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    What it Means to Have an E in Your Name

    By Heather Lagan

    Do You Have an E in Your Name? Chaldean Numerology Tells You What it Means

    In addition to my article on Chaldean numerology, I wanted to give everyone an example of the letter energies that play an important part during name analysis.

    Since I have 26 options to choose from, I let my fingers do the research. I found that not only is the letter 'E' the most frequently used, but also happens to be a favourite for me, so it was an easy choice.

    The percentage of names containing this letter is fairly high, so chances are good that you have one in your name or know someone who does. Obviously, the more 'E's' in a name, the more 'E' energy that person or thing will contain and emit.

    The placement of the 'E' (or any letter) within your name is important, as well. If it falls in your first name, it will be part of your 'public' persona: the social aspect of your personality. If it falls in your middle name, this will comment on the 'secret' you: the true you, if you like. If it falls in your last name, it will refer to your domestic or family history and is of the least important as it pertains to the male hierarchy that you joined, either by being born into it or by joining it through marriage. However, it is still considered, as energies and experiences are certainly passed on while under any name energy influence.

    The letter 'E' is pure, unadulterated energy and is the only letter of its kind. Its presence transforms a mere interest into eager enthusiasm, a quiet balance to excessive extremes, a kind generosity to exorbitant extravagance and bad behaviour to plain old evil. Think of Einstein and his theory of relativity: E=Mc2, then take that thought further until you reach the atomic bomb. The structure of the 'E' stretches into the future and yearns for advancement: the top arm is the brain or mouth or both, the middle arm is, quite literally, the arm and heart and soul and the lower arm is actually a leg and represents moving forward. In short, the 'E' exaggerates and energizes.

    The 'E's' numerical ruler is the 5, which is governed by the desire and need for freedom, change, independence, challenge, communication and sensory satisfaction. This combination sets the stage for some rather electric energy, does it not? Yikes!

    The more 'E' energies in a name, the more likely that the holder will be drawn to unusual elements, attracted to extremes and is unusually exposed when it comes to the vulnerability of their senses. Having said that, the 'E' loves beauty, whether it be found in a painting, a silk sheet, the sound of a wind chime or the arrangement on a dinner plate. The unrestrained and multiple 'E' can easily become overwhelmed by its own search for excitement or for an explanation of existence and can fall victim to the imagined escape offered through alcohol, drugs or any substance or action that alters, or takes them away from cold, hard reality. The 'E' can just as readily become a work-aholic as an alcoholic.

    As indicated by the extension of the upper arm, the 'E' is a progressive thinker and a great communicator and as such, makes a skilled orator, writer, singer or anything having to do with expression. The 'E' does not hold onto the past, or bear reaches for the new and untried, the odd and the mysterious and the next experience around the next corner. The 'E' may require editing at times; it tends to speak without forethought and act without consideration of consequences; in short, it can be impulsive.

    The middle arm of the 'E' tells of a heart that is dedicated and true. If an 'E' commits, it commits completely. The trick is to get the 'E' to commit in the first place! But due to its expansive nature, the 'E' is very attractive to others and when in social settings, is lively, friendly, charming, creative, enthusiastic, adaptable and entertaining. In private, however, the 'E' is endlessly curious and this can lead to unstable relationships, jobs, homes and lifestyles...the 'E' can change focus in a heartbeat; it does not respond well to situations or relationships that are based in routine or rigidity. Trying to control or dominate an 'E' is like trying to hold water; it is a losing proposition, for this energy does not take kindly to force or cages. It is, at all times, its own boss.

    The lower arm, or leg of the letter 'E', propels the 'E' forward. This is what will bring about all manner of movement, from traveling to domestic changes to taking chances or running away. There is an eagerness to 'get moving', to get where one is going, to achieve, to attain. So despite the tendency of the 'E' to change almost everything in their lives from time to time, paradoxically, this progressive aspect is one that can actually bring success and even fame to one with a preponderance of this energy in their name. The legs keep moving forward, they persevere...and if the 'E' has an interest that is embedded deep in the heart and brain, nothing will stop if from emerging.

    I also feel the need to point out that because the essence of the 'E' is so open, it is very affectionate, tactile, whimsical, loving and sensually oriented. I suppose it goes without saying that the 'E' is also a potentially exciting intimate partner. But since I did say it...the 'E' puts the erotic and exotic into sEx.

    Not boring, the 'E'! (As an example of the 'E' energy exemplified, remember Elvis? Or Elvira? Or how about the Garden of Eden and Eve?) Ahh, I could go on...!

    Author Heather Lagan is a spiritual advisor in Surrey, B.C., where she has provided counseling services for over 25 years. Heather's primary tools of reference are the Tarot and Chaldean Numerology, the latter being the subject of her book 'Babylon's Secret...The Truth About Your Name'. Heather also offers readings locally and by special order...details online.

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