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    Tarot Reading - The Economy 2009

    By Terry Yoder

    What's ahead for the U.S. and world economies? I decided to ask the cards just that question and this is the result:

    I did a standard 10 card Celtic Cross spread and added the first three cards from the bottom of the deck for a look at a soul direction for the U.S. and its economy at this present time. Pulling from the bottom is something that I started doing to look at soul path, and the result of that in every reading I do is outstanding.

    Actually, the reading is pretty positive; however, there are some moments in the near future that look a bit alarming at first glance. But, by covering those cards for more in-depth information, I gained more clarity as to what may actually be occuring.

    The first card drawn, which falls in the position of "the present moment," is the 8 of Pentacles. What a great archetype to fall into that position as this is the aspect of master craftsmanship at work in the process of the question asked. It is a strong indicator that the economy is the primary focus in our government, and the governments of the world at this time. This card lays a very positive foundation for the question being asked, and suggests that the result is destined to have a positive outcome. Isn't every outcome a positive one? All things are always in order at all times, therefore, we have to trust that this is part of a divine process as well.

    The second card of the reading is the 3 of Pentacles, and interesting enough, this is the other member of the suit of pentacles that also indicates master craftsmanship and the creation of a masterpiece. Both the 8 and the 3 of Pentacles represent a major reconstruction and remodelling of the current economical system. The 3 of Pentacles is positioned in "the current environment." Here it maintains that the situation is in good hands, and that the intentions on the subject are truly more positive and seeking of a helpful outcome. This is a good indicator on our present government powers who are now working on this issue.

    In the third position of the reading, "the position of the goal, destiny, hopes, wishes, dreams, and mentality," falls the Ace of Cups, the highest love card of the deck. This is the card that draws forth the unconditional love of the universe. This indicates that "spirit" is in play -- the attempts being made in government to fix the circumstances the experts find us in at this time. Again, with the most loving aspect of the deck of tarot falling in our "goal, destiny, and mentality," we are assured that the outcome intended is positive. Personally, I would interpret this card, in this position, as an indicator that a huge loving lesson is at play in this circumstance; a lesson in which we will find ourselves under the loving, protective wings of the universe, and that nothing placed before us is anything that cannot be endured.

    The Ace of Cups in this position would also make the request that we work to shift our overall mentality to be one of positive outlook and kind consideration for one another. We are all in this together, and we would be well served to band together in our mental forces and our physical care for one another with the intention of healing the world economical outlook.

    In the fourth position, the 7 of Pentacles falls in the "aspect of the past," reminding us to look at the fruits of our labor. Looking back, it was just a little over eight years ago that the U.S. budget was balanced and an umbrella of financial surplus was at hand. This indicator is one of brightness that we shall have the pleasure of this fruit again, although not without hard work. Anything gained under the 7 of Pentacles is earned through effort and not just freely given. Work is required, and we find ourselves in a time in which work is required by many. The 7 of Pentacles, although in "the position of the past," is in the position upon which we draw to recreate our future possibilities. The fourth position in tarot, in an advanced reading, represents the emotional foundation -- that which makes us tick.

    In the recent past, the fifth position of the reading, the 4 of Swords is placed. The 4 of Swords means that intense healing is required. The 4 of Swords is like being in a recovery room after surgery. This 4 is an indication that we are in the process of repairing, and that a lot will need to be undone, analyzed, and redone in a more correct manner for relief of the problems at hand. The 4 of Swords is also an indicator of self-limitations. Circumstances as they are has brought people out of hibernation, more desirous of change, and more willing to be a part of the process of change. This 4 is a call to arms. It is time to wake up, to get involved, and to speak up for what's right. Blinders must come off, or it will result in the propagation of more blindness, and loss of control.

    The very near future is represented in the sixth position of the reading, and here the Temperance card has appeared. Temperance is primarily what it implies, temperance, or patience. Having come from a Christian background, I am reminded of the verse in the bible that advises that patience comes through the trying of our faith. I must say that is pretty accurate. The news is filled with the stories of the millions whose faith is being tried. The entire planet has just gasped and is holding its breath in anticipation of what could come next. Temperance is the alchemist, and the indication here is that the elements are being mixed to create the outcome.

    I drew four cards in sequence to show a preliminary outlook of the future: The 8 of Cups, the Magician, the 4 of Cups, and the Sun. These cards indicate that a huge exit of the present or recent path must be made immediately to avert more harsh experiences. The Magician urges us to move forward in a state of faith. The Magician, represents God, the master of creation and manifestation. The Magician encourages use of all the tools necessary for the job. What is being created? The 4 of Cups places this responsibility upon us collectively as a species. The 4 of Cups is that which is created by one's focus. It is also a call to meditation. Indications are that if each of us spent just five minutes a day sending positive energy to the circumstances at hand, we would see the world change rapidly. The proposed and hoped outcome is the Sun -- the happiest, most joyful card of the deck. The Sun also is indicative of greatness in communication, truth, and unconditional love. This means all involved have to work together, and in so doing be considerate of the good of the whole, as opposed to just the good of the self. The outcome again looks positive, but it is going to take the effort of all, it is dependant on it.

    In the future path, the Hanged Man fell in the seventh position of the reading. This is the position of the "near future" and how we got there. The Hanged Man is the representation of life in suspension and self-imposed limitations. This slaps the hands again saying: "You slept in. You were not active. You allowed this to happen." Again, this applies to all of us collectively. When indicators for change were present, action was not taken, or was not a strong enough effort than what was required. The Hanged Man warns us against laziness and settling for whatever comes our way. It warns us of complacency and prompts us to action.

    The future surroundings or future environment is at first glance a cause for momentary alarm. The 10 of Swords, the card of ruin, falls in the eighth position of the reading. The 10 of Swords is one card that always causes my clients to gasp when it is revealed in a reading. The imagery for those who do not know is that of a man laying face-down in a pool of his own blood in the snow, in a blizzard, and ten swords thrust through his back, shoulders and neck. The indication here is that the old systems, old ways of doing, old ways of thinking must die and face the ruin they have created. I see this by covering the 10 of Swords with the Knight of Rods, the bringer of opportunity with movement forward in newness and directions soon to be derived.

    So what is it that must die? What has to experience ruin in order for us to move on in a more positive energy? I had to draw several cards for clarification here, and the 5 of Rods, the Moon, the 2 of Pentacles, the 2 of Swords, and the Lovers fell. In short, these cards are an indicator that conflict, selfishness, greed, and competitive emotions must all fall away. The Moon really brings this home as a process of how we think and feel. The 2 of Pentacles and the 2 of Swords falling in consecutive order are choices and decisions needed with urgency; refusal to do so could press the situation to what could be a literal choice by force. This, to me, is like placing fire under our back sides to get things rolling, for us to speak out, and to take action. The Moon and the two consecutive 2's also suggest that the sense that we are powerless and unable to do anything must fall away; otherwise we could be further deceived and led further down a less favorable path. The Lovers as the last card of clarity requests banding together and working in partnership for a common goal. The Lovers can be ultra-emotional, so the charge is to really communicate, determine a plan of action, and work in congruence toward the determined outcome.

    In the ninth position of the reading the Devil fell. The ninth position being the emotions, urges us to really open our eyes and see the truth. A lot of the undo is the undoing of lies, and deception. The greatest deception that would be most advantageous to bring into clarity is to realize that we as people are not powerless in this process. The Devil, also representing bondage, shows us quite clearly that this thinking will only further stagnate the circumstances, and create a further stalemate.

    The "outcome," the tenth position of the reading, is joyously the Queen of Pentacles. This Queen, interestingly enough, is the most empowered and wealthiest female-ruling card of the deck. Her season is autumn when the leaves turn to color, and fall, and yet another symbolism of death and rebirth. The outcome here is indicative that by the autumn of the year, we should see a notable level of improvement in the present situation.

    The Queen, I also want to note is the female, the mother, the spiritual, the nurturer. It is highly possible that there will be a very strong clearing, and major assistance offered to the simple common man, the true majority. Following the Devil Card though, she also warns of those bound in greed ossibily acting out and being more deceptive in their tactics. The penalty for these acts should be swift and strong to insure ultimate change. This particular Queen, however, following the Devil, would also indicate that we should watch more closely, anyone in power who comes with the guise of nurture, or specifically a key female who may be in a position of power in dealing with circumstances of our economy. The Queen also warns of wasteful behavior. We have all become part of a disposable society which is probably an issue in getting us where we find ourselves currently. So, If you find yourself with something you no longer need or want, don't throw it away, give it away to someone who would be grateful to have it. Creating more grateful vibrations on the planet will certainly have a profound positive effect on the planet as a whole.

    In finality, the Soul Path of the question asked fell as Strength, Death, and the 9 of Cups -- the 9 the card of ultimate fulfillment, a wish card. These cards falling in this order tell us that the soul circumstances are in a state of major healing. Strength is also an indication that there is still plenty for everyone, there is not a need for fear or greed. In recent years, greed has moved from being based on fear of lack to one based in fashion and style; sadly, this too has been a major detriment to our circumstances.

    The Death card, the card of ultimate transformation by choice comes to kill off, or transform the thoughts that "he who has the most toys wins", and dares to challenge even the concept of "survival of the fittest." Death, its transformation works to bring forth fulfillment in the aspect that each of us is a being of value, and the acknowledgement of that and continued movement in that mode shall lead us to a place of renewed abundance and a true sense of individual fulfillment, if we are willing to sacrifice our old manner of thinking.

    In summary, the economy depends on the spiritual and intellectual focus we place on it. I can report that my recent acts of kindness and love are showing up in my life in physical form and as instant reward. We discover more and more daily that we are all one; therefore, by making another strong, we make ourselves strong. Isn't that what it's all about? Isn't it possible that the state of the economy could be the catalyst of humility and change that will benefit us all?

    Reading conducted by and article written by: Terry Yoder - Clairvoyant Tarot Counselor San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

    This article was originally published in Terry's personal blog: Tarot with Terry.

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