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    Love and Reasoning

    Suffering and the Wrong Person

    By Christina Sponias

    When you are in love with the wrong person or in a relationship with someone who does not have the same level of sensitivity and intelligence as you and doesn't care for you enough, you must use your logic in order to get rid of this feeling that is not good for you.

    There are so many people in this world! Why do you insist on loving the wrong person?

    I know it doesn't depend on you, but you must help the situation agreeing on paying attention to your reasoning.

    Sensitivity is a basic need for the human being. In fact, it is the basis of healthy logic because without sensitivity a human being is not human, but one becomes only a brain without feelings that is not in contact with the objects or people around it.

    However, reasoning is necessary as well. When your feelings contradict your reasoning you must look at your present reality without letting your feelings elude you and also, without letting your cold rationalism decide everything based only on what should be correct according to your thoughts.

    If you love someone dearly but you are suffering and feeling rejected, despised, betrayed, etc., what is the pleasure in continuing to love this person? This is a misfortune for you.

    Find someone else. However, don't play games: be straightforward. Don't try to find someone else while still in the problematic relationship. Don't mix problems because you'll face a disaster in the end. Clearly define your position.

    Stay alone for a while. Think; try to discover how you really feel about everything. Feel free, without the burden of the problematic love or relationship. Say to yourself: I don't need him or her.

    This world is very big!

    Don't start thinking about how special this person is, how you will miss certain things about the person, but think about his or her shortcomings. Remember all the times that they made you suffer, how you felt and for how long. Don't be naïve and imagine that "now" he or she will change...

    Be serious. This is your life, your happiness.

    To be with someone just in order to have someone who is not really with you, is something obviously stupid.

    Anyone can understand that outside the scene, but when you are the main character in the situation, things are totally different... You cannot see the truth.

    Therefore, try to see everything from distance. Imagine that you are not the main character but you are observing the story of someone else when you think about your own love story.

    Be objective, focus on the essential points and analyze everything.

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