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    10 Wonderful Reasons to Talk With Your Angel

    By Catherine M. Kasper

    So why learn to talk with your Angel? Here are the top 10 wonderful things that happen when you do, plus quick ways to get started!


    1. Be enabled to use your God given gifts and talents to a greater extent than ever before.

    With your Angel whispering in your ear, just think of the great things the two of working together will achieve. Right now, think of a talent of yours that you'd really like to use more. Tell your Angel about it.

    2. Release attitudes and beliefs that hold you back from attaining your goals.

    When you consistently feel your Angel's words of support and encouragement, there'll be no stopping you. Tell your Angel what's bothering you.

    3. Fall in love with yourself as you see yourself through your Angel's eyes.

    What could be better than becoming your own beloved? You'll treat yourself so well that you'll feel great, your health will improve and your life will be better. Tell your Angel all the things you'd love to hear her say about you.

    4. Live in the "now" and not worry so much about the past or the future.

    It'll be so fascinating to listen to your Angel that the present moment is exactly where you'll love to spend your time. Dip into the present moment with your Angel by describing to her what you're doing right now!

    5. Follow your dreams. You'll feel so good and so empowered that you'll achieve your dreams far more easily than ever before.

    Give yourself a minute, right now, to daydream. Invite your Angel to accompany you on your flight of fancy.

    6. Receive assistance from your Angel instantly-the moment you ask for it.

    You'll never find yourself "out on a limb", all alone ever again. Think of something you'd love to have help with. Ask your Angel to give you direction. Listen for the answer.

    7. Improve your relationships with others. You'll be so happy and so full of knowledge that you'll willingly become your best self.

    Your relationships will be smoother and happier. Think of how much your Angel loves you. Then, think of how you can love others in a similar way.

    8. Learn more about yourself.

    You'll see yourself through your Angel's loving eyes. List 10 lovely things you think your Angel would say about you if you gave her a chance to speak.

    9. Be certain of the quality and accuracy of the messages you hear as you will be the one bringing them in.

    You won't have to rely on anybody else's opinion ever again unless you choose to. Make a pact with your Angel that you'll talk honestly and openly and really listen to each other.

    10. Gain skills.

    You'll be motivated to try more, do more, and learn more as you'll feel far more confident than you've ever felt before. Tell your Angel what you'd love to learn!

    Copyright Catherine M. Kasper

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