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    The Transit of Saturn In Scorpio

    By Bracha Goldsmith


    Bracha Goldsmith photo

    Saturn is in Scorpio from October 5th, 2012 to December 23rd, 2014.

    During Saturn's transit of Libra we saw issues concerning the people, justice and fairness. There were uprisings in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Greece... governments were overthrown and there were revisions to employment laws.

    During Saturn in Scorpio, we'll see a huge focus on taxes: how much to pay, who should pay it, what is fair and what is not. Governments will want to change the tax structures completely in the name of fairness but there are likely to be hidden agendas. Saturn in Scorpio tends to favour a conservative position, so it's likely there will be more cuts to public services.

    Scorpio rules sex so you can expect to see issues coming up around sex and sexuality. There will be more sex offenders out on the streets committing obscene acts, and because of the reduction of police numbers due to drastic cost cutting measures, there will not be enough supervision and follow up. We will have to find ways of protecting ourselves by looking after one another in smaller groups and in our communities. We will have to take much more responsibility for our lives and not rely on the government looking after us in the way many of us have grown accustomed. We'll see changes in the laws for pornography and prostitution, more sex scandals and gender issues.

    Scorpio rules the sexual organs, so there will be issues around fertility, cloning, creating life from the unseen and more "designer babies."

    Saturn in Scorpio may put corrupt people in a position of authority and as Saturn is in mutual reception with Pluto, which means that Saturn is in Pluto's sign and Pluto is in Saturn's sign, you can expect to see issues around the police force and how law and order is maintained. With the numbers of police being drastically cut back, it will be once again up to us to police them before they police us.

    There will be lots of desperate people out there who will look for short cuts in order to survive. When people have lost everything they take desperate measures because they feel they have nothing to lose. They will justify stealing and looting other peoples' property. You can expect taxes to increase as governments desperately try to repay their escalating debts. Uranus rules the internet and Capricorn rules government and we'll see governments trying to regulate and impose taxes and limit our freedoms on the internet.

    During this transit it is likely that the global debt situation will escalate and grow exponentially. Banks and financial institutions will continue to have problems and the abuse of other peoples' money will come to light. There will be a demand for accountability. There will be more fraud than ever before: extensive money laundering, insurance fraud, bank fraud, government fraud. There will be many fraud cases connected with insurance companies, bankruptcies and the inability to pay out in case of disaster. Premiums will continue to rise, there will be new schemes and the fall of some big names in the industry as well as some mergers. On a personal level, try to pay off any debts you have as soon as you possibly can and try not to run up big credit card bills that you are unable to pay off on a monthly basis.

    With the overlay of Pluto square to Uranus during this transit, we will see extremes in everything around us. There will be those who accumulate great wealth and those who lose everything. Financial tensions worldwide will deepen with the greater manipulation of the markets, debts ballooning out of control and QE to infinity confirmed.

    We'll see a flare up of anti-immigration sentiment as illegal refugees fleeing war-torn and impoverished nations flood into Europe seeking jobs and security. With many European economies already severely depressed with scarce employment opportunities, the asylum seekers will be blamed for increases in crime and drugs and for the social services, health and welfare systems that are already beyond bursting point.

    It will become much more difficult to protect your privacy and you can expect new laws in this area to be introduced. There will be more invasive measures and it will be harder to protect your identity. Think very carefully before you give any personal information to anyone as it could have very serious consequences down the line.

    Death and dying come under Scorpio's domain and we will see changes in the laws concerning death: euthanasia, abortion, the abolishment or changes to the death penalty, care of the elderly, new anti-aging studies and products.

    Scorpio rules psychotherapy, mental power, the ability to think deeply and to understand the mysteries of the world. This whole field will receive greater validation during Saturn's transit in Scorpio and you will see many new ideas emerging in the form of books, seminars, workshops, trainings: how to create what you want in your life using your mind power.

    Saturn's effect on the Sun signs:

    It's vital that you get your finances in order, pay off any debts if you have them and don't run up credit card debt that you cannot afford to pay off at the end of the month. You may have issues to deal with around insurance, your banking habits, how you use money and how you see money and what you value in life may start to change. You may question your deepest beliefs especially if you feel you are not living a happy and fulfilling life. What do you need to change in order to feel passionate and motivated? How can you bring out your passions? Many of you don't know what you are passionate about and you will need to do a great deal of delving. If you are aware of your passion(s), are you living them? Try to be fearless in making the changes that this Saturn transit will call from deep within you. You'll be seeking greater intimacy in your relationships and you will need to be very careful about any joint ventures you get involved with. Make sure it is with a person or people you know you can trust.

    This transit of Saturn will shine a light on all of your relationships. How do you connect with other people? Do you feel valued in your relationships or do you feel taken for granted? What changes need to be made? You may find that some relationships will come to an end during this period and it is essential that you take with you the lessons you have learned from these relationships otherwise you will be in danger of repeating them. You will have an opportunity during this time to look at what is important to you on an emotional level and ensure that you get what you need in your relationships. It is vital that you don't stay in a toxic relationship just out of fear that you will have to be alone. You may get involved with someone older than you or someone who is quite controlling. Make sure you take your time before committing to a new relationship. However, if you have been in a solid relationship for some time, this transit can bring marriage.

    This Saturn transit puts the focus on your health and your daily habits. You will have the opportunity to put into place better structures for keeping yourself fit and well. If you have not been listening to your body and if you have been eating lots of junk food on a regular basis, now is the time to correct that or you may find that there will be more serious consequences for your health down the line. If you have been meaning to join the gym, to go running, to walk each day, now is the time to do it. If you have been experiencing health challenges, this transit is likely to bring you excellent health professionals who will be able to help you resolve the issues you have been facing. There could also be changes in the workplace. You may lose your job but find that it is a blessing in disguise as it gives you the opportunity to start your own business. You'll probably need to make some changes to your routines and to ensure that whatever you are doing you become more conscious of your behaviour so that you are not doing things on automatic pilot but really considering whether they support you or not. It's a good time to de-clutter your life - your belongings, your body (flush out toxins), get rid of anything that is extraneous.

    It's a wonderful time to start your own business during this transit. You will need to do the necessary research and ground work and you will also need to be patient, but if you are ready to put in the hard work required, then success can be yours. It's especially important that you find what you are really passionate about and then make it into a business. It's a good time for working on your creativity and for bringing dreams into reality. Don't be afraid to take risks and to jump into the unknown. You have a tendency to play it safe and to want everything in neat little boxes but this impedes your spontaneity and creativity. You could take on more responsibilities either with your own children or with young people in general. You may find yourself getting into a serious relationship, just make sure it's what you really want and that there is an equal balance of give and take.

    This transit will focus your energies around your home and family. You may be looking for a new home as there is a likelihood of a move of location, especially for work. If you don't move, you may find yourself doing renovations and renewing the place you are in. You may take on a mortgage or a long-term commitment. Make sure you have done all the calculations and you have prepared for any worst case scenarios. It is not advisable to take out hefty loans during this transit. There may be issues that come up in relation to your family that will have to be dealt with. Now is the time to face any unpleasantness and deal with it head on rather than avoiding it or hoping it may go away altogether. Do not make any promises you cannot keep and don't overcommit yourself and take on too many responsibilities connected with your home and family. Your patience may be tested by someone older than you. People from your past may come back into your life in order for you to learn some powerful lessons.

    During this transit it is a great time to begin writing a book or to complete a book you have already started. Keep a journal as you will find that you have many inspired things to write about. It's a great time to go back to school and to undertake a long-term training for a new career. Anything connected with learning and furthering your education is under favourable aspect. Going on short workshops, seminars and trainings could be also be very valuable to you. You may find yourself teaching others in an area in which you are already an expert. It's a good time for business communications and especially anything connected with computers, the internet, marketing, advertising, and general promotion. You will have lessons to learn about the way in which you communicate. There could be issues arising with your siblings if you have any and you may end up taking on more responsibility for a sibling. This could also be a friend who feels like a brother or sister to you. You may get involved with helping your community or neighbourhood in a tangible and positive way.

    Saturn finally moves out of your sign on 5th October 2012 and you will breathe a huge sigh of relief as things become much lighter for you. However, don't allow yourself to relax completely as Saturn now moves into your second house of your values and your money. Having the money to do and have what you want will be how Saturn affects you. How you spend money and how you save money will come under sharp focus. You may need to make some significant changes during this period. The good thing about this cycle is that as long as you are willing to work, the money to meet your needs will be there for you. It doesn't mean that you won't be worried about money occasionally, but it is important that you keep your faith through any testing experiences you may undergo. If you are in a job that is not fulfilling for you it may come to an end and you will have the opportunity to find something that gives you more satisfaction and fulfillment.

    Saturn will be in your sign for the next two and a half years giving you the opportunity to reinvent yourself completely. You may have already experienced several losses in your life and are feeling as though you are starting from scratch. You may change jobs, you may embark on a totally new career, old relationships drop away and you begin to make changes in your life that reorient you to a more authentic expression of you. It's vital that you take complete responsibility for your own happiness. Look at the areas in your life where you have been unwilling to change and these are precisely the areas that will be affected by this transit. Try to be kind and gentle with yourself and see this transit as giving you the opportunity to get rid of the things in your life that have not been making you happy to make way for new things and people that will fulfill you and bring you greater joy.

    This transit will trigger a period of soul searching, of going within and finding out what really makes you tick. Anything that involves working with the mind, psychology, the subconscious, esoteric studies and the occult could be of great value to you at this time. Listen to your dreams and to your intuition more than you ever have before as they have messages that can help you move your life onto the next level. Remember than in another two and a half years' time, Saturn will move into your sign, so you are in a preparation period for great changes to come. The more you can open up your psychic and intuitive abilities the easier this period will be for you. Think carefully about what your goals are for the next few years: what do you want to accomplish in your work, your career, your finances, your family and friends, your relationships in general, your life purpose. In other words, everything that is important to you will come into question and you will have the opportunity to change those things that are no longer working for you. It can be a painful process but it is much easier if you allow yourself to release the things that need to go and open up to receive new and different opportunities and challenges.

    Your friendships will go through many changes during this period. It's quite possible that a long friendship will come to an end. You may find that you don't have as many common interests with your friends as you used to or you may just have too many other responsibilities and commitments to put enough energy into those relationships any more. Decide which ones, if any, hold long term potential and be prepared to discard the rest if necessary. It will be a time of reassessment of the kinds of people you want in your life, so don't be afraid to be on your own for some time as the adjustments take place. You may join new groups or organisations that reflect new interests you may have. As a Capricorn, be careful about taking on too much responsibility within an organisation and don't spread yourself too thin. Be clear about what you want to get out of joining or volunteering in an organisation. New friendships that come into your life at this time will demand more work than you might be used to giving. Think carefully about your dreams and wishes as the saying goes: "be careful what you wish for as you may really get it!" This transit is one in which your dreams can become reality.

    This Saturn transit will affect your work, your career and your life path. Do you like the work you are doing? Would you like to change jobs or change the direction of your career. If you have been working very hard in your job or business for the last few years, then this will be a time of reaping the rewards of your hard work. You may achieve not only financial success but outward recognition of your achievements. If you have not been focused on a particular job or business then this is the time to start planting seeds for a new and more fulfilling career. It's important that you keep up with the latest education, information and trends in your industry. You need to make sure that you don't take on too many responsibilities and that you are able to do what you say you will otherwise there could be negative repercussions. This is a time to set new and meaningful goals in your life. Make sure that you are able to keep a happy balance between your work and your home life. There is a tendency at this time to be too focused on one or the other. Try to become aware when they are getting out of balance and make the necessary adjustments.

    During this transit of Saturn it is a good time to think about going back to school and start a new course of study, or you may consider furthering your education in an existing field. It's a good time to learn a new language and to explore other cultures and countries to expand your horizons. If you would like to get a book published, now is the time to work on it as you can achieve great success during this transit. As Saturn travels through Scorpio your faith and your beliefs will be challenged. What do you believe in and why? Discover what makes you feel good and find empowering beliefs to support that. Travel will be a focus at this time and you may find yourself traveling for work or going on a long distance trip to a place you have never been to before. Try to open yourself up to new possibilities and take more risks. You may have to deal with legal issues and something that has been going on for a long time can be completed under this transit.

    Bracha Goldsmith, professional astrologer for over 30 years, gives personal readings to clients worldwide. She has a loyal following on You Tube with her free monthly horoscopes. Author of Astrology Made Easy - A Handy Reference Guide, The Elements - Physical and Metaphysical Astrology, and Handbook for Surviving the Global Financial Crisis. Also a qualified financial adviser, she brings a unique mix to the field of astrology with her intuitive astrological knowledge and her practical business experience. Contact Bracha at YourAstrologySigns.com

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