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    Rule Your World Through Kabbalah

    By Bob Lancer

    Kabbalah describes four spiritual worlds or planes that we live in. These worlds exist in a hierarchical sequence; the higher world ruling the lower world. As we become consciously aware of our activities in each of these worlds, we rise in consciousness through the spiritual planes, en route to conscious union with our Divine Source. At the same time, we develop and demonstrate mastery over the activities of each world. The four worlds consist of:

    1. The Physical World. The Hebrew title for this world is Assiah, which means Action. It refers to the physical activities that we observe through our physical senses. This is the world we incarnate into and it represents the first plane of consciousness. Until individuals awaken to the higher worlds or levels within, they relate with the physical dimension as all there is. Because the physical is the lowest dimension, those who relate with it as the only dimension feel the most out of control, victimized, oppressed and constrained.

    2. Immediately above (or within) the world of Assiah is the world of Yetezirah, which means Formation. This represents our psychological world of thoughts, emotions, desires, attitudes, beliefs, dreams. This world rules the physical. As individuals awaken to the psychological or psychic dimension, they realize how their psychological states drive their physical activities, and how their thoughts manifest their physical conditions.

    3. Immediately above (or within) the world of Yetzirah is the world of Briah, which means Creation. As you awaken to or in this world you develop your power to rule the Formative world. From here you can intentionally align your psychological states and conditions with the physical conditions you choose to create. You are no longer the victim of your thoughts, emotions, desires and unconscious motivations, but rather their master.

    4. The highest world is Atziluth, which means Emanation. This world is regarded as the world of origins and originality. It is the highest spiritual world, also called the Divine World. As one awakens here, one transcends the ego, to willingly submit to the will of the Most High in the act of creation. One becomes a conscious co-creator with Divine Will, surrendering to that will and directing the creative process according to its dictates.

    Between the 3rd and 4th Worlds exists what is called The Abyss. More will be written about this later. For now, let it suffice to say that one must go through this "dark and bottomless pit of despair" to finally gain liberation from domination by the ego and its personal will. Moving through any form of loss that life delivers to you, with a conscious willingness to cooperate with the Great Work of your own growth in spiritual mastery, turns The Abyss into life's greatest blessing.

    The most common mistake that people make when attempting to direct their lives and solve their problems is to seek control of a given level on that level. For instance, to improve your financial situation, you might try to fit more work time into your day. But Kabbalah's wisdom key is to rise above the level you want to direct. You do this by simply examining your present experience. Then, gradually, your consciousness awakens to the higher worlds. Understanding the nature of each world, as it has been explained here, can help you with that awakening.

    Bob Lancer leads individuals, businesses, families, and associations to fulfill their greatest dreams. He does this through a wide variety of venues, including his WSB radio show, Bob Lancer's Parenting Solutions, a show that focuses as much on the raising of ourselves and of our society as on the raising of children. The show has been on the air since 1980 and broadcasts to 35 states over the radio, and worldwide over the internet.

    Bob is also the author of numerous books and has created dozens of motivational recordings on his themes.

    Bob Lancer transforms audiences through his dynamic keynotes and seminars on parenting, marriage, and personal and professional development at live events, including conferences around the nation and overseas. He has been leading his audiences to greater personal and professional success as a public speaker, seminar leader, consultant and author for over 20 years and his work has been featured on CNN and other network television stations, in national magazines and in major newspapers.

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