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    Spirituality Articles

    Solitude - A Lost Art

    By John Cali

    See Sylvia Browne's and John Edwards' Book Reviews below

    Last week a friend sent me an article on solitude. So I asked Joseph if we could do a newsletter on the subject. The answer, as usual, was Sure.

    In our modern world, we often define ourselves in terms of our relationships, with one exception.

    The exception? Our relationship with ourselves.

    It's ironic, for that is the most important human relationship any of us will ever have. That relationship defines our relationship to God/Goddess/Great Spirit -- whatever you call that divine energy of our source.

    Here's Chief Joseph.

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    Solitude does not equal loneliness. Although, for many of you, the two words mean the same.

    Your modern world generally shuns solitude. If you're not a social butterfly, there must be something wrong with you.

    It's quite the other way around -- a society, a world that does not understand or value solitude, does not understand themselves.

    We know many of you reading this often crave solitude, some alone time. But do you take it? And, if you do, do you feel guilty about it?

    The most valuable time you will ever spend in this lifetime, friends, is the time you spend alone.

    But not only the time you spend alone -- but the time you enjoy spending alone.

    All of you, no exceptions, need this time alone. Yet many of you deprive yourselves of it. And everything and everyone in your lives suffer as a result.

    You cannot be in and of the world in any positive, productive way unless you are willing to take the time to also be apart from the world.

    You don't have to divorce the world. In fact, that would not suit most of you. But you do have to take the time regularly to be alone in joyful solitude.

    You all probably know someone who seems to need constant interaction with other people. Maybe that someone is you.

    And if that someone doesn't have another person there, he/she turns on the television, or the radio, or the computer.

    It's almost as if you're scared to death of yourselves. Solitude has become a lost art.

    Solitude is good, friends. We're not telling you to abandon your responsibilities to others. But we are telling you to honor your responsibility to yourselves.

    If you are not able to be fully present in the moment with only yourselves -- and feel good about it -- you're probably not able to be fully present with others - including the divine energy you came from.

    It all starts at home, within yourselves. Alone and in solitude.

    Copyright (c) 2021 by Great Western Publishing

    John Cali has been communicating with a spirit called Joseph. In one of his many physical lifetimes, this spirit was incarnated as the legendary Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe in what is now Oregon.

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    Private readings with Chief Joseph at:


    Contacting Your Spirit Guide is divided into two parts. In the first section, Sylvia Browne helps you find your spirit guides?the entities who are designated by you and God to assist you with life and give you guidance. You will not only learn how to tune in to this guide or guides, but you?ll also see how you can recognize who they are, the messages they can give you, and even discern what their names are so you?ll know how to refer to them.

    In the second part of the book ("A Day in the Life of a Spirit Guide"), Sylvia writes intimately about her spirit guides, Francine and Raheim. For example, she explains how Francine first contacted her, how she (Sylvia) first went into trance mediumship, and reveals personal tidbits about her relationship with this guide. Review
    Looking back, John Edward now sees the early signs that he was destined to become an acclaimed psychic and medium. "There were times when I knew things I shouldn't have known," he writes. "Simple things like who was coming over, or who was on the phone." He knew events in family history that no one had told him about. He was inexplicably fascinated with television characters that possessed supernatural powers. He'd see auras around schoolteachers and hear voices that whispered true information in his mind. Eventually his gifts expanded into hearing the names of spirits "who'd gone to the other side." Finally, as a teenager Edward began to claim rather than question his psychic abilities and committed his life work to pursuing and learning about his gifts. Now that he has become a renowned medium (appearing on numerous talk shows, including Larry King Live), Edwards has written an entertaining "my life as a psychic" type of autobiography, packed with fascinating true stories. At the same time, Edward offers an engaging self-help book, teaching readers how to visit a medium and even showing seekers how they can recognize and develop their own psychic abilities. --Gail Hudson

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