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    An excerpt of Chapter 2: The Premise

    By Terence Guardino


    What I have come to observe through my years of study is that our individual personalities originate more from a physiological response and not entirely from parental influences, which has long been the point of view of traditional psychology. Astrology has previously taught that the personalities of our sun signs originate and correlate with the characteristics of the seasons. Until this book that has been the hypothesis—to prove astrology based solely on a subjective experience.

    Science has proven that the apparent rising and setting of the sun causes the characteristics of each season. Chronobiology is a relatively new science developed in the sixties, teaching that all living organisms respond to a 24-hour cycle called the circadian rhythm. This cycle is generated by an internal biological clock inherent within all organisms that is synchronized to the light-dark cycles of the sun. My theory to prove the validity of astrology was to see the obvious connection between the seasons and personality and our individual biological clock rhythms, all synchronized by the rising and setting of the sun that is different in each season.

    Nature versus nurture has been an ongoing battle for many decades within the psychological community, and my astrological theory now gives credence that nature needs to be studied in personality development as much as the nurture as been the accepted norm. All I have done is connect the dots and allow astrology to move to the next level of credibility for further research.

    We are all born with a unique personal self and through early life challenges, such as walking, talking, sleeping and eating, the personality reveals itself in a way that every mother recognizes early on. My premise is that our parents do not shape our basic personality completely. What parenting does do is mold our character and self-esteem. However, the essence of who we are as individuals is set in place long before our parents have any impact. The character of our personality is intrinsic with the rhythm of our biological clocks. Without the awareness that there are larger influences operating and affecting our choices we remain unconscious to the true course of our lives. The path to self-realization is becoming aware of these invisible forces that are a part of nature and us.

    This invisible force was named the collective unconscious by Carl Jung. To access our inner wisdom we have to embrace the unknown shadows of our lives and bring it into conscious awareness. Aristotle taught that our character determines our destiny. This was the main theme of noted Jungian psychologist James Hillman in his bestseller, The Soul's Code. According to Hillman, we are all born with a unique pattern, which he calls the soul. Each of us will journey on our unique quest and experience upsetting events at one point or another, but our future is determined by how we meet these challenges according to our character. Hillman wrote that who we are meant to become is in the DNA of our soul, or in some intrinsic programming that was already there before any parental influences. This is also the case for astrology. I have taken it one step further to explain that our personality is in our DNA, so to speak, because it comes from our physiological responses to the environment based on our biological clock rhythms and reactions.

    The amount of sunlight that programs our individual internal clocks is only one part of the great mystery to explain the human personality. Science points to other major forces that affect each of us but are not yet totally understood, such as, gravity, electromagnetism, electrical discharges from thunderstorms, or the 11-year sun spot cycle. Our moon is known to cause tides and magnetic bulges on earth in a rhythmic nature. The gravitational forces between the moon and earth obviously have an impact on each of us. The earth has a magnetic field that extends far out into space for thousands of miles. Now that the spacecraft Voyager 1 & 2 has gone to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, scientists have discovered that each of these planets also have extensive magnetospheres, or a large magnetic field surrounding these planets, and perhaps that is one way the other planets also affect each of us.

    Bio: Terence Guardino is an astrological counselor and writer. Fascinating anecdotes from his celebrity clients are included in his new groundbreaking book. His recent book is The Seasons Of Astrology: How Your Biological Clock Is The Link To Your Sun Sign Personality

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