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    Three Sure Shot Signs You've Lived a Past Life

    By Danny Fredricks

    Who else wants to get proof you've lived before? Do you have a strong sense or feeling that this is NOT the first life you've lived? The truth is, while there IS a lot of "new age nonsense" and spiritual silliness surrounding the idea of past lives and reincarnation, there is plenty of sound science and spiritual truth that suggests past lives are real as well (including of course, many of my own experiences which are more than enough to convince me).

    That said, there are plenty of very common elements that are universal for those that believe they've lived before. In my view, we ALL live many lives, and serve many masters (to quote the famous book on past life memories by Dr. Brian Weiss) and we ALL have the opportunity to explore our own past lives to get help, hope, healing and to truly learn the lessons we're ALL put here to learn.

    Let's take a closer look at a few of the very common signs you are potentially experiencing the spiritual residue of a past life in this one.

    1 - Unfounded Fears, phobias that seem to have no basis.
    This is probably the most commonly described sign. You are deathly afraid of something... but have no idea why. What many psychics, astrologers and regressionists who focus on past life readings regularly demonstrate is THIS: Simply going back to the time where the fear originated and resolving it at the source is often the very BEST way to overcome these sorts of phobias.

    2 - Recurring Dreams
    Another type of psychic or spiritual residue that often point to past life experiences, or that point to precognitive events that have YET to come are found in dreams. Many people who have vividly experienced past life memories also have very strong sense of precognition as well... and the dream state, when the conscious mind gets out of the way is most often when these fragments appear. They can be strange faces or places... or they can often point to recurring events that have yet to happen (but are part and parcel of your karma and your spiritual "higher self" is trying to help you or warn you).

    3 - Lastly, deja vu experiences are the #1 most common types of strange spiritual events that karmically connect people, places and things across multiple lifetimes. (Of course many past life readers and psychic explorers believe that what we consider to be multiple lifetimes may just be many different physical incarnations of the very same single soul - something I believe as well!)

    When those deja vu experiences become so powerful, so profound and so incredibly important to your life... it's THEN that they enter the realm of PROOF that something spiritual or transcendent is happening, and that the universe is TRYING to tell you something important (rather than being simply a series of strange coincidences!).

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