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    Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers -

    By Judi Thomases


    Wisdom's Game
    Wisdom's Game: How To Change Life's Pain Into Joy

    We would speak today of pain and heartache, of longing and despair. We would speak of their purpose in our lives.

    It is not as though you are here to overcome this aspect of life so much as to reinvent it. The nature of reality gives each the ability to struggle with their ills and pains as though these represented finality, with nothing to be done about erasing or removing them. Life can appear like that, and then the person drowns in a personal sea of hurt, pain and blocked renewal. The emotions, this dark, then lead relentlessly into illness, increasing the physical pain and intensifying the despair.

    From such a result come many societal ills including the hatred that fuels war, and the depression that creates slums. This initial root creates the world that many inhabit, meaning, the face of life as glum and dark, with little to hope for except to take others into the same web and cause them as much misery as one is experiencing.

    However, this world has the potential to be changed - not just globally, but first and foremost, personally. The dark world of one's pain is none other than hell, and there is no other hellish place in all of creation than one's own darkness. The lightening of it requires one's personal effort.

    For you may lighten your personal world with acts of courage and faith, and then movement forward into a brighter future that you keep creating for yourself. This, then, gives expression to the truth of self-creation and self-reinvention, and offers others the example of how it can be done. From there, it is only a matter of time and exposure until that person's influence begins to transfer its light to another, then another, until finally one's circle is enlightened, and then one's community, and so forth.

    Here's a recipe for change, of course. But it begins within. So if you're in despair, or in physical pain, look up from it even if for a moment. Seek a solution and don't buy into the notion that you are stuck in its reality forever and a day. For you are NOT.

    You can change and be changed from within. It's a good thing to try. Seek some brighter ideas, some hopeful change.

    If everyone you meet says no to that possibility, seek to meet others who say yes to it. Surround yourself with optimists and let their energy attract you to them.

    Let yourself be influenced by hope. Bring hope deep into your being, and let it stay there awhile. Then allow your thoughts to begin imagining good possibilities (it's important to discard dark ones), and keep building upon this creative thought, born of hope, until it starts to manifest within as spirit (energy) and without as the right connections. Then you will know what faith can bring to you and how the world can be brightened forever.

    About the Author:
    Judi Thomases, having offered consultations for many years that utilized the tools of astrology, Tarot, and I Ching to aid the client's path, started receiving directly from her spirit guides, The Brotherhood of Light Workers. Judi awakened to much greater awareness of the truth often hidden behind life's illusions. Judi's journey as well as her work was transformed into the Wisdom Path. She is the author of Wisdom's Game: How To Change Life's Pain Into Joy. Her website is

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