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    QUARTZ - Attracting Life Force

    By Michael Katz

       Color Ray Healing
       Sunlight vs Artificial Light
       Metal and Quartz
       Frosted Quartz
       Therapeutic Quality
       Life Force Infusion
       Chakra Balancing Technique
       Headache Therapy
        Chakra Tune-Up
        Metabolic Reset Technique
        Eye Therapy
        Karmic Revelation Technique


    Quartz fosters balance in all aspects of your life. When you are more balanced, more life force can flow through you to touch every aspect of your being. This increased flow creates even greater balance, which in turn attracts even more life force. Because its nature is to promote balance, Quartz will bring your entire being into balance in a balanced way-slowly and steadily.

    When worn around the neck, Quartz balances your whole being; when placed on specific areas of the body, it balances those areas. For example, if you place Quartz spheres on a disharmonious liver, the Quartz will attract life force to the organ, promoting greater balance and helping the liver become healthier.

    When you wear a necklace of Quartz spheres, the Quartz brings balance to your body's physical processes, including those involved in the functioning of your endocrine, organ, nervous, circulatory, digestive, and other systems. Quartz balances these processes one at a time, beginning its work with whatever first requires its attention. As Quartz draws more life force to your physical body, a healing may start to occur. Such healing is not the direct effect of Quartz but of the increased life force that Quartz brings to your body. As you continue to wear Quartz, your health will naturally improve, because the more life force present, the less room there is for disease.

    When you wear a Quartz necklace, additional life force also permeates your inner aspects - your mind, memory, and emotions. This additional life energy nourishes, balances, and aligns these inner aspects. This is important, because disease is usually more than just physical; it often originates on the emotional and mental levels.

    Quartz also fosters a greater awareness of your emotional being. It helps balance emotional energies and incorporate the effects of new experiences into your consciousness. With more emotional balance, you handle all situations in a more dignified and balanced way. Because of this, Quartz may seem to protect you from the negative emotions of others; however, you will simply become more able to place negative emotions in perspective and to maintain balance. Positive emotions will appear enhanced but only because you will want to hold onto them longer and enjoy them more.

    Those who are familiar with the concept of karmaÂūthe law of cause and effect, or the law of action and reaction - know that an individual is always accountable for his actions. Quartz can help you become aware of incidents from the past; it can also help you see that your actions cause reactions. With this awareness, the effects of your actions can become learning experiences rather than simply slaps out of the blue. This awareness will also help you move through and handle current life situations that are associated with past experiences.

    Quartz sorts and organizes mental energies and helps you achieve greater mental balance. To accomplish this, it improves either analytical or creative thinking, depending on your needs. Which function is stimulated, which is suppressed, and the degree to which these actions occur will be different for everyone. Once Quartz completes this adjustment, both creative and analytical thinking will be strengthened, enlivened, and improved.

    Quartz not only helps balance your physical and inner aspects, it also helps bring into balance everything that comes into your life. If Quartz is worn continually, it will even work to deflect those forces that upset balance, and it will attract what is needed to maintain balance.

    Quartz spheres can take the energy in your aura, metabolize it, and return it to you in a more usable form. Quartz can call to itself the life force that exists all around you and in your inner levels. It can bring this energy into your physical body in a form that the body can "digest" and use for its growth in consciousness. Ultimately, the mission of Quartz is spiritual: when the body's energies are balanced, a more stable foundation will be laid from which spiritual growth can flourish.


    Quartz gently attracts a balance of all seven color rays to your body, emotions, and mind. In the process, it corrects any color-ray imbalances in your physical and inner aspects. When you become more balanced on this fundamental level, all aspects of life improve.

    Quartz's ability to attract all seven color rays makes it an ideal partner to wear with a color-ray gemstone necklace. The color ray gemstones include Ruby, Carnelian, Citrine, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Indigo and Amethyst. Not only does Quartz enhance the flow of life force through all levels of your being, it amplifies the effects of the color ray gemstones and balances the proportions of color rays within you.

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    The use of sunlight in Quartz therapies can enhance their effects. (See specific directions in the therapies described later in this chapter.) Artificial light, on the other hand, should never be shined directly on Quartz. The Quartz can amplify the artificial light spectra, producing harmful effects. Also, whenever artificial light is directed at Quartz, the Quartz's energy becomes disrupted. This doesn't mean that Quartz shouldn't be worn in artificial light; as long as the light is diffuse and not directed at the spheres, it will have no harmful effect.

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    A solid Quartz necklace should never contain any kind of metal, such as a metal clasp or gold beads. The Quartz would amplify the metal's energetic effects, which in most cases would conflict with the mission of Quartz.


    When Quartz is first fashioned into spheres, it is transparent. To prepare Quartz for use in a therapeutic necklace, the surface of the spheres must be roughened through a polishing process that makes the spheres appear white, or "frosted." Only Quartz spheres with this frosted finish should be worn as necklaces. When unfrosted Quartz spheres are drilled, the drill holes disrupt the energies at either end of the spectrum of Quartz emanations, making such spheres disharmonious to the wearer. Frosting the spheres re-establishes and maintains a pure, balanced flow of their energies. This property is unique to Quartz.


    To receive the maximum therapeutic benefits from Quartz, only optical or near-optical quality spheres should be used. Optical-quality Quartz is colorless and clear of inclusions to the naked eye. Near-optical Quartz has very slight inclusions in a small portion of the sphere but is otherwise identical to optical quality. If a Quartz sphere has anything more than very slight inclusions, its ability to balance your physical, emotional, and mental aspects will be significantly inhibited.

    Therapeutic Quartz also has no hint of yellow, gray, brown, or smoky coloration. Color contamination and internal flaws greatly limit or even stop the sphere's inflow and outflow of energy.

    "Commercial quality" usually refers to gemstones commonly available on the market. Within commercial quality is often a wide range, but seldom does it include therapeutic-quality gemstones. People who wear commercial-quality Quartz will feel some effects, since any gemstone will influence an individual's energetic field. However, only the highest quality Quartz necklace - one with deeply frosted, optical or near-optical quality spheres and clean drill holes - will spark the true changes and transformations one seeks from this gemstone.

    Optical-quality Quartz is extremely rare. Yet it is well worth seeking out, since a necklace made of such Quartz possesses an incomparable energy.


    Quartz energy is infused into a painful, injured, or otherwise disharmonious area to bring more life energy and balance to the area. This Quartz infusion can be used as a primary therapy or as a pre-treatment to help prepare any area of the body for another life-giving therapy.

    This Quartz therapy balances the chakras as it increases the flow of life force through them. The chakras are mended and soothed, overall energy is given a boost, and the healing of chakra-related illnesses is accelerated. During the treatment, a Quartz necklace is placed on one chakra or on all seven chakras in a specific sequence.

    This Quartz therapy gently eases headache pain by bringing additional life force and balance to the eyes and brain. By gazing through frosted Quartz spheres, strained eyes are also soothed.


    Single Quartz spheres are placed on each of the seven major chakras to gently improve the chakras' functioning. This therapy can help support the healing of an acute illness or recovery from a demanding experience.

    Single Quartz spheres are placed on six special points around the navel, known as the Ancient Points, to reset and harmonize imbalanced biochemical and metabolic processes.

    Single Quartz spheres are used to uplift the health of the eyes by gently cleansing the eyes of disharmonious energies.

    An undrilled Quartz sphere is used as an aid to contemplation to help one become more aware of the past circumstances that may be inhibiting the resolution of a current situation.

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