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    Reincarnate Into a Beautiful New Body

    By Gary Zalben

    This is a vast subject and basically untouched. Forming in the subconscious mind, our astral blueprints are what determine the mental, physical, and spiritual structure of our physical body in our next incarnation.

    As the consciousness flows outward from the astral body drawn by magnetized sense attachments or abuses to matter, the delicate expression of original astral-blueprints become progressively more muddled and gross, losing its true astral-design form from distortion.

    The composition of the astral-blueprints animates the bodily processes of the physical body. Thus the creative power of the astral body thrusts itself into the physical form through several subtle centers in the body. The nineteen powers interwoven with the astral-blueprints are what maintain, enliven and build the gross physical form.

    Within the spiritual eye lies the answer of the body's state of karmic impurity or purity according to the reflection of the vibrations issuing from the flow of the spinal center's astral currents. Our fleshy house is perishable and if we do not live hygienically and follow dietary and health laws, we will die of disease.

    Contrary, if we follow the laws of health and keep a watchful eye on our bad habits, we enhance the chances of being born with a strong and healthy body in our next incarnation.

    If we abuse our body by transgressing health laws by over indulging in food, tobacco, sex or taking drugs, we alter the DNA code of our physical body. This then affects our astral-blueprints, and the outcome is dependent upon the level of the abuse to our physical body.

    There is mathematical exactitude in all the genetic code that people are reborn with. You may be reborn into a family where a specific chromosome is reactivated to excessive drinking, sex, smoking and so on.

    When you are more pure you are born to a specifically designed family just for you. Therefore never complain about your father or mother being responsible for you, never. Once you understand this principle, you will realize that you are totally responsible for where you are now.

    We can be reborn blind, crippled or overweight with the tendencies of becoming fat. And there are certain deformities such as becoming mentally retarded. We may think that smoking a little marijuana several times a week is perfectly harmless, wrong; this is what is called false reasoning for that is enough to alter our genetic-code and affect our astral-blueprints.

    As marijuana definitely affects the brain, we could suffer from mental illness or other birth defects in a future incarnation. Just go into a mental hospital and look at all the sick people who have no idea of why they are there and why they are like that.

    I call these hospitals chambers of torture. Here is an example of when we abuse our bodies badly enough. After we leave our current incarnation and the time comes for us to reincarnate, we may be born into the womb of a mother who has been taking drugs during her pregnancy. Then we could be reborn with multiple birth defects. This is the karmic law of cause and effect. We can see these poor souls on the streets everywhere. Why be reborn with a handicap? Once we are aware of these laws and we ignore them, it may even worse for that soul to learn these lessons of hard knocks.

    Men of Self-realization know that mortal consciousness is a physiological mental experience. God is dreaming through us. Our own nightmares are added into God's dreams making everything hypnotically real; it is the same thing with creation. All motions of consciousness are on the screen of the mind.

    When you go to the movie theater and look at the beam of light is there anything real in that beam? Yet when you look at the screen you become involved in the emotion and you begin to cry or laugh and there is nothing in that light, right?

    When you see the hero die in a motion picture, he has not really been killed. It is the same with man acting out a role in the cosmic movie of life. The killer and the slain hero on the screen are just the electric shadows of two forms. The falcon of death and the villain on the movie screen are alike, they kill no one!

    It is the same thing with creation; you and I are floating, says the master and only God's ideas are floating in a beam of light. It is incredible how we think we are so real when we are so hypnotized. We have no reality except thoughts while floating in a beam of light.

    We are not made of flesh and bone, we are made of energy. How? Tell me how can energy be sick? Do you know how? Suppose there is a projector here and a screen over there and the film is the picture of your body. So I put my finger in front of the beam of light and I begin to move my finger to a different place and obstruct a different part of the beam. There is an endless beam shooting from all the chakras of the spine structuring the body at all times but we obstruct the flow of energy within ourselves by the wrong thoughts, the wrong feelings and the wrong actions.

    Life is a nightmare with a few occasional good dreams. There is very little happiness in this world and relatively speaking only snippets of transitory pleasure for the large part.

    The masters tell us that people who desire the world and put their faith in objects that will not last are just humanoids pre-programmed by their subconscious mind. That is a fact; believe it or not.

    Man did not enter into existence of himself, for himself, or by his self. That is the reason why when man labors for selfish ends and his own objects of desires, he always ends up disappointed. One man may want an extravagant home but then may get ill and not able to enjoy it. What good was that hollow victory? Another person suffering from stress seeks the seclusion and quiet of a desert retreat to find out that he is plagued by his desires that were acquired in the city and becomes lonely.

    Remember being young and wholly engaging yourself in discovering new experiences but not realizing that time has flown by; the aging process of the body has set in and the joints begin to creak as the bodily mechanism starts to exert its fee and takes its toll, the eyes start to go dim, the voice does not resonate clearly and the caustic effects of sickness require constant attention and treatment. Very few realize what the price is for material comforts in a complex material life which is only pleasing to the eyes. There is nervousness, economic worry, slavery, disease and misery.

    Juvenile or childish desires belong to mundane, earthly people which will one day cause you to realize the futility of your hard work gaining wealth or material magnetism.

    All bodily desires are perishable, unlike spiritual desires that are imperishable. If you have lost a diamond and you try to replace it with a chunk of broken glass to satisfy yourself, you are headed for disillusionment. You will not find a lost diamond in a heap of broken glass because you are looking for it in the wrong place; hence, in magnetizing fragments of glittering earthly pleasures, you will end up disgusted as it is vainly foolish to find lasting happiness in material things.

    Men whose astral-blueprints are tainted with evil seeds and obnoxious bad habits become extremely terrified at the time of death and try to become deaf to its call. If you think this applies to you, read the article "Do You Fear the Falcon of Death?"

    For more info about the author and his self-improvement writings, see, Gary Zalben's website

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