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    Valentine's Day Guide for the Signs

    Do you look forward to February 14 to celebrate your relationships? Or dread that you will be left wanting at the end of the day? Each Sun Sign has a unique way of dealing with this holiday that's full of romantic expectations. Find out how your Sign handles this day.

    Aries You are more likely to be concerned about what you will get rather than what you'll give. You are more comfortable knowing what you want rather than guessing what someone else wants. But you get big points for trying.

    Taurus You keel over from joy if someone gives you chocolates or jewelry. Beautiful trinkets that you can touch, wear, or possess will get you through this holiday. Hallmark loves you the best because you keep the tradition going.

    Gemini You have your back-up date the day before Valentine's Day so that you can spend Valentine's Day with your favorite mate. Take the phone off the hook to keep other suitors from interrupting your plans.

    Cancer Cooking a comfort food dinner for your partner will keep the home fires burning between you. Cozy up and watch a chick flick at home. You love all the holiday fluff and puff of the day but can live nicely without it. You'd rather just have your mate by your side at home.

    Leo This is YOUR favorite holiday. The more dramatic displays of affection the better for you. You must have at least a dozen roses, a big box of chocolates, a Love Bear and a fine item of jewelry to make you feel loved. Make sure your mate knows what Leos are accustomed to before the 14th arrives.

    Virgo You fix things to show your mate you love them. You'll be ecstatic to be given a fancy drill with all the latest gadgets attached. Your mate should give you miniature roses, miniature collectibles, herbal supplements, and cleaning products.

    Libra You send valentines to everyone you know: your hairdresser, your fourth grade teacher, your manicurist, your manicurist's cousin? You don't want anyone to feel left out.

    Scorpio Why go out for a fancy dinner when you already have dessert waiting at home? Who knew that a Cupid costume could be so sexy?

    Sagittarius You can't commit to sending a card -- what if the recipient reads too much into it? You fake temporary amnesia to avoid acknowledging the holiday.

    Capricorn Lacy hearts and syrupy sentiments make you sneeze -- besides, nothing says love like a new electronic organizer!

    Aquarius Obligation holidays aren't for you. Round up a few friends to chat about your latest cause and you'll feel the world will be a better place. Make sure you mate commits to a Think Globally, Act Locally plan. You'll be in heaven.

    Pisces You live for this stuff! The world would be such a better place if we could all just hold hands and share heart-shaped cookies every day.

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