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    By Michael Katz

    The Mission of Rhodonite

    Rhodonite transforms and stabilizes your emotions. It soothes and brings order to feelings that are scattered, imbalanced, or ungrounded. Through its steady upliftment, Rhodonite gradually transforms your emotional foundation, making it more solid, healthy, and secure. At the same time, it uplifts your physical body by slowly and gently raising the quality of its energy. Rhodonite broadens your perspective and deepens your understanding of your emotions, helping you become more balanced, mature, and strong.

    Indications for Wearing a Therapeutic Rhodonite Necklace

    You can wear a Rhodonite necklace when you wish to do any of the following:

  • Build a more solid and secure emotional foundation
  • Experience emotional stability during challenging times
  • Foster a state of greater emotional calm and peacefulness
  • Better understand your emotions
  • Meet life with more grace and balance
  • You can also use a Rhodonite necklace to help resolve any of the following conditions:

    • Emotional instability or not feeling grounded
    • Grief
    • Anxiety or depression
    • Irritability
    • Hair-trigger emotions
    • Frequent hysteria

    Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Rhodonite Necklace

    Rhodonite stabilizes your emotions. It soothes and brings order to feelings that are scattered, imbalanced, or ungrounded. Through its steady upliftment, Rhodonite gradually transforms your emotional foundation, making it more solid and secure. When your emotional foundation is improved, your body and emotions can find harmony with each other and respond to life situations in appropriate, healthy ways.

    To build a strong emotional foundation, Rhodonite first establishes a new connection between your physical and emotional bodies. This uplifts the vibratory quality of your physical body and provides your emotional body with a secure footing on which to make positive changes. Then Rhodonite helps organize and ground your emotions so that they become more orderly and balanced.

    Rhodonite forges a connection between your body and emotions in two ways. First, it builds an energetic connection between your physical spine with its counterpart in your emotional body. This awakens your physical spine’s cells and allows more oxygen to enter your sacrum, resulting in a phenomenon called sacral breathing. This breathing vitalizes the organs near your sacrum, nourishes and heals the reproductive organs, and encourages greater synchrony and cooperation between your body and emotions. Second, Rhodonite builds an energetic matrix between your physical and emotional bodies. This matrix supports the building of a stronger, healthier, and lasting connection between them.

    The construction of this matrix is also the first step in transforming your emotional foundation. The matrix forms the basis of a new, more solid foundation in which emotions can become more organized and grounded. When a mason lays a brick patio, he places boards on their edges to create a form in which he places the bricks. These boards are like Rhodonite's energetic matrix, and the bricks are like your emotions. Rhodonite builds its matrix in great detail, creating a mold for each individual emotion, or “brick.”

    Each emotion you experience potentially serves as a brick in your emotional foundation. Each has an optimal place in your foundation, where it contributes most to the foundation's stability. A healthy emotional foundation consists mostly of positive, well organized, and compartmentalized emotions.

    However, when your foundation is improperly laid, your emotions tend to float around like balloons with no place to land, and emotional imbalances result. These ungrounded emotions fly, sometimes wildly, in the energetic currents of your emotional body. Such balloon-like emotions are anxious to be expressed. Thus, people whose emotional foundations are not laid properly and who have many ungrounded emotions tend to be emotionally reactive. They frequently lash out in anger, jealousy, or impatience; they may also be hypersensitive or cry easily.

    Rhodonite rebuilds your emotional foundation in a way that allows all your emotions to find their proper places in your emotional being. Rhodonite energy seeps into your emotional foundation, where it dissolves old “mortar” and loosens and frees the bricks that are improperly placed. Then, as the Rhodonite energy builds the energetic matrix that will become your new foundation, it starts to give your balloon-like emotions ballast. When your new matrix is completed, Rhodonite encourages disorganized, ungrounded, and balloon-like emotions to settle into to their proper places in your new foundation and contribute to its stability.

    The changes required to rearrange and transform an emotional foundation, though healthy and desirable, can sometimes feel disruptive and uncomfortable. Rhodonite eases this process by speeding it up. Its energy also does much of the work that would normally be done by the emotions themselves, thus saving you from suffering the same intensity of emotion that would otherwise be required.

    When emotions have settled into their proper places, they become part of your foundation┬żand therefore part of your strength. When your feelings are organized, you can understand and come to grips with them more readily. You naturally place new emotional experiences in their optimal places and are less likely to suffer emotional flare-ups. Because your emotions aren't flying out ahead of you and clouding issues, you can also deal with situations more maturely and objectively. You greet life's unexpected experiences with more grace and stability. Indeed, you become more balanced, mature, and strong.

    Healing Grief
    During the process of grieving, emotions become like unruly balloons. They fly around wildly, overwhelming one's sense of balance. This is natural. When you have lost a loved one or have experienced a painful major change in your life, your emotional foundation must adjust, because your essential life circumstances have changed. The bricks that once comprised your emotional foundation must rearrange themselves to suit your new circumstances.

    Health professionals recognize four stages in the grieving process: shock, protest and denial, disorganization, and recovery. This painful but necessary process dissolves the “mortar” between the bricks in your emotional foundation. It also temporarily transforms the “bricks” into “balloons,” so that they can be rearranged. As the grieving cycle is completed, the balloons fall to the ground again, where they find new places in your emotional foundation and become more brick-like. This is why it is necessary to fully experience all stages of grieving—it prevents you from dragging an old foundation into the future and allows you to forge a new foundation on which to build a new life.

    Rhodonite can support the grieving process by ensuring that you experience all stages of the process as quickly and comfortably as possible. Although Rhodonite cannot completely avert the pain of grief, it can accelerate the rebuilding of your emotional foundation. Its energy does much of the work that would normally be done by the emotions themselves. By wearing Rhodonite, you will not have to suffer the same intensity of grief that would otherwise be required to build a new foundation.

    Becoming Heart-Centered
    Rhodonite can be especially helpful for people who are consciously working to become heart-centered. For such people, a clear physical-emotional connection is particularly important. Unfortunately, many people who are striving to become more heart-centered incorrectly interpret heart-centered to mean emotionally centered. They wrongly believe that their emotions are the source of truth, and they base decisions primarily on how they feel. Wiser decisions can be made by giving equal weight to input from the body, emotions, mind, and intuition. Rhodonite helps people master the shift to a more balanced, heart-oriented view by helping them put their emotions in proper perspective.

    Roselle, Ruby, and Rhodochrosite
    Once you have gained greater emotional stability, you can take further steps toward emotional well-being by wearing a therapeutic necklace containing Roselle, Ruby, or Rhodochrosite. It is best to continue wearing the Rhodonite necklace at the same time. The Rhodonite will help you maintain your stability as you experience the changes initiated by these other gemstones.

    Time Guidelines
    Emotional rebuilding takes time. It also takes time for Rhodonite to construct its energetic matrix. Therefore, it is important to maintain continual contact with the Rhodonite for at least the first three weeks of wearing it, and possibly longer. To do this, you can wear it during the day and keep it within three feet of your body at night. This will probably allow enough time for the matrix to be built and for some emotional rearranging to occur.

    After wearing Rhodonite for this initial period, you will enter the second, and equally important, phase of Rhodonite therapy. In this phase, your emotional body will have become strong enough to start working fully on its own. You will know you've entered this phase when you feel that you need to take a break from Rhodonite. Then it will be time to remove the Rhodonite and wear it only intermittently. Ideally, during this time, you should keep the Rhodonite exposed to the air near your bed. This will allow you to maintain an energetic connection to the necklace at night while you are sleeping. Depending on the size of your home, this connection will probably remain intact during the day as you move about your house, and it will disengage when you leave. Do not put the Rhodonite in plastic. As it does with all gemstones, plastic cuts off the flow of Rhodonite's energy and would disrupt your connection with the Rhodonite. If you begin to feel emotionally wobbly or unstable, or if you find yourself getting easily upset, it is time to wear Rhodonite continually again. You may also want to wear it again simply for the emotional support it provides or when you need help getting through a temporary situation that is emotionally challenging.

    The Five Categories of Rhodonite
    Rhodonite is different from most other therapeutic gemstones, in that different colorations of Rhodonite produce slightly different benefits. Each of the four colors found in therapeutic Rhodonites' pink, black, white, and yellow corresponds to a mineral element in Rhodonite, and each has a specific job in producing Rhodonite's effects. Pink Rhodonite highlights your emotional aspect and establishes the physical-emotional connection through the spine. It is primarily responsible for sacral breathing. The yellow and white elements work together to rebuild the emotional matrix specifically, yellow dissolves old “mortar,” and white builds the new matrix. Black grounds your emotions and helps bring them into the new matrix.

    Therapeutic-quality Rhodonite can be divided into five basic categories, based on the ratio of colors found in each category:

    Category 1
    In this category, the black element covers as much as 50 to 75 percent of each sphere. The spheres also contain enough well-defined pink areas to maintain a good emotional-physical connection. The pink is clearly visible, and some white and yellow may also be present. This category of Rhodonite is deeply grounding and therefore helpful for stabilizing unbalanced, volatile, or out-of-control emotions.

    Category 2
    In this category, the black element covers 30 to 50 percent of each sphere. The remainder is predominantly pink with traces of white and yellow. This Rhodonite puts equal emphasis on grounding the emotions and rebuilding a new emotional foundation. It is useful for people who are emotionally strained and having difficulty maintaining their balance but who can also afford to put some attention on rebuilding a new emotional foundation.

    Category 3
    This Rhodonite is predominately pink and contains 15 to 30 percent black. The pink element is brightest and richest in this category and brings healing energy to the emotions. The black element is still a significant force, but the emphasis on grounding is not as strong as in Category 2. This Rhodonite is appropriate for those who are emotionally struggling, yet coping. It helps reestablish emotional stability as it rebuilds a better emotional foundation.

    Category 4
    The Rhodonite spheres in this category are also predominately pink and contain only three to 15 percent black. They display more white than yellow, and the white element is obvious to the eye. This category builds a strong bridge between the emotional and physical bodies, allowing emotions to be expressed more fully and clearly. The white element helps stabilize the desirable emotions in the newly developing emotional foundation. The yellow element dissolves whatever has been holding undesirable emotions in the old foundation. This category has just enough black to settle down unsteady emotions so that they can become established in the new foundation. Category 4 is recommended for people who are not currently overwhelmed by any emotions but who wish to make some significant changes in their emotional ways.

    Category 5
    In this category of Rhodonite, the spheres are almost entirely pink, with some white and only occasional traces of black or yellow. Hence, it provides no additional ballast to the emotions. The amount of white and yellow can be similar to that of Category 4, although Category 5 may contain a little more white. In this category, these colors also support the new structure of the emotional foundation and keep it in place. The pink nurtures the emotions and maintains a strong connection between the physical and emotional bodies. This allows feelings to come through cleanly, purely, and with control. This Rhodonite is most appropriate for emotionally healthy people who wish to improve the emotional foundation they already have.

    How to Recognize Therapeutic-Quality Rhodonite
    All therapeutic Rhodonite contains areas of rich medium- to dark-pink. Some has clearly defined streaks and patches of black, and some has softer areas of white and yellow. In therapeutic Rhodonite, none of the non-pink colors make the pink appear muddy.

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