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    Increase Your Psychic
    Power With the Color Purple

    By Alison Yates

    Alison Yates photo

    The color purple has always been considered the color of the Psychic. It is connected with mysticism and magic and is said to be a very powerful, psychic color that stimulates intuition and imagination.

    The color purple is very rare in nature and its occurrence is seen as a blessing from the gods in many cultures. You'll see many wild flowers in shades of red, pink, orange and yellow but very few of the wonderful color of purple. It's rarity and sumptuous color made it highly praised by the ancients who reserved it for royalty and high-ranking religious leaders. It was said to be Cleopatra's favourite color.

    Later the Victorians used this color as a mark of reverence and respect for the dead and as the color of mourning.

    To send flowers of this color is said to offer congratulations and praise to the recipient. Wearing jewels of this color, such as amethyst, are said to indicate passion and a vivid imagination of the wearer.

    This color seems to polarise people. You either love the color purple or hate it. When wearing purple, as with any color, the differing shades and hues can flatter and suit different skin tones. Vibrant violet tends to flatter dark skin tones, whereas lilac and mauve suit fairer skins.

    Increase your Psychic Power

    In everyday use, wearing the color purple can help you feel confident, creative and connected to the Universe. Any shade of purple should allow you to attune to your psychic abilities, but deep purple is considered the most effective. If you are having worries and doubts, particularly in relation to your own psychic connections, then the color purple can help you. It is perfect to surround yourself with this color when meditating.

    Wearing the color purple, decorating a room in this color, or just having items of this color around you will help you concentrate on your own psychic connections. If you haven't already, try to surround yourself with more of the color purple as this will heighten your psychic abilities. Even concentrating for a few minutes each day on a sheet of purple paper will help you.

    The Magic of the color Purple

    Purple is connected with the element of Spirit, the zodiac sign of Pisces and the planet Mercury. This color serves magical purposes for use in rituals and Spell work, especially healing and protection. Also candles and crystals in the color purple are used in Spells that need an extra boost of power.

    Purple crystals such as Amethyst are used to enhance psychic abilities and aid connection with Spirit.

    Purple is also connected to the tarot card of the High Priestess, which is a very spiritual and psychic tarot card. Many tarot readers will wear the color purple to help increase their psychic connection with the sitter and to the tarot deck.

    Purple as a Favorite color

    Choosing purple as a favourite color can show that you are seeking answers and meaning to many of life's mysteries. You are continually open to learning new things and love to explore views, beliefs and ideas from a wide range of cultures. You no doubt have a deep interest in matters related to spirituality and psychic abilities.

    It also indicates a passion for helping others and is considered a very altruistic color. The dignified nature of this color also shows you have a high moral code and healthy respect for yourself. Lying, cheating and doing anything to hurt others are not in your nature.

    Choosing this color also indicates that you have a vivid imagination and should explore creative ideas such as writing poetry or other artistic pursuits.

    About the Author: Alison Yates She loves to share her wisdom, skills and understanding on subjects such as color meanings, Crystals, Herbal Lore, Wicca, Magic Spells, the Tarot, Psychic Abilities, the Seven Secrets, and Chakras, by publishing articles and websites. To learn more visit