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    Are You Strong Enough to Love for Valentine's Day?

    By Loy Young

    Valentine's Day falls during the time of Aquarius with its energy of scientific reasoning pulsating through every one of our cells. Let's see if Aquarius could give us some insights about Love. It has certainly given us every possible invention to connect us more; giving us time for each other.

    Aquarius's scientific reasoning says most everything can simplify to one duality: Will/Love. Will is the masculine aspect of each of us, and Love is our feminine aspect. Each of life's scenarios, no matter what it looks like, has an underlying purpose. It is for us to progress to the point where we have developed the balance of both Will and Love. That may not sound so sexy, but that's why we develop these qualities in action-filled life circumstances. Still, if you ask yourself what went awry in each conflict and what you would need to develop in yourself to be able to be a winner next time, the answer will be one you need either more Will/Strength or Love.

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    Will has many different expressions: empowerment, respect, strength, courage, humble, discerning, passionate, controlled, integrity, perseverance, confidence, self confidence, determination, fairness and charity. Look inside yourself. How do you express this will in its most balanced form? Add a few to the list from your own experiences.

    You don't want to miss out on any of life's journeys that it takes to develop these Will qualities. Just become conscious of the end result; the quality or expression you are striving for instead of the negative qualities such as: being too weak or not strong or willful enough, too strong or too abusive. That's just steps along the way, not the end goal. But don't give up or make yourself wrong and quit. Don't have an accident or illness to take away your power. The balance of will is worth all its journeys.

    Let's hope you are getting closer and closer. Will is the expression of the patriarch civilization we've been living in all our lives until December 21, 2012. Then the pendulum swings to the other side of the duality; to Love, which is the expression of a matriarch civilization. You want to be strong enough and have the courage to truly love and be loved. Love has as many hazards along the way to develop as Will, it just looks different. Love may be even more treacherous as its expedition is laced with false love.

    Love is clothed in many beautiful appearances: unconditional love, gratitude, acceptance, caring, forgivingness, innocence, vulnerable, sweetness, tenderness, authenticity, transparency, surrender, nurturing, gracefulness, compassion, purity, beauty, patience, helpfulness and service. Look inside yourself to find the way you express your love. And have patience with yourself as you will finally reach your destination of unconditional love. Just keep it in mind, and forgive yourself for any time you've been manipulative, giving out false love or being a needy smothering person. Aquarius's energy helps you step back and be more objective about yourself. Come up with a plan of how to touch into more of the love inside of you and express it. Go for it!

    I would tell you that the stronger, the more courage you have, the easier it is to express your love. On Valentine's Day, a day of love, a day of relationships, it's your day to discover just how strong you are. Are you strong enough to forgive those that hurt you this past year, or do you still want revenge? Are you courageous enough to look beyond someone's rejecting behavior, until you find the tiniest spark of love, just begging someone to bring it out. Come on, be brave. Go for as much love as you can today.

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    Your question for today is, "Which expression of love is appropriate for each of the people in your life?" They are there for you, to develop and grow until you are truly a loving courageous person, both inside and out. If it's your boss, maybe show appreciation for employing you. If it's a friend, have acceptance of all their flaws. If it's your parents, express gratitude for giving you life. Don't forget yourself. Forgiving yourself for not digging deep enough beneath any hurt to find the love that is there waiting to connect with you or are you still beating yourself up for when you were too strong? With your yummy romantic partner, how about a heart orgasm or a night of intimacy?

    Don't let Valentine's Day go past without expressing as much love as you've been able to bring to the outside.

    About the Author
    Loy is an accomplished astrology researcher and practitioner; relationship specialist and published author.

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