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    The Sunday Morning Test

    By Glenn Cohen

    How do you know if this is the right relationship for you? How do you know if the chemistry between you and your partner is lust or love? I have written many serious articles lately and I wanted to share a light hearted but true thought I have.

    Many, many years ago when I was much, much younger, I would use this test to decide if I was feeling lust or if there was something more substantial to my feelings. The Sunday Morning Test would go like this.

    I would meet someone whom I was attracted to. We would talk on the phone, spend some time together and enjoy each others company. The space between us felt comfortable and I would be interested in pursuing the relationship further. We would go for dinner on Saturday night and then spend the evening together. The test would come when I awoke on Sunday morning.

    I knew it was lust when I would feel compelled to leave as soon as I could on Sunday Morning. I could tell because I would feel anxious, my body would be tight and I would just have a general feeling inside of me that I did not belong here.

    I hated when this happened because of the disappointment it would lead to. You know the feeling when you build up expectations of the big event and hope the next morning you would wake up in love. Instead, you find yourself trying to make excuses knowing all along the other person knows you are not interested anymore and you feel terrible for hurting them.

    I knew it was love when I felt inspired to stay in bed and snuggle with my new partner. You know the feeling of total comfort and a general sense of peace about you. You feel like this is where you should be and it feels like home to you. You want to talk, stay in bed and watch an old movie. You relish the moment of drinking coffee and reading the newspaper together. You get a twinge in your belly as you look over at your new partner all scruffy in the morning and think they look wonderful. You smile and when they ask you what you are smiling about you grin even bigger and just say because I am happy.

    Well, that's it. Glenn's Sunday Morning Test. It is really pretty simple yet very true and powerful. So, the next time you find yourself wanting to stay and wondering what might come next. Consider yourself very fortunate and do not squander the opportunity to love the one your with because you never know if this is the one who becomes your

    "Best Friend during the Day, Lover at Night and Partner for Life"

    Glenn Cohen

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