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    Astrology Of Love and Relationships

    Finding Your Soulmate At The Right Time

    By Astrologer Donna Page

    Timing is everything they say. There is an old worn out myth that declares if you are past 40 or "gasp" 50 you will not be able to find a good relationship. BS! The right astrology influence simply hasn't crossed your chart yet!

    If you have gone months or even years without a relationship and feel that a loving relationship is just not meant to be for you, then think again. There are special times in life that the planet of love and romance is activated and those are the times that the universe will bring you a loving relationship if you are open to it and have not formed a belief that is blocking a loving relationship from being in your life.

    Venus is the planet that rules love, relationships and the things in life that we love. When looking for the times in your life that love will enter, look at the times when the planets are making contact with your Venus. Each planet that makes contact with your Venus will have a different quality and different type of opportunity for self growth and relationships.

    When Jupiter crosses over your Venus that is a time when you will have more opportunities to date and meet someone. You can feel happier and better about your circumstances. This is a time that the universe is whispering to you - hey check it out, there are plenty of people on the planet, surely if you look around someone will be right for you.

    Saturn transits (influencing) your Venus can be tough. It is a time when the universe tells it like it is about what you have and what you don't with all that you value.

    Saturn will give you a big reality check over all details of Venus. So you say you want a relationship? Really??? Asks Saturn: When was the last time you got off your butt and did something about it? Saturn is definitely a kick in the pants. Saturn demands that you take responsibility for your part in not being in a love relationship.

    Are there longtime issues that you never worked out? Get therapy! Are you overweight and do not feel attractive? Lose weight and get in shape and feel sexy again!

    Are you someone you would want to be in a relationship with? Be more loving and giving; be the person that you want to be in love with.

    Saturn will push you to be accountable in your life. The truth may be that there is only a part of you that wants a relationship and you keep falling for unavailable men because by definition of being in a relationship with someone who is not available you get to keep part of your freedom. Saturn says get real! Once that happens, a relationship comes into your life and a new journey begins.

    When Uranus is bouncing around your Venus, your time has come to get back into the swing of love and relationships. Someone may suddenly appear in your life from your past.

    This energy opens the heart but your relationship might look impulsive to outsiders. Many times a fast marriage takes places with Uranus Venus energy.

    If you marry in the early part of the transit (the time of this energy can take up to two years) you will have a couple of years of major adjustments. If you have been out of the dating scene for a while, this energy is bound to bring in fun excitement and a relationship when you least expect it.

    If you are longing for a relationship and your Venus is being influenced with Neptune, chances are the relationship you find will be filled with romance and wonderment. "I wonder" will be part of the dialogue: I wonder if he loves me? I wonder when we will see each other again. I wonder if he will leave his wife. I wonder what is going to happen with us.

    Neptune tends to make this relationship very iffy. It is best not to have expectations with Neptune. Disappointments, deception and illusions run rampant with the shadow of Neptune. Many relationships under this influence teach you the qualities of unconditional acceptance and love and you can find that this relationship is an exercise in spiritual development and growth.

    When Pluto is part of the astrological landscape in your Venus life, then a very powerful, passionate and profound relationship enters your life. This relationship can permanently alter life as you know it.

    Many times who you were before you met this person morphs you into an older wiser individual. Pluto can take you to deep depths of emotions and feelings.

    If you have unresolved childhood issues then this relationship can seem to pull them up from the hidden caverns from which they had been locked away.

    Relationships are an integral and fulfilling part of human love and life. The times that you are single and do not have a significant partner in your life can be times that the universe is giving you an opportunity to attend to other parts of your life. The astrology seasons of Venus are the times that partnership and love enters into your life. As you have learned, astrology has many useful tools for you to implement that will help you understand love and relationship cycles in your personal life. However, this knowledge cannot be put to use without first knowing the astrological influences. Defend yourself with astrological knowledge and stay attuned to the constant changing sky and learn to be your own life coach with astrology.

    Astrology is an incredible tool to help you navigate life. However without the tools and resources to know what is going to happen and how to make the best use of the astrological energy you are missing out.

    Donna Page is an astrologer who promotes the ability to create the life you want faster and with ease by becoming in tune with the influence of the planets. Get your free report on how the planets can impact you personally and globally.

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