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Spiritual Protection
- Do You Need It?

By Kate Strong

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This is often a topic up for debate in spiritual circles. Should you protect yourself, or does the fear of what might be out there cause you to attract something, by protecting yourself?

I am firmly of the belief that you should protect yourself. You lock your front door to your house, not wanting random people to walk in off the street. Your energy field is the same.

Saying *No* is a developmental stage for children and if you never learned to say no, or struggle to say no, or your parents never set you any boundaries, then your energy field is often wide open. You are basically saying, all are welcome and come on in.

We are not in control of everything, as much as we would like to think we are, so thinking you don't need to protect yourself because nothing would hurt you anyway, is spiritually naïve.

There are plenty of places we can visit in a day, the mall, the doctors office, the hospital, anywhere where other people congregate, perhaps even Church, and if your energy is bright then astral entities can hop over to your energy field and settle in.

I'm not talking about demonic stuff but just energy clutter. Energy you don't need to be hanging onto in your aura.

As I do a lot of psychic and healing work, I have found by asking for protection from my Masters and Teachers to be of a higher vibration than of my Guides.

This is the prayer I say:

"Let the temples of love, light and truth descend, grow and expand, I request my Masters and Teachers, be with me for truth and accuracy to be obtained for the highest good of all, thank you, thank you, thank you."

When I have finished doing my work I close down and say "This session is ended, please remove everything from my aura that doesn't belong to me."

When I feel like it during the day, and at the end of the day I say "Jesus, locate all the astral ties between me and anyone I have interacted with or thought about today. Cut and dissolve all of them now. Then fill everyone, who desires it, with love and light, power and peace."

Often times if you have been through abuse you don't believe that either you're worthy of protection, or that it will work for you.

I also prefer saying prayers and asking for protection than visualising white light. I find it works better for me.

What do you use for spiritual protection?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Kate Strong is a psychic/healer and specialises in Soul Healing and Relationship Readings. Please contact her at

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