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    Radiate Love: It's Your Job
    and It Comes With a Lot of Perks

    By Julia Rogers Hamrick

    Every human being has her/his own particular, one-of-a-kind role to play. But there is one role that precedes all others. It is the role that every human is designed to play because it is so crucial in the Creator's design.

    Aside from the particular details of your individual assignment on Planet Earth (the job you are designed to do based on your own particular interests and abilities), your primary purpose as a human being is to be a receiver, carrier, and transmitter of Life Force Energy, also known as “Love.�

    Radiating Love is the most important task you can fulfill as a human being. The more freely and capably you receive, circulate, and transmit the Love that is being constantly emanated by Source, the more vital you are in the scheme of things. And because this is what you are designed to do, doing it naturally positions you for the optimal flow of Life Force.

    Indeed, as a perk, doing your job as a transmitter of Love makes you healthy and happy and raises you up within reach of the Garden Gate!

    The Divine Design is chock full of such magnificent reciprocations. There are unending benefits that are automatically ours for doing and being that which we were designed to do and be. Talk about the rewards of success!

    When you are primarily radiating Love, you are succeeding where it counts the most, despite anything else you may accomplish on this Earth. It is that simple.

    When we increase the sum total of Love on Earth, we are successes in doing our primary job as humans. As long as you are being a transmitter of Love, anything else you achieve as a human being is gravy.

    There are additional benefits for performing the task of being a transmitter of Love. The only way you can be optimally effective at it is to fully circulate Life Force/Love throughout your body-mind, and that just happens to be the requirement for optimal health and true happiness Doing your job as a transmitter of Love brings you joy and radiant health!

    If knowledge of your individual role is what you crave, you'll be happy to know that doing your job as a transmitter of Love means that you are automatically hooked up to the Great Intelligence that holds the knowledge of what your other individual, divinely ordained roles and purposes are and how to go about fulfilling them! Not only that, you are in position to receive all the energy you need to carry them out. Neat design, eh?

    Excerpted from Recreating Eden: The Exquisitely Simple, Divinely Ordained Plan for Transforming Your Life and Your Planet

    Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator for over two decades, and is the author of Recreating Eden: The Exquisitely Simple, Divinely Ordained Plan for Transforming Your Life and Your Planet

    Julia writes about and leads seminars on pro-active joy, and the relationship between frequency and experience. For more information on Julia and recreating Eden, and to get on her list to be eligible for her free monthly tele-seminars, visit Copyright.

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