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    Top Ten Ways to Talk to a Gemini

    By Pamela Cucinell


    1. Go for a walk. Geminis love to move; their eyes dart and their fingers fly. You'll pop in and out of shops with dizzying speed. If you like to take your time in a store, go by yourself.

    2. Sprinkle it with humor. If you've ever been around a child the first time they get a joke, you've experienced the delight a Gemini has with levity. Because of their quick minds, they often appreciate a range from farce to wit.

    3. Send a postcard, text, Twitter. The method of the short note may be generational, but don't be surprised to find a Gemini grandma on Facebook. Geminis love to know you're thinking of them. They appreciate cards in snail mail, post-its on the dashboard and regular tweets.

    4. Go somewhere new. Is there a new restaurant or club in town? Your Gemini wants to go there. Take him to eat the latest food. It doesn't matter if it scores high points on the taste-ometer. The point is it's new, something to share with others and spread the word.

    5. Focus. It is possible for a Gemini to have the television on, radio streaming with Twitter updates visible and be working on a project. If you have trouble getting your bearings in this environment, stare at one object while making conversation. If you choose your Geminis eyes, go to the forehead when one of the distractions grabs her attention. If this is all too much for you, suggest #1, #4 or #7.

    6. Play a game. Whether it's cards, chess, golf or pool, Geminis love to play. Pull out a crossword puzzle. Find a game you agree on and prepare to have fun. Trickster energy runs through Geminis, so you may encounter "creative rules", role-playing and even sometimes cheating! Remember #2 and don't take it too seriously. The point is play.

    7. Go for a ride. If you're a nervous passenger, you'll want to drive because Geminis look around and suddenly switch paths. Depending on their mobility, they often love to bike, blade or use any device that will increase their stride.

    8. Gossip. Do you keep current with E! news? Love to check out the latest shows, whether film, art or theatre? Do you know office intrigue or what vendor is coming into the empty storefront? Geminis love to be one of the first to know. Gossip doesn't have to be mean; it is an elemental way we humans get information.

    9. Say it with music. Geminis often have eclectic musical taste. They may go to see an artist they know nothing about, simply because you suggest it. This can score you huge points, if they love it. But even if they don't, they'll appreciate that you've introduced them to someone new they can talk about.

    10. Mix it up. Although a Gemini will know more about her neighborhood than most of her neighbors, she will seldom settle into one routine. Errands will be done in different orders; new shortcuts will be found. If you want to introduce a new thought to your Gemini, take her down a new street.

    Pamela Cucinell minimizes stress and maximizes timing to build abundance and success, through the guidance of astrology as a life tool. Phone sessions available. Pamela runs, an online resource/blog.

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