important heritage the Atlanteans bequeathed to humanity.

    According to this science, everything has a number and radiates energy connected to that particular number. Each one has a vibration with specific qualities and attributes.

    According to this theory, numbers give cosmos an order. Not only do they determine the essence of all existing things in nature, but they also dominate them, since they are the causes of that order.

    Mandalas are always radiating that numerical energy in their environment. That numerical irradiation depends on the parts a mandala is divided, its internal forms - the presence of stars or petals, for example, designs, and colors.

    Even numbers like 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc., stabilize the energy.

    If your mandala has odd numbers, on the contrary, they expand the energy promoting a creative space.

    Mandala and Numbers

    Each number has a different meaning, let's check each one:

  • The number One. If you are or want to be a more independent person, try decorating with a "1" base mandala that stands out in a particular place of your house decoration. The number 1 represents individuality and independence. The unity with the whole, the center of all forces.

  • The Number Two is a symbol of couples harmony and compatibility. If you're looking for your soul mate, place two mandalas together in your bedroom, (side by side), with two as a numerical base; for example, two hearts. The number 2 represents creation and procreation but also speaks of the contradictions that exist in the universe that we must learn to accept.

  • The Number Three is dynamic. Brings new spiritual energies, speaks of the holy trinity and life mysteries. The number three means movement, vitality, stimulus, spiritual process, and self-realization.

  • The Number Four symbolizes balance and order. It connects you with the four elements and the cardinal points; it is the search of our destiny. The number 4 represents totality, distance, and tranquility unifies opposites, rationality, development of consciousness, search for one's place in life and self-recognition.

  • The Number Five is synonymous with adventure and movement. It is a symbol of love, a harmonic connection of Yin and Yang, health, enjoyment of sexuality and sensuality, connection with reality, acting as dreams protection.

  • The Number Six represents the family. Mandalas with 6-pointed stars, or symbols repeated in multiples of 6 create a more familiar environment that unifies the feminine and masculine, symbolizing the union of contradictions, creativity and perfection, the end of a creative process, satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • The Number Seven helps if you want to be more intuitive because it represents the connection between heaven and earth, the right path to personal development, the end of a stage in life, the inner work fruits.

  • The number Eight symbolizes prosperity, stability, and harmony, the end of a spiritual journey in which order and cosmic equilibrium have been found: happiness, symmetry, infinite, constant change and rebirth.

  • The number Nine attracts the most beneficial spiritual energies, such as guardian angels. It represents the creative mind, it's the symbol of heaven, the enigma of human existence, positive spiritual energies.

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