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    The Scorpio Page

    Scorpio: Goddess Of The Ruby Love-Temple

    By Esmerelda Jones

    Foxy Scorpio is the scarlet, flashy moods of Spain. A born seductress, you know your art well, creating a volatile longing in men that other females can only resent. You suffuse yourself with perfume that does more than suggest a spicy ripple, offering selected suitors into her life. Always fire and ice; deadly serious yet sensual, Scorpio woman is a concealed dagger. Resplendent intimacy awaits a man captured by her gaze of love.

    In the garden of Goddesses, you are the mystifying, bloody rose; long-stemmed and formal. The classic tight black dress and creamy red lips are remarkably you, and your hair will not be fussed or tossed into caged fashion. Forever smooth and sleek, you are the keeper of secrets and mysteries. No man will ever know the depth of that haunting mind, but you of course are certain of all things. If a Scorpio woman has been denied her true self she is a vicious, trapped creature, and will bite and claw for her position. Permit her a cryptic life of her own and she becomes a female to envy.

    You have decided upon a certain approach to life that suits your life-map. Not serendipitous, you attract whatever you want through subtleties, magnetizing cupidity. Beware of your weakness -- jealousy. It can make you lose everything you so cleverly gained. You delve into the psychic and esoteric where you will be fortified. Give yourself plenty of seclusion and privacy or you will turn somewhat hysterical. Your confidante is the symbolic raven.

    Collecting dusty occult books seems to be an order of your Higher Self, as does the wearing of an ornate garnet ring. Not a sunseeker, you prefer to slip into the darts of moonlight where you feel an intimate affinity. A gift of yours is a piercing mind; you will not be tricked by frivolities -- you are thus a natural investigator, but detest the limelight, loving shadowed places instead. It would be easy for you to be a recluse, but if you choose a partner, remember, he must be dramatically appealing or you will tire of him and have bitter regret that you invited him into your sanctum.

    Career wise, you're equipped to be a private investigator. Secrets and snooping are natural to your personality, and so is note-taking. Your submissive partner can assist with the menial duties. A thrill for you would be setting up a hushed office in your home where you imbibe your senses in the role of Sherlock Holmes.

    The one thing I recommend you buy: A mysterious, exquisite car that is silently powerful.

    Notes for her lover: Her love-room is breathtaking red velvet where you recline on silk cushions with black tassels. Everything is costly and beautifully cared for. Imported fragrances thrill you. Lamps and candles are picked for their undertones. She is a regal, sophisticated woman whose intelligence is not be taken lightly. You must be as potent as her perfume or you shall be tossed out. She would rather speak with your soul. Never give her anything less than perfect Dior roses if you want her love. She will never sell her mystique, so be aware that she will freeze over if you intrude into her world before she permits. Go slow, be strong, and never raise your voice. You will then be caught in her web, spun and bound; never to escape.

    Esmerelda Jones... writer of desires

    Victoriana, Victorian Swoon & Erotica, Gods & Goddesses: The Wisdom And Pleasures of Ancient Greece, Classic Romance, Poems For The Passionate, Bushrangers, Ghosts I Have Known, Crystal Ball Clairvoyant.

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