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    By Michael Katz

    summer gemstone

    Benefits of Wearing Therapeutic Summer

    Summer creates the healing potential of Emerald and the green ray, but is not as powerful as a solid necklace of Emerald. The Summer gemstone is a combination of Emerald, Quartz, and Light Green Aventurine.

    When integrated into a necklace, these three gemstones work together. The Quartz and Aventurine serve to support the mission of Emerald. The Quartz and Aventurine expand the Emerald's energy and facilitate its work in your inner aspects. In this way, Summer affects your body as though it contains more Emerald than it actually does.

    Emerald not only neutralizes negative energies released by the physical body; it also helps the body release them. When you wear Emerald, your body regulates how much negative energy it releases based on the amount of Emerald energy present; it will only release what it knows the Emerald can neutralize. When you wear Summer, because your body perceives that more Emerald is present than actually is, your body releases more negative energy than it would if you were wearing the same amount of Emerald by itself.

    In essence, the Summer necklace tricks your body into releasing its negative energy. Then the Emerald that is actually present can focus most of its attention on abolishing the released negative energies; very little of its attention is needed to help the body release them. If you wear Summer continually, the Emerald can neutralize all that your body releases. This is one reason that, to receive its maximum benefits, the Summer necklace should be worn continually over a long period of time.

    Summer contains one relatively large Emerald and many smaller ones. The large Emerald acts as a spearhead for the necklace?s Emerald energy, allowing it to penetrate deeply into the fabric of your physical, emotional, and mental aspects. The energies of the smaller Emeralds easily follow the pathway provided by the large Emerald into these areas.

    Quartz has two effects that make the Summer necklace seem to contain more Emerald than it does. First, Quartz amplifies the energies of other gemstones combined with it in the same necklace?in this case, Emerald. Second, Quartz facilitates the movement of Emerald energy into your emotional and mental aspects. Without Quartz, a significantly greater amount of Emerald would be needed to facilitate this movement.

    The Aventurine also serves an important purpose. It acts as a translator or communicator between Emerald and Quartz, which in effect speak two different languages. Without Aventurine, the Quartz would be unable to serve the Emerald as effectively. Aventurine acts as a bridge between the two other gemstones, allowing them to work together in harmony.

    Two Stories of Summer's Diverse Benefits

    "I have found that the less expensive combination necklaces from Gemisphere are absolutely the next best thing to wearing a solid gemstone necklace. In some cases, they are the best thing! I have learned so much about healing since experiencing Emerald and the Summer necklace. Emerald is simply delicious, soothing, uplifting, enlivening, healing, comforting, and magical. Before I experienced the Summer necklace, I was very aware of my body’s physical limitations; I experienced my body as an encumbrance though which I had to express myself. Since wearing Summer, I experience myself as a whole being of which my physical body is an integral part – a living, vibrant expression of life energy." -S.G., Holistic Health Counselor, California

    "While on vacation I became very stressed and pulled a muscle in my hip. I was in great pain and could barely move at all. The only thing that helped me was coiling up my Summer necklace and placing it on my hip. The relief was almost instant, and I was able to use this method to soothe and ease the pain for three days until my muscle fully recovered." .. T.E., Oregon

    Gemisphere's Research Program

    As part of our ongoing effort to refine and advance the science of gemstone energy medicine, we are gathering information about the experiences of therapeutic gemstone users. If you own a Gemisphere necklace, we are eager to hear about your experiences with it. We will be compiling and publishing such experiences and other case histories in the future. Of course, if we choose to publish your experiences, we will strictly protect your anonymity.

    To share your experiences with Gemisphere gemstones, please email us at or call the Gemisphere office at 1-800-727-8877 and ask to speak with a Gemstone Advisor.

    Visit for the latest news, events, and information about therapeutic gemstones. For a free consultation with a Gemstone Advisor call at 1-800-727-8877 or email at

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