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    Synchronised With The Stars -
    Astrology and the Law of Vibration

    By Kathryn Cassidy

    One of the laws upon which the Hermetic principles of astrology are based is, The Law Of Vibration.

    Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates - The Kybalion

    This is possibly the most important law because it contains an explanation as to how everything in the universe, animate or inanimate, can be connected to each other.

    As modern science endorses, everything in the universe is comprised of a swirling mass of energy. The density of these packets of energy and the speed of vibration of their component atoms and molecules, along with environmental forces, decide whether we observe an amorphous mass or a solid object. What also affects what we observe is us - the observer. The rate that our component parts oscillate have an effect on what we see.

    The Hermetic teachings go much further than modern science has yet dared to venture. They teach that not only is all matter vibrating but that all emotions are a manifestation of vibration. Thus all thought, reason, emotion, will or desire are accompanied by vibratory rates, which may be lowered or raised at will by adepts.

    In the same way that the vibration of a musical note can affect the atoms and molecules in a mirror and cause it to shatter, so it is postulated that man may affect the minds of others. If his thought processes are vibrating at a certain level then, through a well known phenomenon called resonance, it is possible for both minds to become 'entrained' or synchronised. This is often commented on in daily life when two people refer to each other as being 'on the same wavelength', or liking (or disliking) someone's 'vibes'.

    According to Dr Percy Seymour, a Theoretical Astrophysicist, resonance is what makes it possible for a radio telescope to tune into specific vibrations in the Andromeda Galaxy (14 million, million, million miles away) and accounts for the Solar System playing a symphony of vibrations on the magnetic field of the Earth. It also foils the arguments of all those who believe that planetary forces beyond the Moon are too weak to have any impact on terrestrial life. Resonant Theory states that even small fluctuating forces can have large consequences, if the frequency of vibration coincides. This supports the main tenet of astrology, which is that personalities of individuals are related to the state of the Solar System at the time of birth*

    Dr Seymour believes that the resonance between the tidal tug (due to gravity), of the very hot gases trapped in the magnetic field of the Sun and Earth, and resonance between the resulting fluctuations of the Earth's magnetic field and the electrical activity of the neural network in the brain, are what link celestial firmly to terrestrial.

    Basically Dr Seymour confirms the theory of harmonics put forward by John Addey in 1975: All astrological effects can be understood in terms of the harmonics of cosmic periods. This frees astrology from its somewhat limiting twelve-fold straightjacket and allows us to understand how new planets can be discovered without changing the fundamental basis of astrological thought and practice. Resonant theory (harmonics) is the Holy Grail for astrologers because there is no astrological doctrine in classical or modern astrology which cannot be explained by it.

    It also explains why we attract certain events, or people, to us who reflect the state of our consciousness. Thus, when we are angry we are more likely to attract the violence or car accident which we are resonating with. More positively, it is the explanation for miraculous events in that we 'entrain' ourselves to good unfolding when our thoughts are constantly kept at the higher vibration, or frequency, of love and happy outcomes.

    Each planet and star in the Cosmos possesses its own vibratory frequency. Every object and every word spoken also has its own signature vibratory frequency, as does every living thing. Mars vibrates to a frequency similar to the number 16 -which in turn vibrates to the colour of crimson; which vibrates to Iron; which vibrates to the gem Ruby; which vibrates to the musical tone C Major, which vibrates to the flower hollyhock etc., etc. This is the basis of the astrological principle of correspondence.

    I believe that vibrations will one day prove to be the invisible threads which weave the fabric of life together. Resonant Theory, as Dr Seymour has discovered, explains many terrestrial phenomena including why astrology should not be dismissed as ' for entertainment value only'. I leave the last words to Dr Seymour:

    "The claims made by many scientists that astrology is opposed to the basic principles of western science comes from a total misunderstanding of serious astrology, and an apalling lapse in their understanding of the methodology, philosophy and history of science itself."

    *Dr Percy Seymour. The Scientific Basis of Astrology ISBN 0-572-02181-x


    Kathryn Cassidy is a professional astrologer who writes extensively on metaphysical topics.

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