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    Transiting Venus - Living from Your Heart

    By James Jarvis

    Venus is the planet that is associated with the heart center and represents what we are passionate about or what we value. It is also the primary indicator of our experience of relationship with others.

    Venus takes about 23 days to go through each of the astrological signs and its cycle symbolizes the changing nature of our values and heart throughout the year. By paying attention to the cycle of Venus, we have an opportunity to share our heart with others. By letting down our guard we can be truly received and appreciated for who we are. We can also become more connected with our deepest, most authentic values.

    Venus in Aries. With Venus in Aries it's time to take constructive action on what you value or are passionate about. Take a look at how passion figures into your life. What do you get passionate about? The positive pole of passion is self-actualization, heightened awareness, and being intensely alive. What can you do now that increases your sense of aliveness? Try to be guided by your heart rather than your mind at this time. By tapping into what you are passionate about you also tap into your dharma; that sense of mission or purpose that will give your life increased meaning and joy!

    Venus in Taurus. With Venus in Taurus the focus is on loving your body and appreciating your sensuality. Give your body the gift of massage, a relaxing hot tub, a great hug session with your beloved or with your friends. Open your heart to loving and accepting your body just the way it is. Find out what sensuality means to you and look at ways you can bring that more into your life. Learning to love our bodies is the fast road to high self-esteem. Make this a month of re-acquainting yourself with your greatest and most supportive friend!

    Venus in Gemini. This is a time of expanding your heart connections with others, of making connections to those networks of friends and family that haven't heard from you in a while. The challenge is to not let your head rule your heart. If you've wanted to connect with someone but have been concerned about what they will think or how silly and vulnerable you might look, then this is a great time to just let your heart do the talking! One of the ways of opening the heart chakra is to allow your feelings to originate directly in the heart, to be able to freely respond in the moment without censuring with the mind.

    Venus in Cancer. With Venus in Cancer the emphasis is on finding ways to nurture ourselves and others. Many associate the traditional nurturing quality of Cancer with that of the "smother mother;" the overbearing, codependent and dis-empowering nurturer. At this time we have an opportunity to take a deeper cut at what nurturing can be. Ask yourself this month: Who nurtures the nurturer? If you find that you are better at receiving than giving, take time to find out what really nurtures you. As you establish that nurturing connection, you will find that it will be much easier to unconditionally nurture others.

    Venus in Leo. With Venus in Leo we have an opportunity to reinvent our values so that they are rooted in our own unique experience. Once our values are clarified, the natural inclination is to want to share our values with others; to connect and link-up with like-minded souls who support our individuality and creativity. This can also be a time of major heart opening. When Venus is in Leo we have an opportunity to liberate our hearts; to break free from inhibitions or beliefs that have kept our hearts from being fully opened in the past.

    Venus in Virgo. Virgo is a sign that is often misunderstood in our culture. The images that we have of Virgo, particularly Venus in Virgo, are the spinster, the chaste woman, and the celibate. If we go back to Greek mythology, though, we find the sign Virgo represented by the vestal virgins. The vestal virgins knew the secrets of how to awaken the kundalini energies within the body and were knowledgeable about Tantric practices. When Venus is in Virgo, we have an opportunity to see how we are manifesting our sexual energy. Are we repressing it, denying our own needs? Are we in touch with the desire to make our sexuality part of our spiritual path?

    Venus in Libra. Venus, known as Aphrodite in the Greek tradition, is very much at home in the sign representing balance, harmony and beauty. Venus is the Goddess who brings the power of the Divine mother (the moon) into physical manifestation. She is one of the primary archetypes of the creative feminine energy. When Venus occupies Libra we have an opportunity to express our creativity and passion through manifesting beauty and harmony in the world. This is a wonderful time to reconnect to the feminine through art, music, dance, or design. It is also a time for communing with the harmonious vibrations of the natural world.

    Venus in Scorpio. With Venus in Scorpio we are called to pay attention to the deepest parts of who we are. Scorpio represents our shadow; the powerful emotions of rage, anger, jealously, sexual intensity, and grief that most people find difficult to deal with. Venus in Scorpio asks us to integrate these "taboo" areas into the heart of who we are. Use this time to access how open you feel to expressing the Scorpio force in your relationships. Are you suppressing your passion or vitality because of restrictive messages you received during childhood? Do you fear that if you were to express the intensity of your emotions you would "blow" your loved ones away? Venus in Scorpio is a time be a spelunker of your emotional depths; to explore how you can access and release more aliveness and vitality in your relationships with others.

    Venus in Sagittarius. With Venus in Sagittarius the focus is on sharing our joy and enthusiasm with others. The root word of enthusiasm is "en theo" or "in God" and it is this attribute of divine inspiration, represented by the sign of Sagittarius, that wants to flow from our hearts. Again, the focus is not so much on what we say or believe. What really counts with Venus in Sagittarius is our ability to share our presence; our love, energy and receptivity with others.

    Venus in Capricorn. With Venus in Capricorn we tend to be more pragmatic or realistic about what we can accomplish. This is a great time to look at how we can ground our financial position (Venus) by increasing our assets and streamlining (Saturn) our liabilities. Use Venus in Capricorn to come up with a solid plan for saving money or paying off accumulated debt. With Venus in Capricorn we want to get tangible value out of what we purchase so look for well-constructed, solid craftsmanship that will really last for a while. It's also a great time to start saving for or investing in whatever we truly value.

    Venus in Aquarius. With Venus in Aquarius the focus is on widening the scope of personal love to include impersonal love and compassion for others. Since Venus rules the heart chakra, with Venus in Aquarius we want to be more inclusive in the sharing our heart energy. Ask yourself: Do I spend time with friends outside my primary relationship? Am I experiencing a sense of personal freedom within my relationship? Do I have an outlet for sharing my love with the planet? The challenge of Venus in Aquarius is to broaden our capacity to experience impersonal love for others without alienating those closest to us. Let Venus in Aquarius help you open your heart to greater intimacy and authenticity in all of your relationships.

    Venus in Pisces. Venus in Pisces brings awareness of how we can be more accepting of ourself and others. One of the ways to do this is to increase praise and appreciation and decrease criticism and judgment. When we judge or are critical we have to close down our hearts. As we accept that no matter what we have done, or have failed to do, we are always loved in the eyes of God/Goddess we can share this acceptance with others. Let the unconditional acceptance of Venus in Pisces permeate every cell of your being this month.

    Author Info - James Jarvis, M.A. is a transpersonal counselor, master astrologer, and LifeQwestâ„¢ Coach who specializes in helping you "Create the Life of Your Dreams." Sign up for James' free bi-monthly LifeQwest E-zine and receive a free 12-page report, "Keys to Right Livelihood," plus monthly horoscope, coaching tips and special discounts on services. https://lifeqwest.com

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