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    Ten Commandments to Detect a Real Mentor

    By Dr. Louis Turi


    "He is happy who having learned the scheme of his nativity and knowing his guardian angel, becomes liberated from Fate." - Porphyry

    BE PRACTICAL: Ask for proof of legitimacy; request tools, cards, tarot table, recording equipment. Take the time to read ALL printed material before spending your money.

    CHARGES: Cheap prices means cheap service but exorbitant prices are as bad and denote deception and abusers. With me you can be sure to get what you pay for. Your investigation and investment will bring you great rewards, solid direction, noteworthy rules and legitimate knowledge.

    SERVICE: Insist on a taped reading where a microphone must be used for quality sound. A true mentor is sure of his knowledge, precise with predictions and won't work otherwise.

    PROFESSIONALISM: Ask for accomplishments on education such as, Phd; Doctorate; published books; national radio and television appearances; printed predictions; articles; speaking engagements; videos; classes; bookstore lectures; group teaching etc.

    APPEARANCE: Well dressed, clean, sharp, good manners, magnetism, physical appearance is a sure give away of his/her higher spiritual identity.

    MOST OF ALL, LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION: Your higher spirit will talk to you. Get a feeling from his/her personality, the colors, tools and artwork used. Ask questions, a real mentor will startle you and convince you of his gifts and knowledge.

    DON'T BE FOOLED: There is only a thin hair between Divine guidance and pure imagination. Stay with the professionals as your so-called "psychic" could claim more help than you do. Be observant and ask more questions if you are unsure of his credentials

    DON'T BE A VICTIM: Don't give your fragile psyche to anyone for $20.00. Psychic accidents do happen. Your unaware "mentor" may trigger the subtle creative forces of your Superconscious in time and space, against you, and poison both your mental and physical health, altering your fate negatively. The future is nothing more than the reincarnation of your own thoughts. Don't take a chance. Question your mentor about his knowledge. Be aware too, of "psychics" that will not hesitate to suck your resources by charging you an enormous price. They may invent curses and tap into your instinct of preservation. These are the people that seriously hurt the integrity of real mentors and are there to deceive you.

    RELIGIOUS POISONING AND FEARS: When you control someone's source of information, you control the person's education and his life. For centuries, politically oriented churches, worldwide, have been manipulating the masses. Knowledge is power and power means freedom from any and all fears. "Ask and you shall receive".

    "AND GOD CREATED THE STARS AND HEAVENS... To be used as signs." "They have eyes but do not see, they have ears, but do not hear!" It is through this planetary dialogue, through these cosmic hieroglyphics in the sky above, that God speaks to us and daily reveals His stellar will. Since before the dawn of time, He has shown His truth to the humble, to the shepherds, to the gifted and the curious--- a truth that is hidden from the vain trying to confine his universal lights in man made doctrines, religions, buildings, who blinded by worldly pleasures and fears alike miss His celestial orders. It is written in the skies, which nightly speak of the glory of God. All is that and that is all!

    "When suffering is on all sides and man hungers for the unmanifested mystery in all phenomenon, He seeks reflection of the Divine. God's higher truths are cloaked in his creation and the message is in the stars." -- Nostradamus

    What is a Cult Leader?

    Over the last two thousands years, Neptune (Poseidon the Lord of deception) has imposed his stellar will upon the world and stimulated man's imagination and deep rooted fears to create over 875 different religions. Politically and financially oriented churches officials were fast to exploit the weak spirits of the "dark Ages" by controlling both information and education of the God fearing uneducated masses. Like all "organized" institutions their final aim was control, wealth and power.

    Sad enough as induced by Uranus (the God of the Skies) there are also a multitude of deceiving New Age Organizations and its destructive practitioners; also motivated by control, wealth and power. Like all organized religions, their plan is also to control your psyche and bunch up on your financial support in order to survive. The common person will be sold easily and join a popular religion, read the daily horoscope or fall prey to any psychic enticement. Any intelligent or skeptical person will see through it and, given the option, will investigate thoroughly the spiritual guide and claims before investing his money or curious spirit. While the young ignorant soul is unable to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness, he will have to battle his personal ignorant demons and blaspheme obvious predictions.

    But what really contributes to altered cosmic consciousness in all humans is mostly; jealousy, ignorance, fears, religious poisoning, mental snobbism (scientists) produced by a weak UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) or a very rational mind produced by a strong earthy Mercury location in one's chart. All thse elements bring an "attitude" that hurts the integrity of a real gifted Prophet and his message to the world.

    Indeed, the worse form of expression produced by Neptune or a "Neptunian" is the best way to describe a cult leader. Based upon sensitive information, one can make a good assessment of what a cult leader is all about. A strong and negative expression of the planet Neptune will plague the subject's personality words and behavior in various ways.

    The subject believes he is Jesus or a religious entity like the Virgin Mary etc. (I.e. David Koresh and Rev. Jones).
    The subject believes he or she is a reincarnation of a religious entity or prominent religious leader.
    The subject believes he or she has very specific religious mission.
    The subject thinks he or she is the only chosen one.
    The subject has a very specific purpose to save or change the world.
    The subject hears voices (i.e. Joan of Arc).
    The subject uses several or foreign long Indian names.
    The subject uses dignified words (i.e. Great, Ascending Master, Grand Order etc.)
    The subject uses appearances (i.e. Jesus, long beard, long hair etc.)
    The subject dresses magnificently or colorfully (i.e. long robes, hats, striking colors, gold, silver etc.)
    The subject uses words or religious verses (i.e. bible, immaculate, archaic material etc.)
    The subject uses lots of caring words (i.e. love, prosperity, etc.)
    The subject uses negative Plutonic energy, magnetic voice piercing eyes, private (i.e. Hitler etc.)
    The subject uses and demands money for his cause (i.e. to build temple, statues, churches, temples etc.)
    The subject uses physical strengths and abuses others (i.e. rapists, con man etc.)
    The subject is totally unaware of the working of the Universal Mind (i.e. religiously oriented and skeptics a like)

    In all honesty this type of endeavor is detrimental to a well balanced society, and as much as I defend and support freedom of expression, I am totally against any form of a cult in any way, shape or form. I am real, I have real gifts to offer society and help mankind's mental evolution. I have proven my premonitions many times and will do it over again! I am also in need of your support and if you can contribute to helping me build Astropsychology schools for the children of the future, please do so by calling me at (602) 265-7667.

    Dr. Turi

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