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    Predestination and Free Will

    By Ashleigh Stewart

    Article courtesy of Lotus Tarot library.

    From my own experiences with the Tarot, and in fact, in life itself, I have come to realize there is no such thing as accurate and definite predestination. It is impossible!

    The reason we are here on this plane is to gain the worldly experiences that are required to pass through and learn from in order for us to evolve at a soul level. This stands true for each and every single one of us as human beings on this planet!

    Although we are all in existence on this plane, with the same purpose for being here, one of the most important aspects of our being and what defines our individuality is our Free Will.

    The Free Will is one of the most important universal laws, of which, provides us the right to choose whatever direction we wish to take in our path of life. However, we do arrive upon this plane with our soul blueprint, which is basically the desired life path as planned already by our soul in order for it to gain the experiences that provide the capacity to achieve the necessary level of growth. Whether we achieve the level of growth our soul requires or not depends entirely upon the choices we make as a human with the use of our Free Will.

    It is that Free Will and how we use it that determines the experiences we will attract within our path and how we handle them as a result. Depending on how well we handle such experiences will, in effect, determine the extent of growth we achieve as a human and eventually at our soul level.

    So you see, we are here to learn and grow and that growth depends entirely upon how we use our Free Will. Without having the right to our Free Will and if our lives were ultimately mapped out completely and definitely, regardless of how we wished to spend our life, then we would have no real purpose of being here in the first place, in terms of what I explained before on the subject of growth and evolution. Think about it!

    When using Tarot to give readings, what is predicted by the cards is the outcome that is most likely to arise from of the circumstances surrounding the person having the reading. That is based upon their current state of situation and if they were to continue in a similar direction to what they commonly have been. However, they do always have the right, with use of their Free Will, to try an alternative a route to a solution or even completely abandon the situation and change course altogether after having that reading. Such actions will in turn change the outcome and future circumstances in their life to what was already predicted in the previous card reading.

    Certainly in my own case, and I am sure this stands to be true for others, I have had accurate predictions become a reality in terms of what direction I will take in my life and what experiences I will attract as a result. However, anyone who understands the real meaning of spirituality and are working properly with it should understand that a person must attract the experiences required to suit their level of growth. It is really very simple. Depending upon the individual you are working with and the situation of where they are at in their life, when you have a higher awareness you will know and understand that they will always attract similar experiences until they learn the lesson required of that situation. Only after reaching this point are they ready to then move on to embrace brand new experiences to suit that new level of growth.

    Also, being a Tarot reader myself, and I am sure this too is the case for other readers, that when giving a good, in-depth reading for someone you can determine their character, psychological state and what will be their likely reaction to situations in their life, judging by what we have ‘tapped into’ in their card spread. You must realize that a Tarot reader can only work with you, your energy and what energy you transmit into the cards at the time of the reading. As I said before, you do have the power to change every aspect of what will come to light in your own life afterwards because you have the right to use your Free Will. That is a universal law and stands true under ALL circumstances; nothing is set in stone here! Please keep in mind I am talking about reading Tarot alone, not Tarot combined with Clairvoyance or Clairaudience or any other Mediumistic abilities, which obviously does work somewhat differently!

    If you do have reading of any sort, learn to accept the advice given to you only as a means of guidance and do not abuse it. Don’t fall into being the victim of stagnation in your life while you are waiting for the events as based on what was predicted in your reading to unfold, you are only wasting your own precious time.

    You are the master of your own destiny, regardless of what appears in any reading you receive. Always keep an open mind and do not allow for other experiences or opportunities to pass you by whilst waiting for your ‘so called’ destiny to unfold because it just won’t happen. You must choose and direct your own direction in life, thus attracting the experiences you require in order to grow within that chosen path. The importance is not in the actual path itself that we choose to take it is the extent of growth we are able to achieve within that course. This is determined upon how well we deal with the experiences that arise and how we chose to use our Free will in the first place. After all, this is our purpose for being here in the first place to live and learn, and to grow and evolve at a soul level. Now, with that in mind and with a new understanding of our existence, don’t the trials of life seem far simpler already?

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