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    Simon Cowell - An Idol Of Our Times

    By Kathryn Cassidy

    It is my belief that the popularity of the American Idol and X-factor judge, Simon Cowell is down to a recognition, deep in the belly of the collective, that it's healthy to revolt against sycophancy and tell it like it is. There's certainly nothing plastic, or false, about Mr. Cowell's honesty on his talent search show.

    In fact, it seems that Simon was born with a form of Tourettes Syndrome. Every time he's called to judge someone, he hears them sing and exhibits an uncontrollable urge to say what millions are thinking -- but few would dare utter out loud. His no-holds barred approach resonates strongly in the psyche of the 'authenticity challenged' millions worldwide who are saying, "Hey, it's great to see you" or "Have a nice day", whilst really wanting to tell the person to take a hike.

    This is Simon's fascination; his ability to eschew any facade and still be accepted by the social elite. In his uniform of tight black tee shirts, he is like a modern day comic book hero. Superman may have his costume of indestructibility but Simon has his cloak of opinion, and uses it to great effect.

    Looking to his birth chart it's easy to locate the letter that Simon Cowell should wear on his body; P for Pluto or Power. This is the secret of his success. Venus, ruler of his Sun is in close conjunction with Pluto, in the picky, detail oriented sign of Virgo. The Venus/Pluto conjunction is perfect symbolism for his ability to take singers (Venus) and transform (Pluto) their life and fortunes.

    From a wider standpoint though, as viewers we are not responding to Simon, per se, but to the energies of Neptune (plastic, imagery, illusion, music) in Aquarius (the collective). Throughout the 1980's and early 2000's we were all subjected to an incessant barrage of images on celluloid, or via broadcast and print media, about how perfect and harmonious our lives and interactions with one another should be. Unfortunately, the majority of us were merging into that ideal of perfection, rather than living authentically and being who we are. Now though, the illusion is slowly beginning to shatter.

    When someone like Simon comes to public awareness he embodies the shadow side, whilst also appealing to the ideal - hence the title of the show. Like the 'perfect' celebrity who shocks us with their anorexia or drugs battle, revealing a hitherto unguessed fallibility, unconsciously Simon Cowell represents the shadow of the collective psyche and has forced us to look at the side that we would rather deny exists. This is perfectly expressed through Neptune sextile to his Venus/Pluto conjunction and is reiterated by his Moon (midday) being close to the Galactic Centre. Simon's birthtime is not publicly available but, as I have noted before, people who are born with a personal planet close to the Galactic Centre at 26 Sag, often seem to come to worldwide prominence.

    Simon Philip Cowell was born on 7 October 1959 in Brighton, England. It is commonly believed that Libra is the sign of diplomacy with a penchant for sitting on the fence. However many in the legal profession, and those who act as Judges in any connotation, are often born under the sign. Librans may have to weigh up decisions about themselves but, when it comes to dealing with other people, they get to the point quickly and succinctly (Aries rules 7th).

    Mars in aspect to Simon's Mercury increases the ability to be 'cutting.' Additionally with Saturn (the planet of authority) and Jupiter (the planet of Judges) in their own signs, he is confident of his 'rulings'. This Mars in sextile aspect to Uranus (and the Moon at midday) speaks of his delight in shocking the public and generally stirring things up a little. Sextiles always point to communication or travel issues and the same planets incline him to be to-and-froing in his 'flash' cars, or private jets.

    For someone who makes a living out of handling images it is hardly surprising that Simon Cowell should manage his own extremely skillfully. For all his apparent arrogance though, rest assured that this is someone who is his own worst critic, who sets impossibly high standards for himself and can even be shy.

    The Moon in close proximity to his natal Saturn reveals that his emotional control is as strictly controlled as his public image; but what you see is not necessarily what you get. Although he openly flirts with Paula Abdul, assiduously cultivates an image of being a ladies man and is seen to be in a relationship with Terri Seymour, rumors persist about Cowell's sexual persuasion.

    Astrological correspondences simply cannot denote whether someone is gay, for that's a matter of personal choice. What is revealed with this birthchart is that with Mars conjunct the Sun in Libra, sextile from experimental Uranus, this person is likely to be charismatic -- to members of both sexes. Combine this with Venus conjunct Pluto and, well, let's just say, I'm sure Simon Cowell has great success in the 'lurve' department but probably ensures his lover hangs up his/her clothes and signs the Official Secrets Act before any encounter.

    With Mars in the sign of Venus, which is itself in the sign of Mercury, this tells us he probably prefers his lovers to be slightly androgynous looking, youthful, and clean! He'll be particularly attracted to exotic looking women (Moon Sag).

    Here's a man who is literally idolised because he embodies the societal dream for fame and riches. However before those who aren't desirous of 'fools gold' rush to pledge their distaste for the Man, let me just conclude by saying that without Simon Cowell in this world, a large proportion of the population would still equate candor with social and business suicide.

    Cowell has shown there is another way. If only politicians could see that truth is a bitter but necessary pill, and doesn't preclude adoration, then he will have done us all a great service and moved us a step closer towards a more honest society. In this respect he truly has become a powerful truth idol of our times!

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