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    Soul Pets and Reincarnation

    By Kaitlyn Keyt, Founder of VibesUp

    This may not be for everyone. I fully honor all beliefs and never want to say that 'what I feel is true' should be true for everyone. Filter through this with what feels right for you.

    I was NOT planning on sharing this very personal story because I thought it was perhaps a little too 'out there' for most folks, but after I shared it with my customer/friend Suzanne whose precious dog companion Foxy almost died, she said it was so helpful to her, and she encouraged me to share it with others. BTW, Suzanne recently nursed Foxy back to health with her love and the earth mat.

    What I will share with you is an example of how we humans can indeed have, be and DO ANYTHING! ... including calling our SOUL PETS back into our lives. Now this may be wishful thinking, but after you hear my experience you decide.

    In addition to Suzanne's nudging, I was also just at the vets waiting my turn and there happened to be two families there both sobbing as they were having to put their pets to sleep. I thought it would be selfish of me not to share this story that could make their pets' passing not such a painful and permanent thing. I looked down at my dog Butters and said if they only knew....


    I feel they are those special pets that come into our lives that feel like they are with us for a big purpose to help us on our journey. They are different than other pets -- there is a very deep unexplainable connection.

    My Soul Dog Charlie came into my life when I was 19 years old. He was my constant companion even under my big desk at work. Everyone loved Charlie and they still share heartwarming stories of how he impacted their lives. He was a bit of a legend among my family and friends. He was such a heart-felt guy that at age 15 when he had to be put down, even the vet and the assistants were sobbing. I never got over the loss of Charlie. For the next 14 yrs I felt a void. Every time I thought of him, crocodile tears would roll down my cheeks. I had other dogs but that connection was not there.


    As I have started to awaken on my path, I began realizing how amazing us humans are and that we can move mountains if we just believed we could. I thought, well than if I can do ANYTHING, than that means I have the ability to call my SOUL DOG back to me. I thought this may sound totally silly to some people and maybe it is. But it's important to me and I am going to believe with all my heart I can do it. When Abby dog was expecting a litter of puppies, I talked to her tummy and asked if it's in Charlie's and my highest and best interest that he please come back, that I could really use him back in my life again. I explained how much responsibility I carry and the stress and pressure in my life and that his unconditional love would make it all much easier.

    When the litter of 10 puppies arrived I practically lived in the pen trying to figure out which one was him. I had them all color coded. One puppy chose me and I decided this must be him. Now again this could all be just wishful thinking but after you hear the rest of this story YOU decide.


    I asked my customer/friend Lewis Mabee who is a professional intuitive if Charlie was in this litter, he said YES he is. My logical side was wanting to put the test to this. "Well, than Lewis what is his COLOR CODE?" Lewis said it is an odd color, it's a bluish green. SURE ENOUGH -- out of the 10 puppies with all different color codes the one that choose me was a unique BLUISH GREEN. What are the odds of that! Not just 1 in 10 because he nailed that it was not a regular color.

    There was more confirmation to come...


    Lewis told me that this puppy is not only my soul dog back again but that he has come to contribute a special energy to VibesUP. He said you have the nature energies from the plant kingdom and the mineral kingdom in your products and that this puppy would bring in loving energy from the animal kingdom to the product as well.

    He said put the puppy down near your products and see what he does. Sure enough my puppy ran over to them, started rubbing up against them, than dug around in the bin of bracelets and came trotting over and gave me one (it was the abundance theme).

    I named him 'Butters' for his buttery soft fur and heart. I have four dogs and BUTTERS is the only one that is literally obsessed with the VibesUP. He is always stealing my earth squishes, eye masks, snap wraps and he carries them around with this total glow of Joy! Like it's the Holy Grail! So if you ever see white dog hair on your products it's probably Butters sending you a little pure love.


    My best friend Shirley who was my roommate for years when I had Charlie, came to visit. We were catching up and she interrupted me to point out ONE of my four dogs and said, "THAT dog is like a white Charlie!" I smiled to myself and thought OH YES HE IS!

    At Christmas, my niece came to visit and informed me that she thinks Butters has Charlie's eyes! (Both knew nothing of my SOUL DOG experience) Again I thought, Yes, he does have Charlie's eyes AND his mannerisms and his heart and his soul!

    I keep thanking him for coming back to me. He makes this journey so much easier! At the vet I looked Butters in the eye and said, when your body wears out you can just come back again! This brought me such peace in my heart.

    My wish is for everyone to have this peace in their hearts and knowing that you can manifest any creation you like in your life. This is YOUR design and you are a powerful being who can have, be and do anything!

    In my following my hearts love of PETs and all the LOVE they give us.

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