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The Life and Fate of Paris Hilton

By Dr. Louis Turi


It seems that being a rich and famous celebrity does not mean much if the recipient is uninformed. The stars are impartial. If you do not know or respect the Universal rules, perhaps you will be next to suffer the effects of ignorance.

Incidentally 99% of the world's population, both political and religious leaders, (and most famous pretty stars out there) have no cosmic consciousness. They have absolutely NO clue to the planets' regimentation over their lives. What's really interesting is that the very same Plutonic planets that forever changed the lives of famous radio host Imus and comedian Michael Richards also victimized Paris Hilton. It seems to be an epidemic of stupidity. And, I can barely comprehend how ignorant she and the rest of the world really are.

Because of their ignorance of the "Universal Code," Imus, Michael Richards, Paris Hilton and others, could have avoided tragedy had they my celestial understanding. Much money is wasted on exuberant parties, luxuries or wasted idiotic scientific research and donations to the church.

Had any one of those famous people invested in my Moon Power instead of wasting their money, they would have known their impending fate and apply the will accordingly. But now it's a bit too late for all of them. It's amazing how such a little investment can save so much but that's me to know and all of you to find out.

I can assure you their money is not spent on the right people who could help them understand their star patterns, so what good does all that money do? Dealing with their emotional distress, shame, guilt, mental and physical health is much more important than the incredible wealth these persons have. None of those famous people have crossed my path.

Call it karma, but I must remind you that the human will is more powerful than the stars. How can one apply the will when there is no foundation or wisdom to tap, you may ask? There are SO MANY prominent people reading my newsletters, and perhaps someday, some will choose to "connect" with me to avoid misfortune. But if they don't, it's because they are not yet ready for the truth I wish to offer.

It saddens me that only a handful of highly spiritual people possess this vital wisdom (they are my students). It could mend this torn world and not stop political and religious leaders such as the President Bush, the Pope or even the Dalai Llama.

Rest assured, I do respect those great men and their accomplishments. To me they are like little kids playing with matches but are not really capable of handling their cursed positions and responsibilities and are ready to burn it all. By hearing any of them on national television I can immediately detect if someone is an old wise soul or a celebrity forced into a notorious position by the stars.

One such as Paris Hilton has to learn the hard way, as did so many famous lost young souls that ended their life dramatically. I may sound egocentric but in fifty years or so from today (when I will be 6 feet under) the world will finally understand me and realize I was speaking the truth.

Being born in Provence, France (like the great Prophet Nostradamus), I share the same fate and will be heard in time, because time has always been my real witness. I have another major book to write (it will be the last of my series) in my desperate attempt to reach an insane religiously poisoned world unaware of a rigid "Cosmic Code". However I am confident that the children of the future will make good use of my predictions and heedings just because the stars dictate so.

Now I will to do Paris Hilton's Astropsychology profile and explain to the world her inner response to life and why she is the way she is and is perceived as an unrestrained, spoiled, rich brat.

Planet -- Sign -- House –- Keywords Explanations

Sun 28Aqu57 (1) Soul's Purpose – Freedom – Eccentricity – Friends – Original – Shocking – Independent

Moon 14Leo08 (7) Emotional response to life – Famous partners – Wealthy Family background - Non-domestic -Artistic

Mercury 28Aqu27 (1) Personally – Dual – Speedy – Communicative – Futuristic – Original – Smart – Internet – New Age

Venus 16Aqu50 (1) Personality – Magnetic – independent – Universal Love – Friends (I was born with the same Venus position)

Mars 08Pis31 (2) Possession – Stirred to use drugs, pot, alcohol, loves water, the spirit, acting, photography, jail, hospitals.

Jupiter 09Lib30 (9) Higher learning – Lucky with foreigners and foreign lands, philosophical, love animals, marriage, foreigner

Saturn 09Lib01 (9) Higher learning – Good student, fear of never finding true love, Karma with justice (Libra rules the law)

Uranus 00Sag00 (11) Friends and groups – Eccentric –unusual – shocking weird – negative friends and groups

Neptune 24Sag28 (11) Friends and groups – Deception – drugs – alcohol – deception – jail – mental institution – Rehabilitation

Pluto 24Lib12 (9) Higher learning – Plutonic powerful friends – Regeneration – Sex – Manipulation – Legality –Power.

Dragon's Head 09Leo59 (7) Luck-protection – growth - Public life – France – Italy (Princess Diana and Steve Irwin) had the same Dragon’s Head and both suffered a violent shocking death.

Dragon's Tail 09Aqu59 (1) Self – Weird – Eccentric – Unruly – Independent – Aggressive – learn the hard way – Violent death flying, Television.

Fixed 6 50 % Paris Hilton has 50% planets in fixed sign and this makes her very stubborn about everything.

SIGN ELEMENTS: Air - 58 % Paris Hilton has 58% planets in air sign. Gets bored easily, impatient, speedy and communicative, ADD. And you wonder why she was always speeding?

IN CRITICAL DEGREES: (Mansions of the Moon):

MOON PHASE: Gibbous - Paris Hilton was born in a waning (negative) moon phase and depicts a short life if she doesn't learn to respect the “Universal Code�? while she has the chance. "The crocodile Hunter" (Steve Irwin) was born with the same dragon Tail in the same house (he was born in February too) and died, shocking the world when a stingray, while doing a television program, stung him. You may read my prediction of his death at - (The Stars and Fate of Steve Irwin).

Serial killer Cho Seung-Hu a 23-year-old senior English major who killed 32 people at the Virginia Tech was also born during a gibbous Moon phase. Paris Hilton's Hidden Dragon Tail is in the sign of Aries. This is a very masculine self-centered war-like sign that rules aggression, impatience, and denounces why she has to learn the hard way to respect the laws of men.

As with all of those born in February she is still experiencing the year nasty Dragon's Tail in her 8th house of death. Paris is undergoing seriously deep psychological changes and seeks refuge in drugs and alcohol.

Sadly, the fortune she could spend on an educated psychologist or a well-known Beverly Hills psychiatrist would do her cosmic education no good. None of those professionals possess Cosmic Consciousness; they could only worsen her situation by subscribing dangerous anti-depressants. Ingesting medical prescriptions can only further suicidal thoughts and poison Paris' body mind and soul.

The next two years ahead of Paris Hilton (2007-2009) will be crucial and I can only hope she will sail through unharmed. But my predictions are real, and August 2007/2008/09 and February 2008/09 are the dates of significant happenings in her life. Let's hope its all positive for her sake and that my newsletter reaches her before then -- the worst of her fate can be avoided. The future has and will always be my only witness… Please post this newsletter on the web where ever Paris Hilton is concerned, who knows you may be the one saving her life.

Bio: Like the great prophet, Nostradamus, Dr. Turi was born and raised in Provence, France. He was influenced by Nostradamus' methods of Divine Astrology and spent many years reviving the Seer's rare method. He grew up speaking the same now disappearing dialect.

He moved to the US in 1984 and has since established himself as a successful astrologer, author, and lecturer.

Dr. Turi's notoriety skyrocketed after rekindling, practicing and teaching Nostradamus' rare Divine Astrology method, which he calls Astropsychology. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs worldwide.

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