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    Tarot - The Magician Card

    By Ashleigh Stewart

    Article courtesy of Lotus Tarot library.

    Introduction to the Magician

    I would like to introduce you to the Magician who rules Key One in the Major arcana. The Magician is a very important ‘character’ in the Tarot as it is he who portrays the creative intelligence that rules the Universe. When we have a thought, an idea or when we are inspired to introduce new projects into our life, we must then gather up all of our resources in order to be able to manifest our will, thus creating our own reality.

    In many Tarot decks the image of The Magician is shown where he stands over a table which displays an object that represents each one of the four elements. The Wand of inspiration, the Cup of emotion, the Sword of intellect and the Coin of practicality are the objects that represent the four elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The Magician has mastered the skills required to use all the creative potential that exists in these elements toward bringing whatever it is he desires into reality. It is these four elements that are essential to be united and balanced in order to achieve the successful manifestation of our ideas to life. It is very important that we learn to appreciate these elements as being valuable tools that are available to aid us through our journey of life.

    What is the value of being inspired if we cannot learn to trust that inner creative instinct we all have? It's ultimately important to trust and follow our instinct to be able to create for ourselves the new experiences and challenges we need in our lives that will eventually bring us our growth.

    To deny that inner voice that acts to guide us through our lives will only result in slowing our growth or in complete stagnation, depending upon the severity of the individual situation. Whether or not we will succeed in achieving any of our goals depends entirely upon how confident we are in expressing new ideas and whether or not we believe in our own abilities to succeed.

    It is a common problem for the best of us that we do not think we are good or able enough to succeed in life. If this is the case for you then consider this! Everything begins with our self and, it is our own thoughts, words and actions that create our reality. So, a change of attitude to that of a more positive one certainly will be more productive. Also, keep this point in mind, how can we ever convince anyone else of our potential or expect them to believe in our abilities and qualities if we don’t ourselves? Think about it!

    We must learn to trust the power of our own ‘Magician’ within. He is our guide in life, our personal source of power and ‘magic’ that we need to direct our thoughts and intentions toward fruitful manifestation.

    This is the first stage toward achieving growth in any experience we embark upon in our life. I believe this is the most important stage, as without that inspiration and using our power to create, we will never flourish in our development as a human being. We are all endowed with an abundance of creative potential and energy to move with in our lives, however, are we ‘tapping’ into that essential source of energy completely and effectively enough? Are we aware of its power or do we prefer to shy away and deny our instinct as being a figment of our imagination? If we don’t believe in our own potential, creative individuality and inner ‘genius’, then how can we ever expect to progress in life or achieve any of our dreams and desires?

    The Magician who resides within each and every one of us has the power and skill to create beyond even your own imagination! Though you must learn to trust that and never ever doubt you own individual potential. We are all here to grow and we must use our internal personal resources fully and wisely in order to move in life and to grow and evolve.

    Learn to trust the Magician and he is sure to help you on your way. If he shows up in your reading then it may well imply that now is the time to explore your limitless inner source of creativity, rather than using your analytical, rational mind. Realize that your own thoughts, words and actions create your reality and this is why it is so very important to trust your own inner Magician and to allow him to help you use all of your internal resources towards creating the life that you desire and to the maximum of your abilities. You are the master of your own destiny and how you choose to live your life is entirely your own responsibility, so why waste any opportunity to make your dreams a reality? Start changing your life today to bring in the new experiences you need in order to reach your personal level of growth and attainment. This is required of you to be able to live in the most fulfilling way possible and to bring you true happiness inside and out. This is why we are here after all, to live the fullest life possible, to be happy and of course, to grow and evolve.

    In my next article we will move onto Key Two of the Major arcana which is ruled by ‘The High Priestess’. The High Priestess teaches us about the inner depth, intuitive awareness and hidden powers that are available when we are able to tap fully into the depths of the female energy.

    Lotus Tarot: Alison Day's site offers free online tarot card readings, card meanings, a learn tarot course, tarot articles and a discussion forum.

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