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    By Samantha Star, Astropsychologist

    Why do we call celebrities stars? Because we look up to them? Yes, possibly. Because they shine so brightly? Maybe. Well I like to think we call them stars because they give us perfect examples of how the real stars manifest in our lives, for better or worse.

    Why is it that everybody who's anybody in the media has their birth date information available to the public? So we can send them cards and know what year to put? Happy 61st Birthday, Bush! Ha! Not likely! These famous people or "stars" are perfect examples to help people realize how the real stars can use us or how we can really use the stars.

    I've gotten A LOT of people asking about the infamous Britney Spears and her crazy ways, so I took the time to break down her chart. Please enjoy!

    Britney Spears and Her Stars

    Britney Spears was born on 12/02/1981, giving her the following planet placements:

    Sun in Sagittarius
    Moon in Aquarius
    Mars in Virgo
    Venus in Capricorn
    Mercury in Sagittarius
    Neptune in Sagittarius
    Uranus in Sagittarius
    Jupiter in Scorpio
    Saturn in Libra
    Pluto in Libra
    Natal Dragon's Head in Cancer, Tail in Capricorn

    In her first house (the person, the soul's purpose) she has her Sun in Sagittarius, which gives her the soul purpose of dealing with foreigners, traveling, and publishing her works, something she has already done. Sagittarius is also the "wild" half man, half horse creature and rules the hips and thighs. She definitely has been known for being wild and being over weight and "hippy" so to speak. She also has mercury (communication) in Sagittarius, which makes her wild in her speech; followed with Neptune (drugs, deception, religion) in Sagittarius and we have watched her lip sync, heard her drunken/high babble before, as well as her ever changing religious views. She also has Uranus (eccentric, weird) in Sagittarius, which she has also displayed. All of that is just in her first house.

    In her second house (money, self-esteem, material possessions) she has the Dragon's Tail (negative, challenges) in the sign of Capricorn (status, manipulation) it isn't hard to tell her self esteem isn't at a very healthy level and much money is being wasted in hopes of finding it. She also has Venus (the type of love she can offer a man) in Capricorn, hence Kevin Federline manipulating her for her money and using her for her status, thus building his own. Justin Timberlake was born in January and her tail was affecting his soul's purpose; once he cut her lose he only went up.

    In her third house (the mind, communication) she has the Moon (home, family, mother, childhood, emotions, eating habits) in Aquarius (groups, friends, weird, eccentric) She is very close with her mother, did the group thing with Mickey Mouse when she was growing up, is very erratic and weird emotionally, and is known for going up and down in weight and acting strangely and emotional with friends and groups of people, whether in night clubs or Kabala groups. Aquarius rules the stars and Dr. Turi is an Aquarius, maybe one day she'll get the chance to speak with him and get her mind right.

    In her fourth house (home, family, mother, childhood) she has no planets but has the sign of Pisces (music, dance, religion, deception, drugs). We watched her dance and do music as a child and teenager. We can see the drugs. We've seen her take her baby to get blessed by Hindu priests and go through kabala rituals with Madonna. Since June 2006 the Universal Dragons Head has been there, restructuring her home and family life regarding the Pisces energy. Mr. Kevin Federline is a Pisces; her second house of money is on his 11th house of wishes and friends and boy did he get his wishes and take care of his friends with her money.

    In her fifth house (love, romance, creativity, children, fame) she is an Aries (the child of the zodiac, immature, aggressive, impatient, leader) and couldn't wait to get married. She's been caught being very immature and aggressive with lovers, but is a leader in her area of fame, at one point, especially when she was younger.

    In her sixth house (work & health) she has Taurus (wealth, beauty, singing). She was working as a singer, she is beautiful when she wants to be, and she made millions. She has a hidden Dragon's Tail (negative, challenges) there which makes her prone to lose it all and start over again so to speak. Taurus rules the throat and she should definitely not smoke if she is striving to be a good singer, but the hidden tail there makes her feel otherwise.

    In her seventh house (how she faces the world, partnerships, marriage) she is a Gemini (liar, two sided, messenger of the gods) she came out as the good girl virgin who supposedly had good morals for young girls and was to be a good role model, but her other true side showed years later. The virgin thing was a whole lie as well. She already has two marriages and two kids. She definitely does try to pass on her messages about God, but her communication isn't that great as shown earlier in her third house. Justin Timberlake claims she was cheating on him when they were together, and probably so. The stars never lie, stars in the sky that is ;).

    In her eighth house (other people's money, investments, sex, death, rebirth, drama) she is a Cancer (home, family, mother, food, USA). In this house she also has the Dragons head (positive, luck, desires). Her mother and many producers invested a lot in her and it paid off, her drama sells like hot cakes, she wanted to be a mother and got it, she got lucky in America, she got other peoples' money, she;s lucky in the home area, and being a mom re-birthed her.

    In her ninth house (teaching, learning, traveling, dealing with foreigners, publishing) she is a Leo (love, fame, ego, children) hence why she traveled the world, publishing her love songs, talking about fame with a strong ego. She now travels with her children and has them dealing with foreigners. Maybe once she gets her head right, she'll write children books like Madonna, a mentor of hers who happens to be a Leo!

    In her tenth house (career, public standing, father) she is a Virgo (picky, critical, magazines, perfection) and she has Mars (masculine, competitive, immature) there. She came out with a "perfect virgin" image, and she now has the Universal Dragon's Tail (negativity, restructure) there, making her bad in the public eye by being far from healthy and shaving her head and tattooing herself, and she is all over every magazine.

    In her eleventh house (wishes, friends, groups) she is a Libra (marriage, balance, harmony, love) and there she has the planets of Saturn (fear, restrictions, karma) and Pluto (regeneration, drama, sex). Hence her marrying a friend for a day, being afraid to be alone, her two ex-lovers (Justin and Kevin) now being friends and throwing karma in her face, her drama from her love and sex area being displayed, and her sex life kept hidden at first while trying to portray the virgin.

    In her twelfth house (subconscious, drugs, religion, dreams, music, dancing) she is a Scorpio (sex, death, drama, investment) with Jupiter (luck, expansion, publishing, traveling, dealing with foreigners) she also has her Hidden Dragon's Head (luck, desires) there; which is why she blew up the way she did. She sang, danced, and most importantly had sex appeal-- all the lucky stars were there for her. Again, unless one masters the secret of the Universal Mind, there is no way for me to explain what the hidden Dragon is all about.

    After December 2007 the Dragon's Tail will move into her 9th house, restructuring her area of study and travel and she will experience some challenges there. The Dragon's Tail will be in her 3rd house affecting her mind and how she thinks and talks. She will have major restructure there, but it will be more positive than her Tail's trials. In order to really grasp the power of the stars and the Dragon you really need to read Dr. Turi's books title "The Power Of The Dragon" and "And God Created The Stars".

    I don't personally know Britney, but I can see how the stars work just from what makes the headlines. She is only reacting to the computer program she is running on, like 99% of us. What relief this woman would feel with solid knowledge. She is dying to find herself and looking in all the wrong places; hopefully she'll find her way to it. If she could talk with Dr. Turi, he'd get her head straight in one minute. She has amazing positive potential in her chart, but has been displaying the worst of it. We can only hope she'll wise up. Like Dr. Turi always says: "knowledge is power, ignorance is evil".

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